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Sites that range from tattoo-enthusiast-blogs, to your everyday image sharing forums, like Pinterest all have something to say about it. What happened though was that people began to take the photo and spread it on the internet. One blog took the photo and pasted their own watermark (something I failed to do) on it for the attention of controversy. It’s interesting to see the organic evolution of what is happening to Tattoo Baby online. I think Gloriana is actually voicing her opinion toward those that judged the subject with the tattoo. In addition to watermarking you should register the picture with the US Copyright Office, ideally within 90 days of publication. She may have had a relationship where her significant other put her down and gave her a low self esteem…just a guess. I always thought it was a beautiful piece of Photoshop work lol and got a kick out of some of the post at first but then I started to get angry and disappointed in all the negativity and sexual innuendos and even worse the ones who were actual negative towards it being a Photoshop piece! An Unbiased Look At Whether Or Not You Should Hire A Professional Photographer Okay, so I’m a professional photographer. Chauncey BillupsOn Billups’s left shoulder is a tattoo of a crowned figure spinning a basketball on his finger. Jamal CrawfordPlayers from Seattle tend to have a lot of tattoos (Nate Robinson, Jason Terry, Terrence Williams) and Crawford is one of the heaviest. Ronny TuriafIn March of 2011, Turiaf began work on a new tattoo on his left arm: a phoenix rising from ashes. This info is collected completely anecdotally, mostly by watching games, but also through study of photos, interviews, and player profiles.

We think If you want to amaze other guys and girls who would see your tattoo, you should go with angels wings tattoos. There is no denying that angels have a great significance to every one of us for some different reasons.
It's said that Elayne Angel is the very first person to get a pair of these angel wings inked on her whole back.
So, we can say these designs are some of the best choices for both guys and girls due to a number of reasons. For the past couple of years, Tattoo Baby has been posted on hundreds of blogs and forums, without a story attached, and frankly without my knowledge. This along with the next comments have all jumped into the pool of controversy because they think it’s reality.
I get to see the pulse on a concept as if it was reality, versus being a photoshop creation with a name and story attached.
Even though the picture is being copied in violation of your automatic copyright, registration allows you to collect enhanced penalties so you might make some money from people stealing your work. Not because anyone has ever said anything negative to me about it, because no one ever has.
So however it was created, or on whatever canvas was chosen to display it, was at the choice of the artist. Reading the comments on an SFG article one Kelly Schmidt says this, “I read an article on why she got that tattoo.
It is not an attempt to document every tattoo of every player–rather it is an attempt to provide a series of tools for sorting overall tattoo statistics in the NBA alongside glimpses into tattoo trends. It’s very likely that tattoos have gone unobserved or remain hidden, especially on non-superstar players.

As you already know that wings are very important part of fairy, angel and other birds tattoos. As you may know more and more people are preferring to go with the trend of having angel wings tattooed on their backs. I’ve been working with Photoshop for over 10 years so yes I saw it for what it was and appreciated it for what it was and the amount of effort, talent and thought that went into the piece.
In 2010, he added a portrait of his mother, framed by angel’s wings, to his many tattoos.
Every effort has been made to present the best possible information, but statistics should not be considered definitive. Some of the most popular designs gaining in popularity with both guys and girls are angel wing tattoos.
Keep in mind, I never knew this was happening. The reality of this image is really nothing to get upset about or be that impressed by. Anyway, a little confusing, but funny to see the controversy over this photo reach into this comment area as well. They are more related to sex in our national consciousness than for the purpose of feeding a child.
But, last year I got one and, NOPE, plucked that sucker right out, and had a total “OMG! So it’s no surprise when you see responses such as these below, in regards to what the subject decided to do with her own body.

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