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Professional image editing app Affinity Photo, created by the same team that's behind the award-winning Affinity Designer app, is today launching in the Mac App Store. The app includes a huge range of photo editing tools for everything from minor manipulations to drastic edits that alter shapes and remove objects from images. As an app oriented at professionals, Affinity Photo includes features like lens and exposure corrections, live filter layers, controls for channels and masks, advanced layer handling, RAW support, 16-bit channel editing, ICC color management, detailed EXIF info, Photoshop PSD import and export, and frequency separation editing that separates color from texture for retouching skin. Affinity Photo also includes specific task-focused workspaces for developing, post-processing, liquify, and export, plus it has customizable toolbars with drag and drop panels. For retouching and making corrections to photos, there's an Inpainting brush for removing unwanted objects, a selection brush for selecting detailed elements in an image, a tool for removing blemishes and red eye, single-plane and dual-pane perspective correction, and a Liquify tool for manipulating images with warps, pinches, twirls, and more.
In addition to taking advantage of features like OpenGL and Core Graphics, Affinity Photo is compatible with Macs that have a Force Touch trackpad, enabling pressure sensitivity. The first launch took a while, but the second time the app opened almost instantly on my 2012 MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM.
As a Photoshop user obviously there's a bit of a relearning curve, but most of the shortcuts are the same, and the tools in general work in the same way, so I was up and running very quickly.
I'm a Creative Cloud subscriber but I might buy this just to have a play with it and support the developer.
Of course - but I'm not sure Photo is the sort of thing you need - at least for part of your workflow.
Photo is not a DAM - like Aperture, or Lightroom - it does not maintain a catalog of your images. When we started making Photo 5 years ago, we expected Aperture to be the DAM of choice - it was a good product! The launch of the fourth-generation Apple TV, with Siri integration and a full App Store, resulted in a huge Apple TV sales boost, according to new data shared by Parks Associates. Apple Pay competitor Merchant Payment Consortium, aka MCX, has decided to postpone the rollout of its CurrentC payments platform following feedback from its pilot program. Apple today released iTunes 12.4, bringing some minor design tweaks and important bug fixes to its media software. Non avra tutte le funzioni di Photoshop, ma Pixelmator e una valida ed economia alternativa al noto programma Adobe, perfetto per chi deve ritoccare immagini o creane di nuove per un uso non professionale. Ma il punto piu importante che caratterizza questo programma, a differenza di Photoshop, e la semplicita di utilizzo.
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Aperture 3 cataloga le immagini, piu indicato per i fotografi, diciamo un iPhoto piu potente, in grato di ritoccare i raw e creare da una foto orribile un capolavoro, personalizzazioni incredibili giocando e creando preset, purtroppo ad oggi utilizzabile solo su un mac i5 con un minimo di 4 gb di ram, altrimenti si impalla tutta la macchina, lo usavo su un MBPro 2.33 ghz core 2 duo con 2 gb di ram, ingestibile. Mettiamolo a confronto con Acorn allora si, ma purtroppo anche in questo caso Acorn stravince in partenza, permette di utilizzare le curve Bezier che sono indispensabili in un programma di Grafica, giustamente come da titolo Giuseppe M.
Direi che Pixelmator e uno strumento professionale per tutti i lavori leggeri e quotidiani. Mac machines are well known for their use amongst the creative people since quite a few years. There are quite a few amazing applications available on the Mac App Store which allow you to edit images and photos.

