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This week I received a copy of Homeward Bound: The Life and Times of Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry and devoured it instantly. For 25 years, Paris Pierides has been exploring tattoo art in its many genres, first in Cyprus and now in Charlotte, North Carolina. I'm taking the day off for my birthday today in an effort to recover from yesterday's party -- a party that was supposed to be a simple Sunday afternoon gathering with bagels and bloody marys but morphed into a tattoo sweatshop where I worked tirelessly on dolphin tramps stamps, collar rockers, and knux [in between doing choreographed moves to Beyonce favorites].
For my Columbus, Ohio homies: On March 5th, Cap City Tattoo will present Revolutionary Revelations by resident artist Andy Johnson.
The show will run from March 5th to March 31st at Cap City Tattoo, 61 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH (Old Towne East).
Was your interest in tattoo sparked during your graduate work at Univeristy of Alaska Fairbanks or beforehand?
After undergrad, I chased my (then) girlfriend to San Francisco in 1995 where I landed my first salaried job at Campbell-Thiebaud Gallery that was operated by Paul L.
I left San Fran in January 1996 to pursue graduate work in Fairbanks, Alaska, and as I was walking across campus during the second week, I met an Inuit woman with tattoos on her chin. The main thing that motivates me is that these traditions are vanishing around the world before being accurately recorded. For an inside look into Troy Denning's Invisible NYC tattoo studio & art gallery, check this video above directed by Kellen Dengler for the Singularities project.
Because I love all of y'all, here's my tattoo Valentine (courtesy of Russia's Yota network). In honor of Black History Month (sadly, the shortest month of the year), we're featuring this backpiece of Huey P. Much of today's contemporary and fine art isn't too disparate from that which tattoo artists are creating on skin. I've found another must-have for my tattoo library: "Tattoo Artist, A Collection of Narratives" by tattoo and fine artist Jill "Horiyuki" Mandelbaum. For my typography geeks, PC World magazine recently reviewed a new font by designer Daniel Gauthier called "Tattoo Lettering," which can be downloaded for free here (for personal use). It seemed like all of Philadelphia was at the Sheraton City Center Hotel for the annual tattoo convention this past weekend. We're off to the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, which starts today and runs through Sunday. For the latest issue of Skin & Ink, I interviewed Elson Yeo of thINK Tattoo in Singapore, and we discussed his particular talent of working with scar tissue--a somewhat controversial topic in the industry as many artists won't work with significantly damaged skin.
Zapata Tattoo 33336, browse, share and rate a wide selection of high quality pictures and wallpapers, Size: 109568 bytes. This limited edition hardcover is 128 pages filled with rare photos of the tattoo legend and his work, as well as images of turn-of-the-century newspaper clippings, vintage flash sheets, circus sideshow promos, snapshots of WWII sailors on shore leave and "hula girls," and so much more. Disasters like these remind us to be grateful for the love and beauty in our lives.To focus on the positive, we're posting this video above of Tim Hunt of Pacific Tattoo in Paekakariki (a small beach town about half an hour's drive out of Wellington). Viewing Tim's portfolio online, you'll see influences from different Polynesian tattooing, melded in a way that is unique and does not copy ancestral tattooing like Ta Moko.The video, by Livlin Productions, not only shows Tim's tattooing but some beautiful shots of Paekakariki -- images that stand in sharp contrast to the devastating photos in the news now. Beyond his extensive portfolio and numerous accolades throughout these years, what's a particularly interesting achievement is his award of an EB1 visa for "extraordinary outstanding artistic achievement," which provides artists a way of obtaining permanent residency in the US.
At the opening, Andy will be showing nine tattoo portraits of revolutionary figures in the flesh and in photos. It didn't hurt that my parents had a Nat Geo collection with every issue dating back to the early 50s (which I still have), and I took that love of archaeology and anthropology to college. I was hooked at that point, wanted to know more, and that's when I became obsessed with documenting tribal tattoos. Singularities is an initiative by menswear line 3sixteen to highlight creative people in various industries (and subtly help promote their jeans). Newton, founder of the Afro-American Association and co-founder the Black Panther Party, tattooed on hip hop artist Freddie Gibbs by LA's Jun Cha. The 248-page softcover, released by State of Grace Publishing, is an interview book with thirteen different artists and includes hundreds of photos.

