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Here we provide manually picked best quality and widescreen Desktop Backgrounds and HD Wallpapers. This does not answer your question, but it may be viewed as an endorsement for High Standard nevertheless. I've bought three from the same gun shop in the last 4 years; still have 2, a standard K1200 and a Deluxe K1200 (the difference is the Deluxe has rifle style sights).
I bought a Winchester 1300 Defender 12 guage pump with pistol grip handle and a folding stock.

Mine's blued, but with rifle sights and beautiful black walnut stock and foregrip,I could not pass it up. Shown here, with some of my other shotguns, 2nd and 3rd from the top, are the High Standards.
I have the folding stock because my house has a lot of doors and two stairways and is easy to swing. In NH your home is still your castle and you are still allowed to defend your family in the case of intruders.

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