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Tattoos so popular even nowadays and very much associated with current trends have actually played important part in shaping and expressing the culture of various locations throughout the world in history. Today tribal tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo patterns worldwide among younger or older generation.
It is considered that the ritual of tattoo creation was first started by Polynesians, and all the other tribal tattoos derive from them. Haida, which is an Indian tribe and resided in northwest coast of America, used symbols of fish, bears or thunderbirds. Tribal tattoos for women were not so popular for long time, now, women are also frequently getting tribal patterns on their bodies. The most popular shapes among tribal tattoos are tribal cross Tattoos and tribal dragon tattoo. In the early days of tattooing huge Tribal Back Tattoos where just for men, it was a sign of their heritage and what their fore fathers built and fought for.
These master peace’s that people are getting tattooed on their back really give the tattoo artist room to show what they can do with this tribal and just how they can make it sit and fit your body.
This tattoo is reminiscent of the totems created by many native North American and South American tribes.
The flowing curves of this tattoo flow into the form of the dragon’s body, giving it a harmonious appearance. The linework on this tattoo give it a flowing, elegant appearance while still looking masculine. This tribal design merges into the other tattoos on his back, looking unified with the rest. The points and spikes on this tattoo form wings and the marks down her spine tie one design to the other. The variety possible with tribal tattoos is vast and always makes them interesting to look at. The demand for body art designs featuring tribal art work continues to grow as this is a popular style that is also a very versatile which that can be adapted and applied to almost any image from natural elements like flowers or animals to iconic religious symbols.
These tribal cross tattoos can be depicted as stand alone images for placement on a smaller surface of skin but they can also be incorporated into larger designs as well as being suitable for a variety of differing parts of the body. Small to medium designs of this kind are popular for placement on areas like the arm – the forearm and bicep are particularly favored by male tattoo enthusiasts – as well as the upper back (for men) and the lower back for women, who want a classier take on the notorious tramp stamp designs of old. The Celtic cross in particular is a firm favorite with both male and female body art enthusiasts and this offers spiritual connotations rather than more fundamental religious symbolism, which may be why it appeals to such a wide range of individuals. The very popular tribal tattoos have long history and bring the heritage of early tribes to the current day. The rich variety of tribal tattoo design is maybe one important reason for this popularity. Ancient people used them in order to express diversity of their qualities and in addition the tattoos show the difference between different of tribes.

They believed that tattooing an animal would enable you to take the strength of those living creatures. For some it has religious meaning, others use it to associate with the faith of various tribes. Dragon is one of the most legendary creature and is prevalent in oldest myths, legends and folklore.
They started doing this back in the early 1800’s in China and here it is over 200 years and people are still get these huge tribal back tattoos. So with that being said people are just going nuts, if you have a tattoos artist that is a great free hand drawer you can take just about any image or photo and have them turn it into a true modern style tribal back tattoo. An added bonus is that most of the time they go with anything you would be wearing, so they’re very fashionable as well.
One of the most popular designs of this kind are those for tribal cross tattoos whether these emulate the traditional Latin cross or the more spiritual Celtic variety.
These are particularly also popular for designs emulating the style of Celtic artwork for placement on a larger canvas of skin like the back or chest and this is a very distinctive design that makes a strong visual impact as a bigger tattoo however some of the smaller versions are as effective in their simplicity as their more elaborate counterparts.
This particular image is also very old and actually predates the Christian version so it is of strong historical significance as well as having aesthetic value. They are associated with the culture of various tribes in South Africa, North America, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand etc.
Currently, the most widespread tribal tattoos are picked from the tattoo patterns of Polynesian, Indian, Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan, Maori and Samoan tribes.
Maori Tribe believed that after death the tattoo would show your personality to others, when the sun would shine through your face. Tribal Tattoos for men are usually larger tattoos performed in black ink, covering arms, shoulders or large part of the back. But now it is not just the men that are sitting in a chair for hours and hours there arm ladies that have every inch of their backs covered in ink. Then again you could always go with one of the old school styles of tribal art, I mean still to this day there are people that still love the old style of tribal art.
From the simple to the intricate, there’s sure to be one that everyone can enjoy looking at. The former is a simple geometrical shape that is made up of two lines or bars that are placed perpendicular to each other, with the vertical line dividing one the horizontal one in half. These tribal cross tattoos have a circle at the intersecting point and this ‘knot’ in the centre also features in many other Celtic artwork designs. Many tribes would use certain symbols tattooed on their bodies to give them strength, to protect them from evil forces or natural disasters.
They usually used different marks on their bodies to show their social status and achievement in life. The symbol of sun is said to signify belief in afterlife, Eagle represents strength and courage.

In Eastern cultures like Chinese, Japanese of Vietnamese cultures, dragon is one of the most important symbols respected for special powers and honor. Now I am sure that 200 years ago they did not think that something like this would be something everyone is doing and it is not just that even the ladies are getting back pieces done. The good thing is unlike back in the early times of tribal back art, there is well over 100 colors that tattoo artist can buy and that is not including the glow in the dark colors.
These lines usually run vertically and horizontally however they can also be depicted so they sit at an angle and this oblique style is referred to as a saltire which is a popular way of depicting body art designs of this kind. In this respect however it is deemed to represent the infinite energy of the sun, as this solar symbol was greatly revered by this ancient civilization due to its life enhancing properties which nurtured the natural world around them.
These marks and the oldest tattoos are clear reflections of the superstitions and believes of various tribes in the history. In order to think about tribal tattoo meanings for today, let’s go back and check what these tattoos would signify earlier. So in order to find real in-depth meaning for your tattoo you might need to do extensive research. Therefore, tribal tattoos for men are usually great for those males who have well-built body and good muscle tone. So if you are looking into getting a tribal tattoo on your back anytime soon these are just some of the things to think about. This is often adorned with additional artwork and the elaborate spirals, knots and key patterns associated with the ancient Celts are particularly popular in dark monochrome ink designs.
Today artists also play with shades and colors when making tribal tattoos and nothing in fact is considered wrong.
Adding floral pattern and shades to the tribal cross tattoo, makes it softer and is usually preferred by the women. However, the symbol plays important role and stands as a symbol of strength in most of the folklore. These can be scaled to suit a variety of different placement areas depending on whether the individual wants a small, medium or large designs so let us take a look at some of the most widely requested body parts for this style of tattoo. It is thought that the teeth of shark, for example, would represent protection, shells would mean wealth and so on. Therefore this symbol is actual in today’s art and symbolizes diversity of things for different people.

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