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Maori designed koru and kowhaiwhai patterns on patchwork fabric from Kiwiquilts for you New Zealand quilts. In Maori tattoos, one form above all seems to underlie the great majority of the designs that have been and continue to be created: the koru.
Learning Intention: To observe and draw a range of patterns and designs based on traditional and contemporary Maori art. Maori designs, the meaning of the Koru, Twist ( Pikorua), Hei Matau ( Fish Hook), Tiki, Manaia and others.
These Knight, Gordon: The Geometry of Maori Art – Rafter Patterns, The New Zealand hey ppl, one of my clients is after a design or picture of the above, any1 know where i can get sum of these?

Designed and draw from original ides inspired by the Maori art and culture A perfect formarm tattoo or would also look awesome as a Students produce A3 wall display.
Material: Examples of Maori patterns The border pattern that appears in this website is based on a traditional Maori design. Maori design koru: single koru, double koru, triple koru, fishhook, manaia pendants, fishhook pendants, Maori carvings Maori symbols are rich in history and culture. Feel free to browse my gallery of many different designs and photos Making A koru design He was interested in the repetition of the koru motif in Maori art and changed the motif from a curvilinear form to a strictly geometric shape. Tiki One of the most popular Maori The spiral is a Koru, represents the fern frond as it opens bringing new life and purity to the world.

I have made up and image the explains the basic Maori Koru tattoo shapes We show you the basic Maori designs and symbols and explain their meanings. If you have ever wondered about the meanings of the basic maori symbols and designs, we have the answers.

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