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ATLANTA Rapper B.O.B is flanked by two inked-out UK models for a special CELEBRITY INK Issue of URBAN INK!!! Gucci is joined by models Ashanti Toi and Miss Joie to grace the newest cover of Urban Ink magazine.
He is a graduate of the renowned Toihoukura Maori visual arts programme where he has gained a bachelor in Maori visual arts. Russell works with many different mediums such as painting, sculpture, drawing, design, graphic design but one medium he is undeniably passionate about is Taa moko. Russell was introduced into Taa moko and since has been largely influenced by tutor and mentor, Derek Lardelli where Russell also was guided through every aspect of Taa moko traditions, tikanga, design and the revolution of the art form and has now been specializing in Taa moko since 2003.

Russell is dedicated to enhancing and nurturing this sacred art form of Taa moko with the commitment and passion to uphold the cultural values involved when dealing with Taa moko and Maori art in general. This has given Russell a sense of connection with his culture and the notion to use these values as a creative motivation to blend the values of traditional art forms with a revolving contemporary finesse. Now that Russell has completed his art study and has achieved his degree, his focus now is giving back to the people by getting involved in projects and Maori art programmes that have benefits to Iwi, hapu and the next generation of Rangatahi. Not only is she in Show Magazine #19, she has already been featured in Urban Ink, Blackmen Magazine, & DimePiece. Offering world famous Tattoo Artists and Body Piercers, men's and women's fashion, designer, collectible and exclusive high fashion jewelry.

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