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Ohh and by the way make sure to visit the Fresh Business Cards Facebook page and be our 'friend'. Located in Fitzroy North near Melbourne in Australia, the Cloud House is a modern addition and renovation to a double-fronted Edwardian house. Great unique and personalised Word Cloud, Word Cloud gifts for friends and family from Wonder of Words. Upon checkout you will be asked for the words you wish to include in the design and also the colours you would like used (max 5). Behnke and others imaged and recorded lightning during the explosive eruptions of Redoubt and found that for some of the largest plumes (10-19 km), thousands of lightning bolts were generated in storms that lasted up to 70 minutes and upwards of 150 km downwind with the plume.
All of this suggests that in ash-rich eruptions, where there has been a lot of fragmentation of the magma, we should expect to see a lot of volcanic lightning. If you know or have business card designs that you would like to share let us know by using the contact form.
Designed by architects McBride Charles Ryan, this unique structure follows the form of a child-like impression of a cloud. If you are looking for something a little different for a gift for a friend or family members wedding then this design would be the perfect way to help the lucky couple celebrate their wonderful day.
He dedicated his life to produce these stunning photographs inside a breaking wave to give a unique vision of the power of the sea. I can think of some great shots of eruptions from Chaiten, Puyehue-Cordon Caulle, Kirishima, Sakurajima and Eyjafjallajokull that produced (with a little help from time-lapse photography and a good, dark sky) some incredible images of lightning that is generated during an ash-rich eruption.

However, volcanic lightning could be used to help identify and confirm eruptions in places far from civilization that pose a threat to airplanes or people far downwind of the eruption.
It appears that during the start of an explosive eruption, the material coming out of the vent is already electrified.
So, just like we can detect lightning flashes across the country from space, we can use these same methods to look for intense lightning near a volcano if there are signs of an eruption, but possibly heavy cloud cover, to confirm what might be happening. These lightning storms are powerful, up to twice as energetic as a supercell thunderstorm like we get here in Ohio.
Interestingly, at both Redoubt and Augustine, the intensity of lightning production was highest at the start of the explosive eruption activity and gradually became less as the eruptive period went on (over the course of weeks). So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED.
People have been capturing the combination of lightning and eruptions for centuries (see below), yet we oddly know little about its exact causes. However, this would only apply to lightning near the volcano, so why is there lightning far downwind? In French Polynesia, Teahupoo (the "wall of heads") is a powerful and sudden wave that emerges from the Pacific Ocean at high tide. In this week’s EOS (along a more in-depth article in press at Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research), a study by Sonja Behnke and others looked at the lightning generated during the 2009 eruptions from Redoubt in Alaska in order to understand more about the generation and dynamics of volcanic lightning. That might be caused by the same mechanisms that generate lightning in thunderstorms, namely the separation of charged particles based on how quickly the fall.

The proximity of the reef (a few tens of centimeters from the surface when the depression is formed, leaving only a shallow draft) emphasizes the danger. Some of the charge on the ash particle could be left over from the initial fragmentation, some might be new charge caused by friction of particles in the ash cloud. Jake Kolnik (which was unhurt in the adventure!) is known as one of the best big wave surfers. He participated in by Rebel Sessions, a competition that lasts a hundred days, from July 15 to October 22, in which surfers from around the world defy the winter swell. Hunted by the objectives of the organizers, the best performance immortalized is then submitted to a jury of six professional surfing. From July to October each year, surfers play with the raging elements in the Rebel Sessions Awards where they offer a demonstration of their talents to many photographers.
However, these shows remain dependent on the weather, sometimes capricious in that part of the globe.

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