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Home » General » PROS AND CONS OF UV INK TATTOOS- ALL YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW! Tattoo techniques have been developing throughout the years, gaining in perfection, style and outlook.
The UV ink tattoo is a special kind of tattoo, poorly visible or totally invisible in daylight. In some cases this type of substance has been known to cause allergy reactions, and in some it is even visible in daylight, depending on the type of UV ink used during the process.
As a result of their special ingredients, UV tattoos require more time to be completed, so ask your tattoo artists to use black light fluorescent bulb. Below you will notice tattoos which are done in UV tattoo ink, and the colored ones are visible in daylight, whereas some are not visible at all.
Because this kind of tattoo needs a lot of time to be finished, scarring is definitely a possibility. Occasionally, there are UV ink tattoos that can be seen in the daylight, but their glowing effects are only visible at night.
Ultimately, all tattoos fade in time, so be aware of this fact before getting a UV ink tattoo. One positive side is that the UV tattoos are excellent if you work constantly and are not allowed to have tattoos. However, keep in mind that UV ink tattoos are still closely analyzed, and the same goes for their effects on the skin. Without any further ado, here is an appealing gallery of UV ink tattoos, which could persuade you to get one of these for yourself.
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In an attempt to highlight some of the most stunning pieces we've seen, we've chosen 10 pieces of artwork that stopped us in our tracks.
It boggles the mind when celebrities ink themselves with seemingly frivolous and poorly-done tattoos. Famous classical paintings such as The Last Supper and Birth of Venus jump from the canvas and come to life on the body.
Browse our galleries for some of the most beautiful, striking, and detailed tattoo designs we’ve found. It would be ridiculous to expect to be hired for a job if you walked into the interview with a shirt displaying something offensive. Word on the street is that there are new UV or black light tattoo inks out there that do not contain phosphorous and are FDA approved. You can cover up a regular tattoo with glow in the dark ink but to be honest the jury is still out on whether you can cover a black-light tattoo later on with glow in the dark ink. They have as much texture as a regular tattoo except the ink contains phosphorous which helps it glow in the dark. I covered a UV tattoo with a regular tattoo, but by then, it had stopped glowing in black light. I was considering on getting almost my entire body with glow in the dark tattoos… Would that be a major bad idea.?
Wow, not sure you’re artist will let you go that far with inks that contain phosphorous. White ink tattoos gain in popularity when Hollywood celebrities and models like Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan began wearing them on their skin. White ink is the last pigmentation that is applied into the skin during a regular tattoo session.
The white pigmentation is made up of a liquid carrier and a pigment, in which it probably contains lead carbonate, rutile and titanium dioxide.
The process does not involve the application of stenciling and outlining techniques that are usually applied in executing ordinary tattoos. The white ink that is used for tattooing is relatively different from the white pigment being used in dark and colored tats. Only the skilled and experienced tattoo artists can pull off a well-designed white ink tat.
White ink tattoo has its own pros and cons, by which learning them you will be able to make a wise decision on whether to join the bandwagon or not.
Some designs work well with white pigmentation such as the fully-shaded stars, crescent moon, triangle, flowers, among other shapes.

