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The act of loving creates another reality for us in which we exist in perfect harmony with the one we love.
Faced by trials and hardships, and the weak nesses of the ones we love, the answer is to keep on loving. We are sometimes faced with a problem for which the only solution will bring disappointment or hurt to one of us. We often find that the most pleasant of times is marred when we bear a grudge against someone, or when there is friction between us. About Love Wishes Quotes They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and, well, it’s true.
LoveWishesQuotes is the source for the most inspirational love quotes and sayings, beautifully given to you on pictures you can send to your loved ones. In that love, the weakness is less apparent, and it is possible that the ones we love will rise to our expectations of them.
We know that our intentions and actions toward them are the best and we believe that is reciprocal. The consequences, however, are the kinds of things we allow to come into the lives of our children to teach them.
When we get beyond these things, when we work them out between us and arrive at forgiveness, we must let go of the situation.

We concentrate on the imperfections of the people with whom we share the event instead of the adventure or the pleasure of the time. At those times love grows stronger, more impervious to rumor and taller than the challenge it faces. Pictures and images can help create a beautiful visual expression of our thoughts when our words may fall short.
Here, we take positive, joyful, insightful and inspiring expressions of love and turn them into art.
Here, you can find many famous love quotes and unique inspirational quotes about relationships, love, romance and life, and we guarantee it’s the best way to show your love, find answers to your love quests and be inspired about living the hell out of life! We can ignore cruel remarks or unkind actions because we believe our loved one is above intentionally causing harm to us, and we build our highest hopes around him or her. Fear has to do with someone coming against us for our actions or words, but if we truly love, there will be nothing but positive response to our interactions.
We cannot judge one another because we are all imperfect and in “training.” Our reaction to the failings of others, then, should be the imitation of the love God shows for us. We don’t fall “out of love;” it simply becomes impossible to keep the pretense of love that is not sincere. They take criticism they may not deserve, absorb pain for wounds they should not have incurred and shield the one they love from loss.
When we love someone though, we find positives in times of darkness (or, as the old proverb says, silver linings in the clouds) and we can endure deprivation because we remember the joys of the event instead of the adversity.

A brother, or good friend, is defined by the ferocity of his defense of his friends in times of adversity.
There’s no better way to tell someone you love him or her than with a vibrant, picturesque expression of your love. We use the term “love” to mean sexual attraction or shallow acquaintance when what the Bible talks about is deep, abiding concern for one another in spite of circumstance.
True love for someone causes the person who loves to abhor anything that stains the image of the loved one. If we let the hurt resurface periodically, the sore will fester and healing it will become impossible. We hate drugs that tempt the addict, we despise gossip that pulls them in, we fight anything that would keep them from showing their best to the world because that is what we want others to see in them. We hold dear any good word or favorable action that throws a sweet light on our loved ones.
When we, ourselves, see imperfections in them, we try to concentrate on the good we know is there.

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