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Tribal skulls follow a dualistic pattern that is both simple and ornate, and can be identified by the thick black lines of elegant curves and sharp points. Layering skull tattoo images over or entwined with a strong tribal design is a great way to create a unique picture that will have people staring for all the right reasons. This design is not an adornment for the faint of heart—skull wearers have to live up to their ink! For men, a skull tattoo works well to play up your best feature, like a bulging bicep, a strong calf, a sinewy upper back, or a well toned forearm.

However, women can wear a big skull image just as well as a man can—if you’re going big, try a skull tattoo that covers the decollete, the upper arm, or the whole of the back. The Egyptian Emperor Tutankhamun, Tutankhamun, tattoos, tattoo designs, tattoo pictures, tribal. Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. The ritualistic tattooing by tribe members signified membership of the clan, and was a vital part of defining oneself within their culture.

The skull body art can add symbolic meaning to an existing adornment, or change the meaning of a simple tribal design. Location is a prime factor to consider when getting any tattoo, but the skull image can be especially difficult to place.

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