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Gun Tattoo Designs: Gun tattoos can range from a simple black outline or silhouette, to a more detailed version of this weapon. Gun tattoo designs are often accompanied by a message representing the values that the gun is there to immortalise on the skin. There is still a view of power that comes with a gun, and the symbol is especially fascinating to men.

They are also popular with those who have an affinity to hunting, or even those who just want a symbol to represent strength, power and the desire to fight for what you believe in whether that means for your country or for certain values.
However, it is still possible to incorporate more interesting colour schemes, especially when the gun forms part of a larger design.
These days, gun tattoos are even being used as symbols of peace acting against gun violence.

Some people will simply make use of a gun that looks like it’s attached to a holster, where others will use two guns as a way of pointing to an area of the body.

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