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The American colonies were in the middle of a war when they declared themselves independent from Great Britain. The colonists who wrote these constitutions thought it was very important that they have written documents. Approved in 1777, the Articles established a Confederation government, which was a fancy way of saying that the central government didn't have a whole lot of power.
The Articles of Confederation established the first national government for the United States of America. The mission of the Federalist Papers Project is to educate Americans on the principles of government that turned our country into the greatest, richest and most powerful country in the history of the planet while remaining a beacon for freedom and opportunity.

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The British constitution wasn't written down, so British laws could be interpreted any way the judges wanted to. Fearful of another king, the American colonists wanted a government that would serve them, not the other way around. In light of the terrible treatment the American people had received so very recently, this new government was a welcome sight indeed.

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An executive is one person who is in charge and makes major decisions, like a president or a governor. Most state constitutions included a bill of rights to protect these natural and individual rights.

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