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Lower back tattoos are beautiful little secrets that when we want can be attention grabbers.
Some great black and grey tattoo ideas for this placement are tribal designs, butterflies, angel wings, birds, dragonflies, stars, and lettering. Adding lettering above a winged heart, or below a series of stars is a simple way to make the tattoo look a lot more detailed and extensive. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue.
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Butterfly tattoos are some of the most endearing designs ever sported by women of all ages and coming from all walks of life. The butterfly tattoos shown above vary greatly in both style and color composition, and are sure to satisfy diverse tastes.
Any simple design such as a butterfly or stars can have tribal designs on either side to have the piece cover the width of the back.

They usually protrude into the pant line and extend from one side of the back to the other. If done correctly it should look as if someone or something is coming out of your lower back. You could also try adding pops of color in a black and grey tattoo to give your tattoo an edge. However, nowadays they are also getting popular among men and many designs specifically meant for men also exist. Take advantage of thousands of visitors searching for tattoo designs and tattoo pictures every day! With such a large canvas there are so many different pieces that work very well in this placement.
Butterflies, stars, birds, and dragonflies can also be enhanced with color to make a loud statement. They aren’t more than 5 inches in height or it then becomes a back piece and not a lower back tattoo.

The animal eyes are usual done with animal print around the eyes themselves and fading into your skin tone. Butterflies have been long combined with flowers, vines, or tribal tattoo designs to create striking designs. Other colored ideas for this placement are flowers, hearts feathers, fairies, and dolphins. The human eyes are usually very detailed with eyelashes and all and stand alone in the center of your lower back. Butterflies have diverse symbolic meanings which appeal to people in different ways, thus prompting them to choose them.
They have been long associated with the concept of transformation, as a caterpillar slowly forms a pupa which gradually gives rise to the adult butterfly.

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