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We all love tattoos, but coming up with a more creative tattoo idea can be more overwhelming than anyone should expect. These tattoos are normally done in solid black colours with curves that meet in complex patterns or end in points. The oriental dragon is a mythical creature that can be used to represent power, wisdom and good will.
Whether you decide to go for the enormous tattoos or the small ones, the creativity aspect of such tattoos is what defines a beautiful tattoo.

The idea itself is a perfect turn on for girls who understand it, and can be tattooed on anyone with big muscles. For instance, they may be used to show ranks, achievements or status among an array of other life meanings. It’s a tattoo that can be recommended for anyone that wants to portray the fierceness of a dragon and at the same time remain to be creative at it. You can choose to have it on either the chest, fore-arm or the upper arm and you’re set to go.

You can get a dragon tattoo that has the dragon’s head resting on the upper-left chest and the rest of the body resting on the shoulder before flowing down the arm.

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