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I don’t know what was the impetus for this admission that he had never served in the Marines, but there you go. As a vet and now a former employee of DDA, I’m extremely disappointed, hurt and insulted by the recent discovery of the big lie and its cascading damage to so many good people. Reading the first few FB comments, it sounds like he closed the business down and laid off the employees – look that the comments made by Dave Janus. Just finished speaking with a Marine at the Marine Corps Recruiting Station and making him aware of not only T A H, but especially this story. This maggot thinks by pulling down his video he will somehow escape public scrutiny and exposure. Makes me wonder if there’s something hiding in the treeline, just waiting to jump out, similar to what happened to Will Hayden and Red Jacket Firearms? I’m trying when assholes like him and others try to sue you the little shit gets over looked. My suggestion: Look at setting up a WordPress site and if you are wanting to do transactions through it you can add on WooCommerce. Not to tell you how to run your business, but I do not have the utmost confidence in your military service. To be fair, my brother in law, a MSgt with 28 years service, spelled Marine Corps wrong on his resume. I have my dd214 you are correct to assume someone was helping him and when all this started I wish I took Screen shot of both owners at the time one was supposed to be a Leo with 20 plus yrs, but from the grapevine he quit a yr or two ago.

Merchants and manufacturers need to learn that nobody gives a flying fuck if you were in the Marines or not, as long as you sell and deliver a genuinely good and reliable working product that people desire and want. Kinda surprises me, but should not, that the Chicago Tribune news room did not return my call yesterday out of curiosity if nothing else.
This Joe Lucania has been pretending to be a Marine sniper and he founded this Devil Dog Arms using this persona.
It looks like he went as far as getting a USMC tattoo, if the comments can be believed at the Facebook link. Not only was it disgraceful and insulting to all of us who served in the US military, it hurt the hardworking, honest and dedicated people, I’ve had the pleasure of working with at DDA this past year. Would have commented sooner but had to put on long sleeves to cover my trident,wouldn”t want Senior Chief to see it, you know how he gets. All of us employees of DDA lost our jobs and the ability to support our families this week (many of us also lost out on wages, earnings and unreimbursed expenses that where owed to us while the company was still up and running) as a direct result of the big lie which ultimately caused DDA to close its doors. My thoughts and well wishes go out to my fellow former employees and their families as we put DDA in our rear view mirrors and move forward in search of better opportunities.
I also want to shout out to all of the loyal customers, vendors, supporters and partners who put their trust, energy and resources into DDA.

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