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Inspired by Life, Powered by CreativityLaunched in 2008, DesignSwan is a web blog devoted to uncovering (and sharing) the latest and greatest design, inspiration, graphics and technology from all over the world. Here I am, hoping this post will have given you the energy you need to hang on in the challenge for at least a few more days.
Book Lover’s ClubSneak peeks of new books, exclusive prizes, and opportunity to be an Advanced Copy Reader for new titles! The Lei Crime Kindle World fan fiction site is a wonderful new place on Amazon where any writer can develop stories within the established World of Lei Crime characters! Due to their feminine appeal and variety of placements it can be inked, they become one of most popular tattoo patterns among female.

Until I remembered how little I actually remembered about energy, from Einstein’s E=mc2 to the Law of Thermodynamics.
I became a therapist because of my constant curiosity, fascination, genuine liking for people. She is warm, and fun-loving, with a great sense of humor and the kind of dedication to her job that never even glances at a clock to see if it’s her contracted work hours.
If only people didn’t get squirrely when you tell them you’re writing about them!
They are cute and decorative; can be designed in various sizes and can nearly be placed anywhere on the body.

Even today when Emma and I were doing a meeting for one of our students and the toddler began to act up, I took the little girl to the play area of my office and played Candyland and hide n’ seek and had the best time of my day. Here we rounded up 17 beautiful examples of bow and lace tattoos and hope you can get some inspiration when you want to have your own tattoo.

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