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Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) is a womanizing veterinarian with approximately one to two friends.
The restaurant owner explains to Henry that she got into a car accident on October 13th, 2003 and suffers from a rare type of amnesia where she wake up every day thinking that it’s October 13th, 2003. Then finally, one day, Lucy sees a newspaper and realizes it’s not October 13th and all hell breaks loose. Instead of just going ahead and committing Lucy, Henry decides to force her into falling in love with him by making her a video that she can watch each morning. This plans works really well until Lucy decides that it’s not fair to anyone in her life, including herself, that she be forced watch a video each day that reminds her how much her life sucks. Henry’s a selfish dickhead (also, still a sexy veternarian) and he wants Lucy to live with him. While it sucks that Lucy has no memory, it sucks even more that Henry took total advantage of the situation by marrying her, moving her and making her raise a child. I did not see what you did there because you hadn’t done much when you asked if had seen what you’ve done! Try actually looking into the realities of institutions and the deinstitutionalization movement. I always thought it was horrifying to think that one or two of those days she woke up IN LABOR. So, technically speaking, NO ONE post-accident would be able to date her without being creepy? Again, the movie is stupid, but I find a problem with the only issue being that he pursued her rather than the other way around, he managed to convince her to love him every day so that says something about her attraction to him. So using this logic, if you marry someone and they end up with Alzheimer’s or dementia you should institutionalize them?
Would you say there’s a difference between being married for several years and slowly developing memory loss and marrying someone who needs to be reminded who you are every day from the start? I wouldn’t say it would be different in how the person with memory loss is experiencing things.
While I agree that this was a stupid movie, I feel like you’re forgetting two pretty crucial points.
So people with brain trauma shouldn’t be allowed to attempt happiness, have families, or live outside of cages? Theres a part of the movie where he does leave her alone but after he leaves she shows that somewhere in her mind, her feelings for him have “sunk in” because she continually paints pictures of him.

It took time, as we saw it goes to 5 years in the future, but she was coping with it now and I’m sure felt comfortable enough traveling to places.
I really would hate to have someone with your mindset making decisions for me if I had any kind of condition that forced you to do so. Rather than deal with her problems, her father and brother just go along with the October 13th thing. She insists that her family takes her to the doctor so she can hear her diagnosis straight from him.
So she commits herself to an institution that’s staffed with professionals used to working with amnesiacs.
So he convinces himself that it’s good for her to come live on a boat with him in the freezing cold waters of Alaska.
Then again, what else can you expect from a suave veterinarian who’s best friends with Rob Schneider.
And I went back and searched for what you’ve done and finally read on and then I saw!
Except that the Adam Sandler character should have: 1) had a vasectomy, and 2) stayed in Hawaii, if he was going to do this. She should live forever in either an institution or believing that it’s the same day? In the moment she can consent to sex, she simply forgets the next day which isn’t the same as a rape where no consent is given. You never see movies like hey, she’s schizophrenic and thinks I’m part of a plot to kill her but I won her heart! Because even if they made a decision to marry you at one point, once they can’t remember it anymore their autonomy goes out the window.
They got married 3 years after her car accident left her with 24 hour memory loss and yes he has to remind her every morning that they are married.
So somehow unconsciously, she remembers Henry and somewhere in her mind had developed feelings for him (It actually happens with people with amnesia), knowing this, he finds a way to not only be happy for himself, but give her a happy life. The most commonly available roses belong to two broad categories: the Oriental species and their hybrids, and the European or Mediterranean species and their hybrids.
Poets write about them, writers write prose about them, and people express love by giving each other red roses. It’s almost as if Adam Sandler produced this movie and cast himself as the perfect man.
Second, when he left her, she dreamed about him and painted pictures of him even though her amnesia should have wiped his existence from her mind.

It is possible to grow a red rose anywhere in the world, if the species to which it belongs is selected according to climatic conditions. Though many people believe that red roses can only be a symbol of romantic love, there are almost as many who strongly feel that red roses can be given to any loved one. Even if she does have perfect beach waves and an adorably bad singing voice. In case you got into a car accident (see what I did there?) and forgot what happens in this movie, let me tell you. The ONLY reason he goes back to get her to come live with him on the boat was because he realized that she remembered him (at least subconsciously). They could be given to a sibling, a parent, a friend, a family who has just moved into the neighborhood and needs to be welcomed with affection, and of course, a lover.
I will agree that I did cringe at the idea of her falling asleep mid-labor and waking up supremely confused as to what the heck is going on with her body. He falls in love with her because no male protagonist can resist a free spirit with good skin.
As you can probably imagine, many, many hijinks go down as Henry tries to re-meet Lucy every day. Which means she spent several months waking up with a human inside of her and not understanding why. But twist, when he returns to commence flirting with her the next day, she has no idea who he is.
In this highly improbable situation the ONLY way she could-by this article-be with someone is if she, after being told, within the 24 hour period, get over the shock of the situation and then attempt to find someone. And if she did, and then the same situation happens wherein she has to fall in love with him every single day until one day she’s pregnant and the same situation arises.
I mean everyday he makes her a video explaining everything that has happened between her accident and the current day.
Everyday he has to explain a bajillion things to her that he had to explain the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that. Everyday he has to convince her that despite his egg-shaped head, she really does love him.

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