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ONEQ updates with some stunning new hyper stylized pinup images drawing inspiration from Japanese prints and tattoo culture. McBess has updated with some new work to his fantastic portfolio and added a little tweak to his wholly unique and totally recognizable style. Luke Jinks’s illustrations draw influence from folklore, tales from the past, and traditional western tattoo culture.
I have thought about getting a tattoo since I was in my teens and have never been able to commit.
The results of Mike Giant’s recent show at White Walls SF can currently be seen at the White Walls website.
A lot of the work is still available for purchase as well and if you are a collector you can’t miss. French Christian Audigier is not simply a great and talented fashion designer, but also a clever enterpreneur.
In fact, he started his career designing for several renowned brands, such as Lee, Liberto, Kookai, Von Dutch, Naf Naf and founded, then, his own brand: Ed Hardy. As the brand name itself suggests, American tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy and his fantastic designs have obviously played an important role in the creation of this growing fashion label. Christian Audigier teamed up with Don Ed Hardy, being one of his biggest fans, and officially launched Ed Hardy Swimwear in 2004, working hard to promote it and advertise it, in order to show his original creations to the whole world.

To be precise, Ed Hardy offers a wide range of products, including trendy trousers, incredible t-shirts, cool sweatshirts, colourful flip flops, beach towels, amazing bags, caps and, obviously, swimsuits. There are various styles of swimsuits available, featuring bold colours, oriental designs and signature logos along with laces, straps, rings and other accessories to give every single piece an original and fresh look. Among the many patterns selected by Christian Audigier, flowers and dragons are sure to be the “distinctive feature” of this brand, giving every line a touch of freshness, fun, joy, rebelliousness and beauty.
Don Ed Hardy fell in love with master Horihinde’s style and reinvented it, combining oriental designs and American technique.
Today, we can find these “works of art” printed all over Christian Audigier’s collections, which are sure to leave a great impact on those people who love to be sexy and stylish, without losing their uniqueness. By choosing Ed Hardy Swimwear, you will find the most exclusive designs, shapes and swimsuits made with high quality materials, to make you feel comfortable and stylish in your beach and poolside wear. That tweak arrives in the form of color and it’s something he swears he hates and will never do again but I kinda like it. Amanda Wachob has me thinking differently and reconsidering what is even possible with a tattoo. I was absolutely blown away, especially when you consider that all of the work is sharpie, pen and ink.
If you can afford an expensive art purchase in this economy please help support this artist because his work is top notch.

Every piece of clothing presents the same tattoo designs which have made Don Ed Hardy one of the most famous tattoo artists in America.
In 1973, in fact, this creative and visionary artist travelled all the way to Japan, in order to study tattooing with Horihinde, a gifted tattoo master, renowned for his traditional Japanese designs.
Part of the exhibition consisted of a series of laser-cut etchings on stacks of 1 dollar bills. I have been working with vector art for more than a decade now and to see someone bang out something that looks like a vector by hand is pretty amazing. He disable the safety mechanism in the machine with a die and a magnet in order to get it to perform the job. It looks like it would hurt like hell but you can already imagine the implications and the ideas other people would get as to what they could have burned into them. The fact that Giant signs his work with a thumb print makes the pieces even more indescribably awesome.

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