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These tattoos are called sugar skulls as many old Mexican tribesmen used to mould skulls out of clay sugar and these were then put in front of the graves of the departed. In Mexico, people sport these colorfully inked skull tattoos when celebrating the day of the dead festival, also known as El Dia de los Muertos.
In today’s post, I have tried showcasing some amazing sugar skull tattoo designs for men as well as women that look grand and unique.
Though, these tattoos are quite rare to be seen, their popularity is growing for the simple reason that these designs carry a special kind of charm and look very intriguing. Most sugar skull tattoo designs for men and women are found inked along with flowers, typically marigold and roses. While, many people get morbid sugar skull tattoos engraved, but, the real beauty of these designs come to full bloom when done in the traditional way, involving celebratory colors that look festive and cheerful.
For any of you that plans to have a skull tat engraved on his or her body, it is a must that you decide the place where you want the motif to be inked. A sugar skull design carries a special meaning for a person and hence must be inked by a professional tattoo artist who would do justice to the design. The reason why these tattoos are called sugar-skull is that in middle-age Mexican cultures, people made skulls out of clay molded sugar and placed them on the gravestones of the departed ones to hope for their return on the Day of the Dead. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Zodiac Tattoos, Cancer Tattoos, Texas Tattoos and Graffiti Tattoos. Only three subtle colors are used here along with black to bring out a picture that’s neither too dull nor too funny. Arms have remained and will continue to be the favorite spot for skull tattoos in the case of men. Rose is perhaps the only flower that finds a reserved place in floral skull tattoos, maybe because it’s a starkly opposite symbol in terms of meaning. The colorful teeth of the skull and the roses tilt its meaning to a funny and lighter side.
Sporting blood in the eyes and an inverted cross, this skull sure as hell is a harbinger of fear. One of the most constricting parameters of the human skull is that it can’t open the jaw much too far like an anaconda. Artistic and imaginative capability is exploited to the maximum in this one as it fills up scores of designs within itself. One red tooth among all other white teeth is sure to be the center of attraction in this tattoo. Using only one color and creating well-thought patterns, this tattoo shows why it’s not necessary to get scores of colors in your tattoo to make it appealing. The beautiful color combination employed in the roses above and below the skull adds feathers to this tattoo.

The red pupil inside the hollow black eyes of the skull represents fear and an ominous existence. Red is the preferred color when it comes to fear and panic, primarily because it’s the color of our blood.
Richly innovative and artistic, tattoos like this require a good deal of effort to create and deserve to be amazing in looks.
The pentagonal star in the eyes coupled with the red roses and the broken nose paints a beautiful presentation of the skull. Legs are also catching up as one of the most popular spots for getting an amazing skull tattoo. Floral patterns and plants add the natural charm to a skull, perhaps suggesting a rebirth from nature. Back is the favorite spot for women when it comes to tattoos, and a good combination of floral and abstract patterns integrated with a skull are sure to rev up the appeal. The spider web in the background is the most distinct feature here, next to the wax flowing down a candle on the forehead. A pretty conventional one, this tattoo is a great choice if you have an easy-going attitude.
Colors are a good thing when it comes to tattoos, but you would have to make sure the subtle shades fit nicely with the skin. Innovative and richly created, this extensive tattoo pattern shows a skull with eyes, the most striking feature. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
Both men and women like to adorn their bodies with these beautiful and colorful skull tattoo designs as these have a rich historical background associated with them.
As such, these tattoos have a rich cultural importance for many people who wish to adorn themselves with skull tats as a mark of remembrance of the dead ancestors. But, it is not only in Mexican culture that people like to engrave these awesome looking tats as now a days, artists combine a variety of patterns and colors to come up with brilliant skull tattoos for both the sexes. While, there are a few skull designs that are traditional in appearance and include the typical floral motifs, there are others that combine a great fusion of other designs as well.
Containing elaborate details and patterns, most of these sugar skull designs are large and seldom would you find these in small size. While, roses are inked to bring oomph factor to the decorative skulls, and bring into limelight a soothing visual artistry by the tattoo artist; marigolds are typically engraved to commemorate the dead. Since, these tats carry a spiritual meaning; do not attempt to make it look funny or comical. The culture of decorating the skulls with floral patterns has historically come from Aztec civilization, but today it is intermixed with modern-day designs to create new tattoos.

Historically never used together, these have combined to be the latest trend among tattoo-getters.
Regardless of conventional styles, women today are also going for skull tattoos, particularly colorful sugar skull tattoos. It is an integral component of the logos of many prominent organizations, for example the United Nations.
I like the subtle design the most because the first time I saw it, it really looks fun and outrageous. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
Tattoo photography page of Captain Bret's Tattoo shop, Newport, RI showing Pictures of Unique Custom drawn Miscellaneous Tattoos, Traditional American Styled Tattoos, Sailor Jerry style, Custom Lettering and calligraphy. In the earlier times, Aztec folks used to decorate the skulls of their departed relatives with flowers, only hoping to resurrect the dead back into life.
Some common colors usually seen in such marigold accompanied skull tattoos are yellow and orange. Some images seen below will also show how different these designs can look by a mere addition of a simple cross or wings. Cultural festivals are a great place to adorn your body and mind with amazing colors and feelings. These tattoos are typically sported on the El Dia de los Muertos the Day of the Dead in Mexico. While, tiny skulls are inked to remember kids that are no longer alive, bigger ones represent the adults. There is a series of days on which different tattoos with different features are created; for example, smaller tattoos on the All Saints Day and larger ones on the All Souls Day. Modern designs preserve their basic cultural meanings and at the same time add style and colors to make them more appealing. Irrespective of these traditions, modern fashion has brought forward a wonderful fusion of tradition and art.
So when you are going for a sugar skull on your body, try to make sure you get it with the right spirit.

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