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Jayson Lilley British Artist: Born in 1972 in Devon, England, Jayson Lilley is a British contemporary artist who incorporates the practices of painting, collage and printmaking. The man himself is a talented visual artist, designer, and sculptor well known for his original bendable wire and cut out paper creations. As Gavin Worth points out, almost from the beginning he toyed with the idea of creating a 3-D effect using bendable wire.
In addition to the wire sculptures, Gavin Worth has also experimented with video, spray painting and stencils. Gavin Worth’s hometown, Las Cruces, is surrounded by Sierra de los Organos, named after its similarity with a pipe organ. Since I wrote about Stephan Martiniere a couple of years ago, he has updated his site, and his career, with numerous additions. Martiniere is a concept artist, art director and science fiction artist with a fertile imagine, superb skills as an artist and long, impressive resumé. His expanded web site is a cornucopia of strikingly imaginative works in all of his areas of endeavor, including work for animated cartoons and theme park environments. If you are fond of concept art or science fiction illustration, be aware that his site can be a major time-sink. Well, what if the skull was a scientifically accurate Australopithecus skull, or a triceratops skull? Carl Zimmer is a science writer, a contributor to the New York Times, National Geographic, Science and Scientific American; as well as the author of six books on scientific subjects.
Didn’t think of geeky scientists as likely to offer up their bodies as canvasses for tattoo art? The above image is a tattoo of Dienonychus sported by University of Alaska geology student Jeremiah Drewel.
If you browse back through her blog you will find paintings, and a few drawings, of a variety of subjects, but it is her series of paintings of skies and clouds that immediately grabbed my attention.
Great sheets of cloud masses, in turn glowing with brilliant color or dark with more subtle tones, roil and billow across her canvasses. In her older works, the landscape above which the clouds do their stuff is more varied and often busier with foreground objects; in her more recent work, she keeps the foreground in check and lets the clouds and skies dominate.
Unlike the more common factory-like process of churning out reproductions of the same painting over an over (see my post on Dafen, China), Wellman has made the copying of these paintings part of her learning process.
In preparing for a new exhibit of her cloud-themed landscapes at the Black Duck Gallery, in Lunenburg, NS, she recently asked her blog readers to give her feedback on which of five paintings to choose for the advertisements to accompany the show; perhaps indicating that though she is mature enough as a painter to have a clear voice, she is young and open minded enough to step back and look at the response her images elicit from others in judging her path. Magsig focuses on urban landscape, and most of his paintings are of urban scenes in Detroit and New York, where he is a part-time resident.
His large scale gallery paintings are almost photo-realist in approach, but his smaller, more immediate works have a wonderfully painterly quality that works particularly well for his subject matter of industrial scenes, abandoned buildings, empty houses and architectural details. There is something particularly appealing about the way Magsig applies his paint in quick, brusque strokes that seem to have a texture just right for the rough surfaces of the neglected buildings and weathered industrial structures he revels in portraying. I particularly enjoy his Hopperesque portraits of abandoned houses, sometimes boarded up, surrounded by weeds, and surprisingly rich in color.
When browsing through his site, you’ll find more variation as you go back in time, with occasional forays into still life and traditional landscape. Frazetta has also been an outstanding comics artist during his career, turning in stunning work for E.C.
What many people, even some dedicated Frazetta fans, don’t realize is that Frazetta was primarily a comics artist for the early part of his career, starting in professional comic book work at the age of 16. Someone (unnamed, as far as I can tell) has posted a complete Frazetta Barney Rooster story on the Comicrazys blog, giving a rare opportunity to see the early Frazetta at his best. I have a notion that the online strip was scanned from the book, but any opportunity to look as Frazetta’s comic book work is a treat.
Mathews returned to California and became director of the San Francisco School of Design; and brought his various influences to bear on the creation of brilliantly colored and elegantly naturalistic California landscapes. Arthur and Lucia produced a range of artistic and decorative works — stained glass, carved frames, furniture, graphic design and illustration. Unfortunately, there aren’t lot of high-resolution images of their work on the web just yet. Those in the Ohio area can see an exhibit currently at the Akron Art Museum (originally organized by the Oakland Museum of California) called California as Muse: The Art of Arthur and Lucia Mathews that runs until September 7, 2008. For the rest of us, there is a new book created to accompany the exhibit, The Art of Arthur & Lucia Mathews by Harvey L.
