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It's not a 100% accurate, but gives you a rough idea how the design will look when tattooed. While tattoos have been around since time immemorial, in the recent times, tattoo studios keep sprouting everywhere and a lot of people I know are getting themselves permanently inked. But maybe the above tattoo would be too much so you may opt to cut the design just right below the chest. Now just because it’s the trend does not mean I am getting myself a tattoo any time soon. I have yet to think about it a hundred times over before doing something permanent like this. We ask that you do not copy the patterns of the tattoos given here as well as the tattoos from our other pages.
CHARPHIL – Moved up in the ranks from being Anak-BLUE, to Anak-RED, and now finally after a year he then earns the honor to be an AMANG because of the responsibilities he will acquire as he starts a new chapter of TATAK NG APAT NA ALON TRIBE in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA.
JULES GOMEZ, he is a law school graduate and is currently working as an LA County Deputy Sheriff, assigned to patrol the south LA area.
The side patterns are a bit inspired by the Polynesian style, and the top of the tattoo has a few Maori koru. It’s true and one of the trends that is sending waves of mass appeal these days is the comeback of tattoos, especially on us guys.

It is abstract and somewhat meaningless, but it gives an impression of strength and virility.
As a guy living in Makati City, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys. One of the many talented tattoo artists that the tribe has had the privilege of working with. It's true and one of the trends that is sending waves of mass appeal these days is the comeback of tattoos, especially on us guys.
Based from my friend’s experience his tattoo procedure took about 3 hours to complete and cost him 5,000 Pesos.
Each pattern and design depict their own personal stories of their lives and ancestry, NOT YOURS!!!
Designed and Tattooed by ORLY LOCQUAIO of Humble Beginnings Tattoo Studio, but in this occasion he tattooed at ELLE’s house. As you can see the first picture has some old English writing on Christian`s back, which he wanted to cover up.
But if you are thinking of getting something with color, a good design would be something like the one below from Rakel Tattoo. Not to mention that the tattoo on his arm became very itchy while his skin was healing and getting used to it.

Well I guess girls have their own preferences when it comes to the guys they date, in the same manner that we have our own preference for girls too. Tattoo designed by ELLE (Amang-RED) and tattooed by Chris Henry of Silver City Tattoo, Washington. Most of the members have some form of this insignia on their bodies which represent that they are members. Designed by ELLE and tattooed by Big ROCK on his right arm and on his left it is Tattooed by LEO ZULUETA. Jayson is a former active duty Marine and is now a Government Contractor and a Military Instructor. His second tattoo as you see on this banner (the inside of the arm) was done by Glen Fontillas on his third visit here in the mainland.

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