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The fate of a Marine Corps officer accused of lying about inappropriate sexual liaisons may hang on the testimony of a friend. Air Force fighters and bombers are soaring into the wild blue yonder with new paint jobs, quietly reviving an old tradition.
Washington and Manila have yet to hash out details of a base-sharing agreement for rotating U.S. The Navy appears close to resolving a decades-old dispute with New Zealand over a ban on port calls by ships with nuclear weapons.
The Marine Corps is getting close to selecting a weapons system and sensors for its prized tiltrotor aircraft.
The military has turned to a directed energy frequency jammer mounted on a frame to deal with the threat of small drones.
The four-star assistant commandant of the Marine Corps said new threats may require an increase of 5,000 troops or more. The Corps' top officer's message to industry: Gear must arrive faster, in working order, and with adequate parts.
At the Navy League's Sea-Air-Space expo next week, Pacific topics are missing from the seminar lineup. After a year's hiatus, a roundtable event with the sea services' senior enlisted leaders is returning to the Sea-Air-Space expo.

In-house newsletters from the clandestine National Security Agency have been released by an online news site.
The Russian military is constructing a new army base in the central Syrian town of Palmyra.
The United States and other world powers say they are ready to supply Libya's internationally recognized government with weapons. A senior chief petty officer was sentenced to 179 days in the brig after a military jury convicted him Friday of sexual assault. Carter is waiting to see whether Congress uses war funds in the 2017 defense budget before he decides to recommend a veto.
A year after tightening restrictions on number and size of tattoos the Army on Wednesday announced an about face, removing the limitations in response to soldiers' concerns.
An Army spokeswoman told the paper the new rules will not be official until the regulations are updated and published, which should happen soon. Last March, the Army imposed restrictions on sleeve tattoos, including limiting the number of tattoos below elbows or knees to four. Within months of the March 2014 tattoo restrictions the Army found itself turning away otherwise qualified men and women seeking to enlist. There was no indication in Wednesday's report whether recruiting concerns played a part in the latest change to the tattoo regulations.

On Wednesday, Dailey was quoted as saying the new, more lenient tattoo policy is the result of soldier input.
Longstanding prohibitions on face, neck and hand tattoos will remain in place, as will bans on extremist, racist and sexist tattoos. Defense Secretary tells Air Force Academy cadets that "quality and readiness of the force" is what matters. GoArmyEd is the gateway to all Army Continuing Education System (ACES) programs and services. Navy is ready to take ownership of the Zumwalt, its largest and most technologically sophisticated destroyer. And those tattoos had to be smaller than the size of the soldier's palm, with fingers extended. Daniel Dailey, just tapped to be the next Sergeant Major of the Army, told Army Times that the March 2014 restrictions upset many troops and was always a topic of discussion in meetings with soldiers.
Soldiers have grown up in an era when tattoos are much more acceptable and we have to change along with that," he said.

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