As for lettering options on skin, I'd recommend sketchbooks like BJ Bett's Lettering guides.
Driving over, we saw massive billboards on the highway as we entered the city as well as bus stop ads on numerous street corners; we even heard promos on repeat over the car radio.
In our talk, Elson explains how he approaches scars artistically and technically: Scar tissue is always unpredictable. It is quite rightfully described as using "the life of Sailor Jerry as the conduit to deliver a visual ethnography of American tattooing."Beyond the images, what makes this book noteworthy are the essays on his Sailor Jerry's life and the historical information on tattooing in America that precedes it.
Located on the North Island, the town was not hit by the quake; there are, however, plenty of those in the tattoo community in the South Island who have been affected. This award is quite rare for tattoo artists.Born in Choma, Zambia of Greek Cypriot heritage, Paris was sent to study in South Africa when the political situation in Zambia became unstable.
But considering other well lubricated festivities where needles were wielded towards what seemed like a brilliant idea at the time, I'm just thankful I awoke today, a year older, without any permanent regret -- just a little markered smudge. We've linked his articles numerous times, from research on ancient skin sewing rituals to his visiting the oldest tattoo studio in Greece.
I double majored in anthropology and art history at the University of Colorado at Boulder (1989-1993) and never looked back. Right around the corner was Don Ed Hardy's Tattoo City in North Beach so I used to peek in the window on my lunch breaks. We thought it was a perfect fit for tattoo artists and indie vendors who work conventions and find that their clients are low on cash.
Featuring a long-time tattooist with a successful shop and strong crew does indeed make a good story.
The reporter had gone to the DC Tattoo Expo last month and talked with some tattoo veterans including Tramp Welker, Chuck Eldridge, Mary Skiver, and Jack Rudy, among others.
I turned to Brian and said, "That's the way to pack a show." We didn't anticipate, however, just how packed it would be. Will come back with photos and hopefully some good stories that don't involve biker brawls.
Tons of fascinating facts and stats can be found right at the beginning, including bios on the first notable tattooers in the US, a glossary of sailor tattoos, and the general income of brothels that surrounded tattoo parlors in Hawaii where servicemen shipped off and returned home. There he attended art school and was awarded a scholarship to study at Parsons School Of Design in NYC.
We've applauded his documentary series for Discovery, Tattoo Hunter, which explores indigenous body modification practices worldwide. Also, my good ole buddy Tony Barton (Hell or High Water Tattoos, New Orleans) was starting to tattoo at that time, and this provided the initial awareness and interest in tattoos. Beautifully shot, the video zooms in on the tattoo process between clips of the artists discussing their views on the craft--without one word on the brand.
Nowadays, it's getting harder and harder to draw a distinction between fine art and the best of modern tattooing. The idea was to bring together a group of artists dedicated to celebrating tattooing as a tradition with respect and discipline. Like most major shows, there was a line to get in but this seemed to bottleneck, leading some to elbow their way to the front of the line.
Upon graduating Parsons, with a major in Illustration, Paris moved to Cyprus in 1986 where he worked as an illustrator and then began amateur tattooing.Paris credits veteran tattooist, Phil Bond, of Torquay, England for guiding him onto a professional career in tattooing. Doesn't this then make tattooed individuals the new cultural ambassadors of a truly new and distinctive 'modern art'? The book features Richard Stell, Oliver Peck, Jef Whitehead, Henning Jorgensen, Chris Trevino and Gary Cosmala to name a few. Throngs of people pushed up the escalators to the reach two floors of booths where over 200 artists and vendors were waiting for them.
The nickname and the stubborness stuck.As we noted in January, this year Sailor Jerry would've turned 100 years old.
The most interesting part of the Singularities project is that we're going to take submissions from anyone who is working on a project of their own; and we'll choose one to film with for a day, free of charge.

Tattoo Artist also contains a chapter about Pinky Yun, the legendary Hong Kong tattoo artist who brought his craft right here to San Jose. And there was more pushing through the aisles to get to tattoo appointments or just watch others get work. Over two decades later, in March 2010, Paris Tattoos made Charlotte its new home.While Paris works in a variety of styles, I remember his blackwork in the nineties -- heavily influenced by henna designs -- as inspiring my very own tattoos. The article discusses his 15+ years researching tribal tattoo traditions and rituals, a number of which he has experienced himself.
As we've mentioned before, the company is run by those in the body modification community and was started to help people stretch their ears safely and beautifully. Most art culture--whether it's hip-hop, art and design, or tattooing--has had its struggle to be accepted into the larger context of society.
Pinky really introduced the Western world to Oriental tattoo designs with the flash he created for Spaulding and Rogers.
The book is a companion to the Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry film written and directed by Eric Weiss, who is also the creative director and a contributor to the book.
And so I guess I should give him credit for my life today as a freakshow.See more of Paris's work here.
It focuses particularly on Lars's work in Borneo, as he was recently in Kuching to give a presentation at the Gathering of the Tribes 2011, a cultural expo that brought together international tattooists and tribal performers from across Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo). They sell plugs, tunnels and tapers in a variety of materials including organic wood, glass, bone, stainless steel, silicone and stone. The point is to help bring some well deserved recognition to an under-the-radar creative.Details on how to submit your own story are here.
He was also a close friend of Ed Hardy's and is cited in Hardy's Sailor Jerry Collins; American Tattoo Master as inspiring Sailor Jerry's pin-ups through their correspondences. It seemed that most artists, at least Saturday, were candidates for carpal tunnel syndrome with their non-stop needling. Other contributors are Jason Buhrmester, David Farber, Beth Bailey, & Nick Schonberger.
With Pinky's unfortunate passing this year it is an honor to have captured his legacy to share with the world. Tattoo Artist is available online at State of Grace for $75 including shipping, and for $60 at their San Jose studio. You couldn't miss Philadelphia Eddie when you walked into the main tattoo room -- always with a sharp suit and sharper tongue.
He was signing his book "Tattooing: The Life and Times of Crazy Philadelphia Eddie," which is filled with wild stories as expected.
Further down the aisle was Annette LaRue of Electric Ladyland Tattoo in New Orleans who promised me some good stories from her decades of tattooing for an upcoming interview.
And there were countless others I had a blast hanging out with in scarce quiet moments.Actually, "quiet" should never be used in the context of the Philly show.
A guy in a zombie Gumby costume paraded around taking pictures with aspiring "tattoo models." Plenty of preening throughout the hotel. But what you didn't see were biker fights of two years ago with a strict "No Colors" policy in effect.
It's great when not all tattoo stereotypes are represented.If any of this post sounds snotty, well, I quite literally caught a cold at the show and had to bail earlier than expected.
But these dysfunctional family reunions make me happy nonetheless and it was worth the trip.We only took a few photos of the show, posted here on Flickr, but Snakegirl Productions's Flickr pages have plenty of great shots.

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