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A well made tattoo is a pleasure to watch, and there sure are some inspirational motives in video gaming. I think that if I were to get a gaming tattoo it would be from a game that I played when I was younger and loved. If I ever did get a tattoo, and it was Nintendo related, it would probably be the Triforce symbol on the wrist.
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One of my favorite games growing up was Secret of Mana, and having a tattoo of the 3 main characters would be awesome.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The games are great and yeah that guy is the creator but getting his name tattooed on you is kinda crazy.
I also really like roguelike games, and a tattoo of an (at) symbol would be cool as well- the symbol for the main character of all ASCII roguelikes! But hey, I've seen some crazy tattoos, so I'm guessing video game related tattoos aren't that bad.

I'm not really a tattoo fan, I would probably never get one, but I enjoy seeing pictures online - the best and the worst ones, equally.

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