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Hey guys I have not been posting here on the blog as often as I want because I have been really busy this past month. I was watching videos on YouTube when I stumbled upon a video by Jason Blaha of Ice Cream Fitness, he was ranting about fat acceptance and I agreed about most of what he was saying. On one video I watched you had this woman who was obese and she was a fitness instructor of some sort for other fat people, she made them do basic movements calling them exercise which apparently improved some of  the fat peoples mobility but did not necessarily help them lose weight.
I am not promoting skinniness, that is a topic for another post I am promoting health and fitness, I am saying accepting being fat is a step in the wrong direction. Usually people do the pistol squat by finding their balance on one leg and straightening the other leg in the air and then proceeding to squat in that position.
I like doing pistol squats in sets of 5 reps per leg, since its half the reps I usually do I do double the sets, so instead of 3 sets of pistol squats I would do 6 sets of 5 reps then I would move on to the next leg exercise. This post is a more in dept post on intermittent fast, to help anyone who does not know of intermittent fasting, I have written about intermittent fasting before in other blog posts and have shown and discussed my experiences using intermittent fasting. At the end of your day it is your personal choice whether you prefer to keep your hands protected or you prefer to use your bare hands. Do not compare yourself with others, some may get results faster than you but that doesn't matter because you are on your own journey and if you put in the effort and you are consistent you will get results.
I decided to make this short video of me talking about why I don't like doing cardio, I go as far as saying I hate cardio.
After watching this video I decided to watch other videos about fat acceptance, videos by people who support fat acceptance and those opposed to it. What these people failed to understand is that doing easy simple exercises where you hardly break a sweat will not help you lose weight, they were forgetting about the most important part, their nutrition plan and the calories they consume (calorie deficit for weight loss).

Do we want future generations to be fat and unhealthy and have to deal with the diseases related to obesity. There is nothing wrong with this method of doing the pistol squat but I like to focus on the squatting movement itself and the leg I am using to squat rather focusing on stretching the other leg and what position it is in (that just makes my life a little more difficult). One of the factors that influences grip strength is if you wear hand protection or support or not. At first what you don't see in muscle gain, you will see in strength gain, you will know if you are moving forward, you will know if you are improving. This does not mean cardio is bad, on the contrary there are a lot of benefits to different kinds of cardio, I have written about those benefits here on this blog before. I have to say I did not like what I saw, I had not realized that this fat acceptance thing had become an actual movement. So long as they continue to eat the same crap food it does not matter how much low intensity basic exercise they do. I am saying we should not accept being fat because being fat has an easy and a free solution unlike many other diseases (yep some view obesity as a disease) which are costly. How does one train legs if they don't have weights and they also don't have a gym membership? So when I do the pistol squat I do it on a  raised platform which helps me with my balance and also because I am not flexible I do not have to worry about straightening my other leg while I squat if I position myself correctly on the edge of a staircase or a raised platform. We know that our body can support more weight than our hands can handle so often our grip fails us. All I am saying is that there are different ways to achieve great results, I just happen to not like using cardio to get shredded, I prefer to manipulate my caloric intake and use intermittent fasting to get results.

Basically what I saw over and over again are these obese people who had convinced themselves that being fat is healthy, that nothing was wrong with them, that they were normal.
That exercise group or whatever you call it was nothing more than a support group for fat people in my opinion since the instructor herself was obese and clearly had no idea what she was doing. People with children who accept being fat are raising their kids with the same attitude, their children will probably also be fat because they picked up bad eating habits at home.
Well there are many leg exercises to do at home but today I am going to cover one of the more difficult home leg exercises which is the pistol squat also known as the one legged squat.
Plus my body-type (endo-meso) gives me a sort of advantage, in that unlike an endomorph I require little effort to lose weight but I also find it more difficult to get bigger. Normal is a relative term, and at this rate one could say being overweight is a norm nowadays, but that does not make it right or healthy.
What makes the one legged squat so good at working legs and the reason its difficult is because unlike the normal bodyweight squat, when you do the single legged squat you support your whole body and lower and raise it using only one leg which helps to build your legs better and faster than if you were to do an equal amount of normal bodyweight squats. Just because there are millions of fat people convincing each other that its okay to be fat, does not make it alright or healthy, its does not make being obese any less unhealthy.
As quoted in "A Treasury of Laughter: Consisting of Humerous Stories, Poems, Essays, Tall Tales, Jokes, Boners, Epigrams, Memorable Quips, and Devastating Crushers" (Simon and Schuster, 1946), p.

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