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You feel like it, you like football, have a recent picture posted (no sunglasses covering the eyes guys, they are the windows to the soul after all), and love to live life and have lots of fun!
It’s an in-depth anthropological study into the juggalo sub-culture with a focus on their mating rituals. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Also, if your a cute, cuddly, kind, but kind of crazy Juggalette then I’d definetly like to hear from you.

It's, like, really interesting [to be] in a relationship with someone who is truly my best friend. Often I’ll either say or do something that makes perfect sence to me, but will often provoke raised eyebrows.
I like scary stuff even if it scares the crap out of me [currently my nightmares consist of zombies.] ~~~I was just about to put something on here, but figured against it. Hot Topic would be a kickass store if it wasn’t so damn shady and had clothes that mainly fit raver chicks.

At concerts I’m constantly the guy who launches people up and over so they can go crowd surfing.

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