There is a nice post about Arthur Mathews, with several images, on the 2blowhards blog, and I’ve listed what other resources I could find for you below. If you are creative and like to express your feelings and emotions by drawing, then you should make a career out of it.

As a visual artist you can work as a generalist, which means you will create all different kinds of art (sculptures, drawings, photographs, etc.), or you can pick one artistic expression to specialize in. A visual artist can work in research institutions, studios, ateliers, museums, advertisement agencies, publishing houses, or wherever else he or she chooses.
In order to become a certified visual artist, one has to take a four-year long college course.
Gostei muito do texto, penso em fazer o curso de multimidia, amo desenhar, mas nao sei ao certo o em que vou me especializar, tem muitas opcoes! Sou que nem a Juliana, eu tenho varias ideias, mas meu problema e na hora de representa-las.
Since those salad days, Andrea Currie has become a budding name in the visual arts community with her large collection of Tree Art. Pursuing creation out of grief, Andrea describes the passing of her mother to cancer in 2011 as the catalyst for her artistic career.
Sitting with Andrea in her home studio, I look closely at her personal copy of the calendar and am drawn in by her unique blend of haunting grief and celebration of life. When my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2010, I had already been searching for a deeper connection within my own life.
The tree that my PomonaLIFE community tree is based on – an apple and oak tree merged as one. My art is on display and for sale at the Energy Tree Acupuncture Clinic in Liberty Village.
Sign-up for our weekly newsletter and get the best of She Does the City in your inbox or follow us on Twitter and Facebook! He was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and is currently teaching at the American International School of Cairo, Egypt.  Worth also lived in San Francisco for 8 years where he started his artistic trajectory working as an actor and musician for the Santa Fe Shakespeare Festival, the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival and the California Shakespeare Theater.
As he knew right away that he didn't want to create a very realistic depiction of a 3-D form, he thought that it would be perhaps more interesting to create an abstract, almost organic shape made of grouped wire that would become an image when viewed from the right angle. Inspired by the street art of San Francisco, there is always a bit of urban feel in the commissioned works he completes for various clients, including the Hollywood Fringe Festival. One cannot but think that the original inspiration of his figures is possibly hidden in the picturesque peaks of these mountains. Martiniere has a fresh crisp drawing style in his sketches and roughs, and a remarkable talent for projecting scale, atmospheric distance and detail in his more finished works. Scientists, it seems, often choose subjects that attempt to distill the essence of some concept or idea that they feel is central to their take on the natural world and its varied phenomena.
She has just moved from being a self taught artist to being a student at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design last year. Some of her skies are luminescent with reflected light, almost as if the clouds were generating their own light. He studied at Ferris State College and the College for Creative Studies, but considers himself essentially self taught as a painter. I also like his beautiful industrial nocturnes, reminiscent of Whistler’s atmospheric images of the River Thames. Be sure to click on the blog images to get to the large versions in which you can see the texture and application of the paint. Though basically retired now and dealing with health problems, he continues to work on artistic projects. He and his wife Lucia Mathews, also an artist and one of his former students at the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art in San Francisco, brought together influences from the European Art Nouveau artists, the burgeoning American Arts and Crafts movement (of which they were an influential part) and the ideals of classical art, and created a style that came to be called the California Decorative Style. He studied painting at the San Francisco School of Design and later at the Academie Julian in Paris. He became an influential teacher and, though he was not a proponent of Impressionist ideals, counted among his students major figures of California Impressionism and plein air painting like Granville Redmond.
