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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. There are many popular religious icons used in body art designs today however the universally recognized symbol of the cross, in any of its many forms, is perhaps the most favored by both men and women. There are also a variety of different ways that cross tattoos for women can be made more elaborate simply by adorning them with additional images to make the design more aesthetically pleasing as well as more unique to the individual. As well as the more traditional cross designs associated with Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church there are also some designs that are more spiritual in nature and this concept seems to appeal to many women in our modern world.
When it comes to more spiritually-themed cross tattoos for women, my personal favorite is the ancient Egyptian ankh symbol, which is perhaps one of this civilization’s most universally recognized hieroglyphics. Medium sized matching crosses tatted on the back of each ankle and leg that have lots of decorations. Twin crosses are not common but look great when tatted in areas like each leg or each wrist. Crosses are symbols of the Christian religion and can be drawn very plain or with great attention to detail like these ones. When it comes to Cross Tattoos For Women, the design options range from minimalistic, with a play of straight lines, to heavily patterned designs. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Name Tattoo Ideas, Anchor Tattoos, Old People With Tattoos and Shark Tattoos. Inked to meet in a cross pendant on the foot, the delicate chains design has a graceful feel.
Sharp angular lines tell a story about swords and warriorship, in this richly shaded monochromatic cross tattoo. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.

Whether you’re wanting to get a Chinese symbol on the back of your neck, which is so popular amongst the female population, which can easily be added to. These are often used by the individual to reflect their faith or religious beliefs, however there are now many contemporary designs of this kind which are just as popular for their spiritual and aesthetic properties.
Popular ways of doing so include the addition of floral images such as the rose or lily, although any flower that appeals to the individual would suffice and ribbons, bows and banners are also widely requested for this type of design.
These include the highly favored Celtic cross which differs from the Christian variety in that it has a circle or ring shape at its intersection which is deemed from a religious point of view to be a symbol of eternity that reflects the endlessness of God’s love as shown by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. This symbolizes life and fertility and also predates the crucifix or Latin cross but differs in physical appearance in that the top vertical part is depicted as a loop instead of a straight line.
Tatting the design of a cross that was in your church growing up or from another time in your life are cool ways to show your faith. If you’re a female and you’re looking for a way to hide your tattoo then you’ll want to consider the back of your neck.
You can start with one on the back of your neck and easily go down your spine with more and more, or even change it up and mix in any other design below it. In this regard, cross tattoos for women in recent times have become much more convoluted in comparison to some of the more simplistic versions like the basic Latin cross of days gone by. These are frequently used as memorial designs where the wearer wishes to pay homage to a departed loved one by honoring them in their body art design and this may include the initials, names or dates of significance. However others believe that the cross on top of the circle represents Christ’s supremacy over the pagan sun which stems from the legend of St Patrick who was deemed to have combined this ancient solar, with the Latin cross. The Ankh is ideal for those who want a small tattoo for placement on a smaller surface of skin like the hand, wrist or ankle and can be inked in a single dark ink color such as black, indigo or gray as well as in more feminine shades such as pink, purple or red.
The crosses have a lot of decoration on the outer areas of the cross with designs in the center as well.

While a Cross is simply one straight line crossing another, the look can be enriched with interesting variations.
It’s easy to cover with your hair, a scarf or it’s easy to show off if that’s what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re in a band and want a way to display your love for music, you can easily get a bass clef or any other music note, or even your favorite bands logo. While there are still some who opt for small austere images for placement on areas like the hand or wrist to express their resolute devotion to their religion.
This was supposed to give potential Pagan converts an idea of the significance of the cross by giving it connotations of the life-providing properties of the sun and this has become one of the most popular body art symbols used in the modern world of tattooing. The options are limitless and you’ll love having something that means so much to you in a spot that is easily displayed and later on knowing you can add to it is even better! If you’re a male and wanting a way to display your design, you will also want to consider the back of the neck because it’s one of the easiest places to be displayed. The best thing about the back of the neck tattoos is that there isn’t one design that goes better than the other. The space is limited so you obviously can’t have a huge design on the back of your neck, you’ll need something small and sometimes the smaller the design, the better. Pencil sketch like shading, bright and colorful shades, and simple outlines, are some popular artistic styles used to depict tattoos.
For women, the Cross often becomes a pendant in an anklet design that makes the tattoo a permanent foot ornament.

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