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In a classic Yin Yang tattoo design the black and white elements shape into a perfectly balanced circle that symbolizes the circle of life.
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The tiger and dragon motifs look well-matched as they face each other across this elegant Yin Yang back tattoo. A mysterious blue shades one half of this colorful Yin Yang tattoo while the red fire pattern and a sword like shape with a loop makes up the rest of the design.
Serpent like shapes find their place inside this elegant Yin Yang tattoo with graceful arches and curves.
An intricately inked dragon in shades of green wraps around this awesome Yin Yang pattern tattoo. Fire and water are perfectly balanced elements that play as opposites as this fantastic Yin Yang design shows. Styled with spiky patterns and a wing formation this Yin Yang pattern is a great leg tattoo design.
A Yin Yang pattern forms the centerpiece for this intricate tattoo with a ten-pointed star and a curvy flower motif completing the design.
With wings of fire and water extending on both sides this Yin Yang design highlights the neat play of opposite forces. A five point star inked in realistic shades holds a Yin Yang pattern as a symbol of fortune on this man’s chest.

Alternating spikes in blue and green form a cheery sun like pattern around this elegant Yin Yang tattoo. The Yin Yang design is an ideal background for a pair of names making it a great design for lovers’ tattoos. Fresh and styled with cracks this Yin Yang design with 3D hole patterns seems to be inspired by modern life. A colorful wave fills out one side of this Yin Yang tattoo with an inspiring phrase decorating the sides. Ying and Yang are opposed and balanced forces much like this design that balances fire and water motifs in a single tattoo.
Styled with metallic spikes and brilliant blue and red this seems to be a rocker’s version of a Yin Yang tattoo. The full form of an open lotus surrounds this beautiful Yin Yang tattoo as a symbol of peace and enlightenment. With a fence like pattern on both sides this Yin Yang tattoo is designed with a green armor like pattern. Graceful curves forming a perfect circle with balanced elements of black and white is a key feature of a classic Yin Yang tattoo. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Many tattoos play with variations on this basic design adding more meaning and significance.

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Drawing on the philosophical traditions of ancient China Yin Yang highlights a perfect balance of opposite forces. You can see tattoo designs that combine the Yin Yang motif with animal figures, or use contrasting colors like red and blue to create a colorful design.
Just like fire and water the Yin and Yang elements are balanced in our bodies in a beautiful harmony.
You can see designs which highlight the opposing natural forces of fire and water in the shape of wings on either side of the classic Yin Yang motif. As an expression of love the Yin Yang design works great to hold the names of the two partners.
Yin Yang patterns are often combined with traditional symbols of peace such as a full lotus or a five-pointed star for a rich effect.

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