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Watercolor Christmas Wreaths Watermark, Holidays Christmas Background, wallpaper or texture for Blogger, Wordpress, or any phone, desktop or blog. You may not alter the image, sell it, use it for commercial purposes (including redistributing it on similar sites) or claim any copyright.
Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile. Star Watermark is a free software which is used to watermark images, Pictures, and Graphics.
Watermarking is a technique in which you place a visible image, logo, or text on your documents. Add new watermark template: A watermark template is a sample text watermark which you creates for your images. You can also see various other options in the Edit Watermark Template window, but you can’t use them all in this free version. Add Files: Once you have created a desired watermark, you can add files on which you want to place this watermark. You can remove any file from the list by selecting the particular file and pressing the “Remove Item” button.
Output preview: This option shows how your image will look after adding the desired watermark.

Processing: This option will create a final output of your image by placing the selected watermark on it.
Preferences: Star watermark saves all the output files in the same folder where the original images were kept. If you want to remove watermarks from images, you can view our reviews on Pixlr which allows to remove watermarks from digital images. Realtime Output Preview: You can view the effect of each single change that you make to your template while editing it in the “Edit Watermark Template” window. Star Watermark is an amazing software to bulk watermark images and keep them safe from an unauthorized use. Compliant with NEW Medicaid tamper resistant requirements mandatory for providers writing Medicaid reimbursed prescriptions after October 1, 2008! Placing a watermark on a document identifies it as your own work and discourages its unauthorized use. When you watermark an image and put it on your website, you discourage people from copying them. It comes in three different versions: Free version, professional version, and Ultimate version. For more options like adding image watermarks, 3D text, transparency, shadow, rotate, or gradients you’ll need to purchase a professional or ultimate version.

The preview shows some of those settings also which are not available in the free version (like setting transparency, image watermark, etc.), but the final processing of the image will create an output with the limited settings only. The right side of the window consists of a background image on which the changes made in the watermark are displayed in real time.
If you create watermarks on your documents you actually tell other people that these documents belong to you and should not be used as their own. Although you can’t prevent them from an unauthorized use but placing a watermark makes it more difficult for other people to claim your work as their own.
You can change the text size, text font, text color, text position, draw text edges, and cover your image with the watermark text. Professional version lets you add image watermarks, and the ultimate version offers to add 3D text watermarks to your images.

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