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Computer Doctors is a professional graphic design company with a long standing reputation for providing outstanding results. Computer Doctors creates brand communications that engage your audience, at every touch point, for the growth and success of your business. Web, print, interactive and event communications each have a unique way of connecting with your audience. We help clients build new brands from the ground up, transform brands with mistaken identities, or revitalize brands that have lost their sizzle. Our work may involve something as simple as a holiday e-card, or a multi-faceted marketing communications program that develops with the client’s needs over months or years. But what if you already have your own hosting, that to is no problem we will work with whatever you choose. Many businesses come to us with domains that have been registered in the name of a previous designer which can make things difficult to retrieve and move on. No more forking out for an annual management fee when nothing ever goes wrong with the domain or hosting. Websites come in various different forms, from those created using ready-made templates to super complex content managed and e-commerce websites that have so many features and functions.
On the other hand, we often find websites owned by small businesses or individuals that not only look wonderful, but also easy to use, can provide everything the visitor wants, and highly functional without any technical problems. So what makes a web design good enough and what it takes for us to come up with a good website design? Even though each website will have different components from one another, some main components usually remain the same in most websites. Menu – Often referred to as navigation is an extremely important component of a website.
Content – Getting visitors to your website is one thing, but making them stay and keep coming back is a whole different matter.
Internet users appreciate websites that are easy to use, not everyone has time to learn how to use website features. The importance of quick and easy interaction also make the loading time of a website becomes a vital factor. Not only the design of the whole page should look interesting, but it’s also important to have something that can grab the attention of your visitors in the first few seconds even before the website loads completely. This is a necessary thing to discuss when talking about web design nowadays, because flash web design has become a huge trend these days.
Another downside about Flash websites is they fact that they are not good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Flash animation is actually smaller as compared with gif animation, but since it produces much better animation, a lot of people tend to overdo it, and the result is they have too heavy flash animations that slow down loading time. A lot of research have been done to find out about the habit of internet users when browsing the internet and visit a website such as which part of a website that their eyes concentrate the most, what will they click on first, how they navigate, and many more. Our services combine the disciplines of brand strategy, ideation, design and technology into a unified effort.
What sets us apart is our expertise at developing brand strategies and communications that skillfully leverage every appropriate media channel. However, a good website design doesn’t depend on its complexity or the number of functions it has. The way it looks, the placement, and most importantly its functions could be a determining factor for the visitors to stay on your website or leave and never come back.
This is a factor that often referred to as stickiness, and website content is playing a very important role in this matter. So make sure whatever features you decide to put on your website are easy to use, especially main features like navigation.
Even though you have an awesome looking website if it takes forever to load all will be useless, because not a lot of people are willing to wait more than 4-8 seconds for a website to load, this will cause you lose a lot of traffic and potential customers. This could be the key element that will make your visitors willing to spend time on your website. Flash website are created with one main file in a web page which contains graphical text that is not accessible by search engines. Flash animation and high resolution videos are great for a website because they can improve its appearance. A lot of such information can be found online and these would be valuable info during a web designing project. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Let us look a little bit closer at your designer needs - today we are offering you a freebie that will become of a great use for you - free design company template.Not long ago we have told you about the main aspects and standards of HTML5, a new markup language for the web, and now it is high time to show it with examples.
We foster communication through smart, strategic design services that elevate our clients and exceed their goals. Every brochure, banner ad, website and Flash becomes an integrated part of your total brand communications program across all media. We can help you bring digital thinking to the core of your brand communications strategy at a pace that fits your marketing objectives. A lot of websites owned by big companies that have million dollars assets look so unprofessional and seem to be designed so badly.

With a good setup for menu, your visitors can easily navigate around your website to find whatever it is they’re looking for. Ideally visitors should be able to understand how to use your website functions in just a few seconds. They look fantastic but unfortunately most websites that have such high end features are extremely slow to load. But you should do it moderately in a way that these features will not make the website too heavy so it loads slowly and will not affect its effectiveness in search engine optimization. We hope that this template will have a swift and powerful response and will be used for your online projects that deal with web design. Computer Doctors always strives for the best representation of our customers’ most sophisticated ideas, trying to achieve every goal in the most creative and presentable way.
Some others have amazing look but not user friendly and having too much unnecessary components that make these websites take too much time to load. A confusing menu will make the visitors feel uncomfortable and don’t want to stay very long.
Not only you have to make your content interesting and informative for the visitors, but these contents also have to go hand in hand with the web design.
A website that is too difficult to use will make visitors feel uncomfortable and leave immediately to look for the same service or products elsewhere. Sometimes you will see a progress bar like when you download something that tells you when the website will finish loading, mostly it takes 3-5 minutes and sometimes even more. The good use of Flash in a website could be for online questionnaire, banner logos or advertisements, business presentations and interactive forms. By knowing how they use a website, what are the things they pay attention to in a website, what they’re looking for in the first few seconds, which elements they will likely click on the first time, you can provide an extremely user friendly website design that can be appreciated by most internet users.
Website design, Logo Design, and Web development are supplemented with a range of other services, including expression of your corporate identity on Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes, T-shirts, Billboards, Street Banners, Signs, and Print Media.
Creation of your corporate identity is one of the highly professional services of our graphic design team, which offers several packages to choose from.
Let Computer Doctors help you achieve the highest possible results for developing a corporate brand.

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