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Due to the good-sized canvas offered by the stomach, it has turned into a very popular spot for body art.
Another reason for its appeal is because tattoos on stomach can be shown or hidden whenever you like. Typically, the most popular tattoo layout for guys tends to be dragon tats, which cover up the majority of the stomach. Zodiac tattoo designs can be a different tattoo variations for ladies, and generally are placed just over the pelvic area. Although it is growing popular, finding a design for beautiful feminine stomach tattoos can be difficult.
The art of tattoo making and the practice of tattoo wearing have been in existence since ages and were a part and parcel of almost all civilizations across the world. This woman with flowers in her hair and wide toothy smile carved below the outlaw lettering looks cool. The three skeletons and the outlaw lettering on the forearm makes for a creepy and cool design.
This one presents an amazing look with the white blue flames forming the lettering outlaw on the ribs. Full sleeve outlaw tattoo with bright, colorful roses, flames and pistol arouses curiosity. Tattoo carved on the hand showing a skeletal boy carrying a stone in his hands with an irritated look creates amusement.

This one is a fantastic outlaw design with a pistol running through the skull indicating the risk outlaws always carry on their heads. Year when the tattoo was carved along with stars looks cool and covers almost the of stomach. Carved in big, black capital letters on the stomach, the tattoo screaming outlaw, looks dark but attractive. One of the members of the famous rock band, Black Veil Brides, known for their distinct, outlandish appearance.
Uneasy lies the head that wears the criminal crown, this is the message of this back tattoo.
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With a good planning in searching, you can save a lot of time to have a stunning stomach tattoo.
That small tattoo that you have around your stomach may suddenly start to look like an ever nearing planet as it grows.

It is a known fact that many parents frown when their wards want to get a tattoo and at times, there are tussles also involved. When a lady approaches you with one of the stomach tattoos really does draw your attention. As you decided to place the tattoo on the stomach, the next step is thinking about the size and then the design.
The negative or badass effect of the tattoos is on display when images showing criminals or pistols or skulls or blood are carved as tattoo designs. If you have a huge stomach and thinking of getting a stomach tattoo, we will advise you to shed off some weight before inking.
Many females nowadays choose stomach tattoos which do look very stunning if the design is right for her. Lastly, ask the tattooist for any special instructions for stomach tattoos before you have one.

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