After the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, they joined with like minded artists and artisans and tried to make their part in rebuilding San Fancisco a guiding and enlightening role, with the dream of making the city a cultural utopia. These professionals study different techniques to improve their performance and their artwork. For instance, you can work with paintings only, or illustrations, or even become a cartoonist. E realmente uma carreira muito dinamica e com um leque de oportunidades muito atrativo, mas nao sei se esse e bem o meu caso. Her oeuvre is primarily pointillist inspired, using an assortment of styles and black ink pens.
Andrea emerged on the scene a year after her mother’s passing, with a calendar dedicated to her.
It was only relatively recently that I gave myself that freedom to shift my work beyond the size of a coaster to, say, the size of a page.

I want to create more opportunities to show people the benefits of creating as much as I want to learn them myself. It just starts as a blank canvas. Sometimes I have a feeling or a memory, but then it grows into something all on its own.
I have a huge Rubbermaid container full of journals, probably going back as far as grade 7.
We can blame our situation or our community, whatever we want. But really it’s about showing up.
Labour of Love in Cabbage Town also sells my Feel Good Collection, small original pieces of art. Despite his successful career, Gavin Worth soon realized that Shakespeare was not his real passion.
Whilst working with stencils, he eventually decided to further explore the potential of his creations: ''I was cutting stencils for a painting one day when I realized that sometimes the stencil itself is as interesting as the painting you can make with it.
You can see where he has been influenced by greats in the field like John Berkey and Syd Mead. He also worked as an assistant for Al Capp on L’il Abner, Dan Barry on Flash Gordon and Will Elder on Little Annie Fanny for Playboy. His use of line weight, judicious additions of texture and masterful spotting of blacks give the drawings weight and force without detracting from their manic freedom.
It is unfortunately out of print, but you may be able to find it used through Amazon or other book search services. There, like many American painters of the time, he was exposed to the creative explosion of avant-garde European art. Mas meu pintor favorito e o Romero Britto, eu amo o jeito com que ele usa as cores e as formas, acho muito lindo! Our shared, childhood summers surrounded by the forests and waters of Georgian Bay have inspired both of us as we’ve grown older. With the exception of her large-scale gallery pieces, Andrea’s canvases are predominately various kinds of recycled paper from larger art pieces and other collections of fine art drawing paper, each embossed with her signature ink stamp of authenticity.
This calendar was able to raise $5800 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, launching Andrea’s work and her art community, PomonaLIFE, into the public domain. Traveling in this lifetime for ourselves but being connected to so many, it’s only when we lose someone so important that we put the duration of life into perspective. I envision creating workshops and retreats for people to be given space to cultivate what their art is and how they can foster it for both personal and professional purposes.
It’s about drawing a line or placing a dot, and figuring out where the next one goes without thinking about it.
It’s enjoying the time and enjoying the mind that I detach from. And a feeling of accomplishment, too. This summer I’ll also be doing three different shows with the Toronto Art Crawl: June 13th (Liberty Village), July 10th and August 14th (Entertainment District). He confesses that he had always felt a great fascination for drawing, painting and sculpture since he first saw Michelangelo's 'Head of Leda' in a book in the library.
Unlike most of his compatriots, he did not become enamored of the techniques of the French Impressionists, but took his inspiration from the graceful elegance of Art Nouveau (see my post on Alphonse Mucha) and the sublime tonalism of Whistler. For Andrea, it’s her love of trees that has become the subject of her meticulous and passionate drawings. It was in that space of letting go that I felt the need for this process of dotting and stroking. My mother was the vessel for my growth and she gave me stability, strength and encouragement.
It’s about knowing how to use social media and the platforms that are out there, as well as finding time to not get lost in the all the noise. Ultimately the book seeks to demonstrate how I found my artistic expression and how others can find or cultivate their own. Nevertheless, it was not until he visited an Alexander Calder exhibit at the SFMOMA that he became particularly interested in wire sculptures. His eye catching paper cut works are a continuation of his wire sculptures since in both cases Worth is trying to define shape by using simple materials. Furthermore, the background of his creations, a simple coloured paper or just a wall, is there to intensify the power of his minimal figures. Jayson's paintings are represented by galleries worldwide and held in numerous private collections, most notably in London, New York, Hong Kong and most recently Moscow.

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