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Facebook FeedRock Your Body Art - Chicago Face Painting 2 weeks ago Wishing all of our Mommy friends a very happy and special day! Henna is the arabic word for the powder derived from the dried leaves of the Egyptian Privet plant.
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To remove, either use rubbing alcohol, or take a warm bath or shower and then gently rub the tattoo with a wash cloth or loofa. Celebrated for over 5000 years, Henna has been used as a traditional form of body adornment in India, Pakistan, Morocco, the Middle East, Indonesia and Eastern Europe. I only use 100% Certified Organic all-natural red Henna and essential oils which smell incredible and really help to create a soothing spa-experience.

Black henna is a hair-dye that is toxic when left to sit on the skin, and will likely result in a nasty chemical burn. We use only the highest quality face and body paint, all of which are safe, non-toxic and gentle on the skin. If any little bits of it don’t come of with GENTLE rubbing, they can be removed with rubbing alcohol.
People have decorated themselves throughout the centuries with Henna for weddings, festivals, and many important occasions – even to ward off evil!
The powder is mixed with pure, essential oils, lemon juice, and sugar, creating a smooth and all natural paste. Our water-based Face Paint can be easily removed with wet wipes or tear-free shampoo and warm water.

This is perfect for Halloween, Human Statues, Interactive Performers and events where the weather can play a role!
The glitter sticks to the skin using a safe and hypo-allegenic, non-toxic, non-latex-based body-adhesive that is made especially for the skin ONLY. Stop by our booth in the United Center between 5 and 7:30 pm this Saturday night, April 9 for a free Airbrush Tattoo!

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