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Since virginity factors so prominently in the symbolism of this sign, it is probably a good idea to factor it into your Virgo tattoo design, as well. These tattoos often depict a young women in Roman robes holding a wreath or bouquet of flowers. Virgos are the eternal virgins of the zodiac and the people that are born under this sign are said to have great intelligence and wisdom. Using this basic element as a center piece, a great many things can be done with the design.

Virgos are also said to be the neurotic members of the zodiac who have an eye for perfection and order.
The virgin can be coupled with mythical creatures such as winged horses, unicorns or fairies, or even a variety of different floral elements. So, it is no wonder that Virgo tattoos are often said to be some of the most beautiful zodiac designs. Flowers that often go great with a Virgo tattoo includes asters,chrysanthemums, pansies, ivy and ferns.

The Virgo glyph is an impressive element by itself and can be really jazzed up with a little adornment and imagination.

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