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Not everyone who decides to get a tattoo related to their USMC service gets a motivational tattoo however, as I discovered when I sat down with Corporal of Marines Harry Prasch, Sergeant of Marines Zachary Seaman and Lance Corporal of Marines Victoria Ealy. Corporal Harry Prasch is a Vietnam War Veteran who served between June 1968 and January 1970, and sports two USMC related tattoos. Sergeant Zachary Seaman served between 2001 and 2005 and again from October 2007 until October 2008.
You can see the tattoos that Harry, Zachary and Victoria have as well as some extended audio interviews with them below. Tattoos are a very personal thing, and their popularity is unsurprising, even if their tastefulness is at times called into suspicion. The first is a bulldog, which is the Marine Corps mascot and the second is the USMC Eagle Globe and Anchor emblem with Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful, the motto of the Marine Corps) tattooed above, and Vietnam Veteran tattooed underneath. For Zachary the Marine Corps is a family affair, as both his father and grandfather served in the USMC.

The bulldog is the mascot of the USMC, and Harry says that every USMC installation has a bulldog mascot, which includes an aide who is responsible for handling the mascot.
His grandfather was wounded during The Battle of Okinawa, one of the last battles fought during World War II. Victoria’s panther and family crest tattoo is something that she is proud of despite the fact that at times people, men in particular, try and force her to show the tattoo which is located on her lower back. For Victoria the Panther symbolizes a predatory cat that is protective of it’s family, and she counts the USMC as part of her family.
Zachary chose to be stationed in Okinawa, which had symbolic importance to him because his grandfather was wounded during the Battle of Okinawa, one of the last battles of World War II. Harry says that the Marine Corps has a special bond, and while other special forces also have a special bond, he believes the one the Marine Corps shares is special. While unfortunately Carl was unable to share pictures of his own tattoos with us, you can hear him wax poetic about why he got his tattoo and some of the philosophy behind USMC tattoos.

Zachary’s tattoo is symbolic as well, as he chose to get the kanji symbols for man and ocean or sea tattooed on his back, referencing his last name, Seaman. She does say that she has run into trouble with men, both civilians and military, who believe that because she has a tattoo, they are entitled to see it.
On his right arm is the Eagle Globe and Anchor with Semper Fidelis above and Vietnam Veteran below. This attitude makes Victoria more wary to share her tattoo with people, but she is still proud of the tattoo and doesn’t regret it.

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