White ink tattoos are translucent so not a lot of people can easily spot it somewhere on your body.
However, people with freckles or with dark skin complexion should be wary of having white ink tattoo for the results may look bizarre and quite fuzzy.
According to professionals, white ink tats don’t last long compared to your ordinary tattoo and when it faded, it will leave your skin somewhat suffering from discoloration and bruises.
Overall, white ink tattoo traditionally aids in highlighting the bright colors of the tattoo design by adding depth and light balance to the colors.
To add, it is generally accepted that white ink tattoo looks awesome on people with fair skin complexion the most, but even the dark-skinned Rihanna could pull it off so it depends on the wearer, really.
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Follow these easy care steps to ensure your new tattoo stays vibrant, sharp, and healthy for years to come.
Read these simple tips to avoid 5 common tattoo mistakes that could ruin your ink or even make you detest your tattoo over time. The Expo isn't just an "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" event, expect great food, great music, great artists, and bomb tattoo art!
We’ve collected a number of what we believe to be the top current designs trending in the tattoo world from simple to 3D! Whether it be a back piece or a tiny character, we believe the body is a living canvas capable of exhibiting incredible masterpieces. Just like a velvet poster or t-shirt design, glow in the dark tattoos are only visible under black lights or no light at all.
If you have a day job that doesn’t look fondly on intricately done tattoo sleeves, QUIT YOUR JOB! Some are concerned about the safety of phosphorus itself, others are concerned with the high costs. He lives in Texas on a peacock farm with his wife and kids where he helps maintain the website for Time Warner Cable El Paso. Much like the traditional tattoos, white ink tats are considered as a personal statement although its subtle nature makes it quite difficult to be perceived by the naked eye.
Probably because it is thought to be a unique improvement over the dark ink tats as they look appealing under UV lights, plus the popular belief that receiving white ink is lot more painful than the latter.
Therefore, in the end the endorphins that help you tolerate the pain that comes with tattooing is depleting making your body more susceptible to receiving pain.
In white ink tattoo, everything is completed with the white pigment that leaves a ghostly and scar-like image on the body. It is rather thicker in texture and mixture yet usually made of quality ink because it is supposed to be striking on its own. The artist will either use a stencil to ink you with white tattoo or he will do it freehand.

So, if you happen to frequent disco clubs having a white tat ink in your body can make you look more attractive. You just have to really figure out which design will work for you, of course, you have to take into consideration other factors like the size, body part where you’d want to place it, and other ink colors that you might be interested in mixing with the white pigment. Some faded white ink would even turn into yellow color or green because of its translucent nature; that whatever color it absorbs it will be stained easily and permanently. This is also why it is one of the last pigments to be applied by the artist, meaning to say, it is mainly use for highlighting purposes only.
Keep in mind to make a wise decision about it because otherwise you may end up regretting it, or damaging the health condition of your skin.
You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase your maximum bid amount. Well, as you may know, regular tattoo ink is a metal, vegetable or plastic-based pigment suspended in a hypoallergenic carrier solution. After all, phosphorus in some forms is toxic and side effects can include severe blistering, pain, burning sensations and skin rashes.
If you have a face tattoo like Mike Tyson or barbed wire covering your arms, most of the time you will be shown the door.
So showing them off might be a little more difficult but they’ll look crazy tight, so its really up to you. I’m very interested in the glow in the dark tattoo and was wondering what I would expect to have to pay to get one and just how visible it would look say if I was tan and it was light out. It can also serve as a disinfectant to the pigment so that the tattoo artist can use it safely. Using a stencil requires a higher level of expertise from the artist because it would be quite dangerous if a novice would have done it. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Instead, consider a form of body art that no one will notice unless there’s a power outage at the office. For glow in the dark tattoos, artists use a solution containing phosphorus that is invisible in normal light, but in the dark watch out!
These side effects are rare, of course, but you should keep them in mind if you’re considering a glow in the dark tattoo.
I was also wondering if the tattoo works like a glow bracelet where the more it is in the sun the brighter and longer it glows at night.
An experienced tattooist must be careful in doing his job so that the stencil does not touch the white ink being applied as doing so can dull the luminosity of the ink. It should be noted that while thousands of people have gotten glow in the dark tattoos without any side effects or issues, the FDA has not officially approved the use of these phosphorous based inks. Also if I were to test my self to see if my body can even handle this tattoo would I have to go to a doctor to find out or is there a way for me to try it out at home.
But that is if you are willing to make your tattoo look quite confusing because the white ink may not blend well with your chosen colors.
Depending on the design and the manner by which the white tattoo ink is applied into the skin, the tat may end up looking like some kind of a skin disease.
Thank you for the information you rote for us and thank you before hand if you read or even consider righting me back. Conduct a thorough research first before finalizing the design you’ve been having in mind. Visualize the end-result and get a realistic decision before having that body part of yours inked by a white tattoo ink. Of course, if your skin is allergic to white ink, you should not have it in the first place. If it won’t cause any allergic reaction to your body, then make sure to have it inked in areas of the body that are not exposed to the sun when you are outdoor. The chemical composition of the ink can turn dull when bared to the strong household and weather elements.

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