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If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Treble Clef Tattoos, Infinity Symbol Tattoo, One Word Tattoos and Beautiful Tattoos. This tattoo shows two rats with their heads touching each other and joined again at their tails to form a heart shape. The couple has inked each other’s initials on their wrists to remind them of their ever-growing love. Two little red hearts inked on the palms speak a little story about the wonderful love this couple shares. A sweet red tattoo on the inner wrist says hide your love from the love and cherish it when you are alone. This tattoo is for the new love birds who are looking to take forward their love to new heights. Once bitten twice shy; this tattoo will remind her of the lessons learnt from her lost love. This tattoo talks about a person stranded between love and hate, and he or she continues to live in the confusion. This tattoo is for the ones who are totally in love with themselves and live life to the fullest. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.

This going to be my next tattoo but I'm not going to have the pink and purple outlining and its going to be on my stomach.
If you have found this webpage, you need to be aware regarding the fame of Zebra Print Tattoos. Zebra print tattoos could be pictures of the animal pattern on the canvas of your body or represented as the lovely design of the tattoo, say Zebra Print tattoos, zebra print ribbon tattoos, zebra print lily tattoo, etc. If we converse about the abstract implication of the zebra print tattoos, they indicate an assortment of emotions and traits.
Well, then this tattoo which has a red heart and music notes inked on the back is just perfect for you.
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In our time, it is all about making yourself distinctive and exceptional from others; in any and every ground.
No wonder tattoos have moved away from being mere fashion statements to something much more.
There’s also condition that zebra print spots spread over the back, and the entire mark seems quite sensual.
The creature residing on the mountain tops is not the king of the jungle, but has got its exceptional grand aura.

Even if you do not possess some particular aim or purpose, you may ink the pattern simply to appear edgy.
One tremendously hot and happening pattern is the zebra print tattoo that seems evidently discrete from other sorts of tattoo designs. The most common love tattoo is the one in which the name or initials of each other are inked on the arms or wrists. In that situation, you must not be astonished to see zebra print on neck, head, or ribs, where it seems tremendously outstanding. The best thing about having them is that they may be sported in distinct appearances with the spirit remaining far-reaching. Now, we will not enlighten you more with words, but through picture as we have collected an assortment of zebra print tattoos here.

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