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Part of the strength of the lion as a symbol is undoubtedly a result of many sightings of lions in the Judeo-Christian scriptures. Judeo-Christian symbolism of the lion on the ancient traditions of the Middle East, from the Assyrian, Egyptian and Mesopotamian traditions. Lions play many roles in our symbols, markers for the right to overcome the biggest challenge men.
Lions are a lot of things because of the long history they have shared with the people, while the two species in Africa have been developed, it is not surprising that the lion’s path is deeply embedded in human psyche.
The Lions are one of the main predators of Africa, and until recently she has regularly fall victim to people. Lions is reconnected to their role as agents for the monarchy, the House of David, where Christ is said to attract sex.

Lions of stone temples and palaces were decorated to look at myths and legends and the stories were central figures of the size. Her long life of our ancestors in the depths of history means that we are almost tempted to look with awe and fear, despite their precarious present as an endangered species. The Lions have enough influence that their picture a meaning far beyond even their natural habitat, with leading positions in the cultures of the lion symbolic of Africa to China, Japan and Europe. This, combined with their size and cunning, she made symbols of power for almost any culture, it has taken or stories about them. Lion tattoos are ways for people to get the properties they share with the lions symbolize the strength and power of wisdom and altruism.
In Africa, the lion has laid out a symbol of kingship and authority, a trend in Europe during the Middle Ages, where they were heraldic symbols of kings and emperors used to be.

Christ makes the difference between the lion and the lamb as a symbol of the new era beginning with the birth. Lions also in the names of several European royal families, Richard the Lionheart in the history of Robin Hood is a good example. The long tradition of gladiatorial combat with lions against Christians is another potent source of symbolism for tattoos lions. And the lion is a key member of the zodiac is under the guise of Leo wears a rich body of astrological symbolism of the king of beasts.

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