It is easy to use and offers layer-based editing with support for layer masks and layer styles. Recently updated to its new version, Acorn is simply a great image editing tool available on Mac. It is really easy to use and anyone who has the knowledge of basic image editing software will start using Acorn 4 in a jiffy.
CameraBag 2 is a beautiful and easy-to-use app which makes advanced photo editing quite easy for almost any kind of user.
It features an all-new Analog Engine which helps create stunning images with high quality filters.
This is yet another powerful tool which lets you create stunning new images and edit your existing photos. It includes pixel-accurate selection tools and is bundled with some impressive drawing and pairing tools.
Affinity Photo is designed to allow photographers to enhance, edit, and retouch images and is the culmination of five years of work. It's been in beta testing since February and has been updated with features and improvements that beta testers have requested. According to Affinity Photo's developers, the speed at which it completes tasks and the app's ability to show edits in real time are the most notable features to be aware of."The performance of the product is what we are most proud of," said Tony Brightman, head of Affinity development. It offers vector drawing and text editing tools, an advanced brush engine with custom brush options, unlimited layers, a snapping system with pixel alignment, and an undo history for undoing changes. There are also quite a few effects for adding features like tilt-shift, shadows, glow, blurs, and distortions. It supports Retina displays, is fully optimized for 64-bit and multi-core processors, and includes iCloud Drive support.
This and the user interface alone will make this a better choice than Pixelmator for many people.
Have always found myself going back to Photoshop, simply because I know how to do things in PS (been a PS user for over 20 years ever since version 2.5).
Go back just a few years and I was using a whole load of their apps which are now consigned to history (Illustrator, Premiere, Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign). Tutte le funzioni sono spiegate nei minimi dettagli e gestire livelli, filtri, pennelli ed effetti sara davvero un gioco da ragazzi, anche se non avete mai utilizzato un programma di questo tipo. Permette di fare moltissime cose allo stesso livello di Photoshop, con un’interfaccia anche piu pulita e ad un prezzo molto piu economico. Ha alcune funzioni (come Magic wand, filtri, slicing e esport per il web) molto piu agili ed efficaci di Photoshop. Andando un pelo ot ti posso chiedere allora un consiglio su come convenga fare per archiviare in digitale e poter cosi gestire lemme vecchie gloriose dia? While there are a lot of other applications of a Mac notebook or desktop, these machines are used a lot when it comes to editing or creating new photos or images.
While Adobe Photoshop CS6 is available separately through Adobe’s website, Photoshop Elements 11 is a great tool for photographers who need quick refinements and edits to their existing photos. It is a great tool for color correction, has vast number of filters and features third party plug-in support. It also features layers-based editing, with different layer styles and non-destructive filters.

It is surely is a useful app to go along with your camera as it includes over 100+ fully-adjustable filters and 25+ professional controls.
It has a bunch of use powerful tools, it is really simple to use and can deliver nifty results without spending much time. It has over 150 filters and special effect to improve your photos and a bunch of useful retouching tools to get rid of unwanted stuff from your images.
The interface it is very clean and modern, although I couldn't find a way of saving a workspace.
I'll buy affinity photo because I believe strongly in supporting a real photo-editing alternative. It was a decent technical illustration tool, but then I suppose it had Freehand to keep it on it's toes back then. I just find the constant attempts to transform the already existing features into being able to do more and more with each version ruins what worked great before.
It's something that I appreciate and therefore will support even if for the near future I am not specifically using your software. Ideale per chi usa le funzioni base di Photoshop e non necessita di tool avanzati di livello professionale. If one does not already have Photoshop CS6 and needs a professional image editing software right out of the the Mac App Store then this is a surely a good option. It is quite fast, it allows a user to draw using the trackpad, mouse or a tablet and features a great masking tool. It has a great photo editing engine, provides sophisticated photo enhancements, one can add various effects and borders to their photos, it is optimized for Retina Displays and also supports RAW files. What this means to the user is whether it's a 100 megapixel image or a complex composition with 1000s of layers, you can still pan and zoom at 60fps and see live views of all adjustments, brushes, blend modes and filters with no compromise. I cancelled my CC membership after the first year and went back to my last boxed version of PS (which, for me, is CS5).
The only thing that seems to be missing (unless I haven't figured it out yet) is a decent lasso tool. Per quanto mi riguarda e per l’uso che ne faccio puo tranquillamente sostituire Photoshop. One can dirtily upload images to iCloud and also instantly share them on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. PS CS5 has a few problems on my system, such as not supporting my retina screen and for some reason it won't save to my NAS drive (I have to work off the local machine and then copy across). 4,500 it is much affordable that Photoshop CS6, but a little expensive than the other options available on the Mac App Store. When you use paths in PS quite a lot in your workflow and this meddling causes you serious problems you start to get a bit annoyed. It will tell you it has snapped to a point, yet as I'm sure you know, when you zoom in it has not snapped and is sitting slightly away from the intended location.
I noticed this issue with the snapping when they started incorporating web capabilities and pixel snapping.

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