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If you have a PDF file that uses barcodes, you can use PDF Barcode Font Extractor to extract the barcode font and reuse the font to create new PDF files. Download the package of PDF Barcode Font Extractor, and then extract it to any place in your disk, and then you can use the program. In the command line, pdffont is the name of the executable program, barcode.pdf is the input PDF that has used a barcode font, and font_dir is the specified folder to save the extracted font file. After running the commands, the barcode font used in the PDF will be saved in the directory font_dir in format of, in this occasion, TTF.
As shown in Figure 4, you can see that now the Microsoft Word application can use the font.

Before using the extracted font, make sure that you have observed the license agreement of the font.
Create PDF, annotate PDF, fill PDF forms, edit PDF contents and hyperlinks, and convert PDF to image. Numbers and characters can be encoded to barcodes and then reader by a barcode reader quickly. PDF Barcode Font Extractor is a command line program designed to extract embedded fonts of PDF. This article will show you how to extract the barcode in the PDF file and the use the font to create new PDF file.

You can copy the font file to your Windows font folder, and then use the font in other applications in your system.
This avoids the operation of inputting the numbers or characters by hand which is time costing and easy to make mistake.

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