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Philipp's full-length oil painting shows Weston holding his medals and standing behind a chair on which is placed a Welsh Guards beret, symbolic of those lost in the bombing of Sir Galahad. He underwent more than 70 operations to reconstruct his face, and has gone on to raise millions of pounds for charity - in particular supporting people living with disfigurement. The leader of the Afghan Taliban, Mullah Akhtar Mansour is likely to have been killed in a US air strike on the Afghan-Pakistani border, officials say. During World War II, he worked in an aircraft plant, as a cameraman at Twentieth Century-Fox, and eventually volunteered for the armed forces. After Brett Weston was discharged he spent some time photographing from Florida to Maine for a Guggenheim grant he received.
For more information on Brett Weston, see Brett Weston: A Personal Selection with an introduction by Dody W. Next month Fiona Bruce will front a BBC documentary which follows the painting of the portrait, and Weston's life. He was later made an OBE.Philipps, who was selected jointly by the gallery and the BBC, was previously commissioned by the NPG to paint Prince William and Prince Harry in 2009.
By 1923 Edward and Flora's marriage was ending and Edward went to Mexico with his eldest son Chandler.

Brett Weston decided it was time to leave and he set out on his own with his equipment, fifty dollars and a car.
By pulling a few strings he was assigned to the Signal Corps in New York where one of his commanders, Arthur Rothstein, gave him some time to photograph in the city. In 1947 he and his brother Cole sold their houses and bought a small ranch together in Carmel, California. Thompson, or Brett Weston Photographs From Five Decades, an Aperture Monograph with a profile by R. Brett Weston was devastated by his father's departure and over the next two years he got into trouble at school. He shot with his 8 x 10 view camera and the resulting portfolio, "New York", was issued in 1951. Brett Weston continued to do portrait work and some of his photographs were published in magazines.
During the early years of the Great Depression he made a meager living as a portrait photographer.
While on the ship, Edward taught Brett Weston how to use his camera and to Edward's surprise, Brett Weston learned photography quickly and easily.

Within a few months Edward stated that Brett Weston was "doing better work at fourteen than I did at thirty".
In 1955, Brett Weston stopped making his own photographs and moved into Edward's home to work non-stop.
In 1960 he traveled throughout Europe and returned to the States to work on his European Portfolio. In 1929 twenty of Brett Weston's prints were accepted in the "Film und Foto" exhibition in Stuttgart. In the years that followed, Brett Weston returned to Europe several more times and made two excursions to Japan. Among world famous architects, avant-garde film makers and photographers such as Berenice Abbott, Imogen Cunningham and Man Ray, the show brought Brett Weston international recognition.
In 1975, the University of New Mexico exhibited his work in honor of his fiftieth year in photography.

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