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They come in so many rad colors and they have a lot of different book covers to choose from.
One thing I did want to say though, is that I wouldn’t really recommend one of these books for a wedding album. If you have more casual images you want to make books of, Artifact Uprising can’t be beat! I have ordered Artifact Uprising books using “nice” photos, and they turned out AMAZING!!! We have compiled a list for the best office supplies (and back to school supplies) that can be used to keep your organized and on top of your work. Rifle Paper has been featured before as one of our favorite stationery brands with an inspirational Instagram account to boot.
If a notebook could be classified as "artisanal", then Artifact Uprising would be the company to qualify as such. Urban Girl is definitely geared towards the more feminine, offering designer office duds that would make any girl swoon. Finally, there is Rad and Hungry, a website specializing in locally sourced office supplies.
In the digital world we live in, most of our amazing work stays in digital format and hardly ever gets printed. If you've landed here, it means you're ready to explore my recent weddings and sessions, read my personal posts, and get to know more about my recent workshops & features.
We used to be really diligent about carrying our point and shoot everywhere, taking lots of pictures of our adventures together, and then printing them and filling albums with all of the good times we had.

You don’t have to have InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator to create a book through Artifact Uprising! Since I haven’t done a giveaway in a while, and it’s Halloween, I thought it would be great to give away an Artifact Uprising book to one of you guys! I need something like that to fill with pictures of my puppy–I mean, my cool friends and I. It might even spark a bit of creativity within you because it is all so glorious to look at. With endless colors and set combinations, we don't think there is anything you can't buy here.
Invest in their sweet notebooks, personalized office stationery, and calendars that will surely keep you on top of your appointments.
From camera-shaped tape dispensers, to scissors, and decorative magnets, you'll never run out of ideas again.
Their mission is to inspire creatives - whether you're a designer, photographer, or "joy-maker" - to record their stories and timelines in a beautiful way. While most of their website features amazing home furniture & decor, their paper goods are just as chic. I want to encourage you to make prints and books of your family so you can actually have something to pass down to your children other than a hard drive full of digital images. I honestly love how ours turned out…the paper is really nice and the print quality is excellent.
I made John wash his hands before he looked through it, and then put it away nicely on the shelf.

Leave a comment with your favorite Halloween candy and you’ll be entered to win a gift certificate for a 8.25 x 11 softcover book! It’s so hard waiting until the end of this year to order it because yours came out so nice!!! One lucky reader will be able to win one hardcover book which is not only beautiful but super fun to create. I honestly don’t know how well the book will hold up to years and years of flipping through it, and of grubby little kid hands touching all over the pages. SOOOO yummy- although I did hear on the radio the other day that you have to run for like 90 minutes to burn the calories of one pumpkin– WORTH IT! From corporate to creative, there is no doubt that coworkers everywhere will be eyeing you (and your perfectly arranged desk) down.
It’s so much easier to take a picture on your phone, slap a filter on it, and call it a day.
That's why we are dedicating this post not only to back-to-schoolers, but maybe those of us who are feeling a little "blah" about our office environments right now. I spent about $40 on my book, which might seem a little steep to those used to purchasing Shutterfly or Snapfish books for their personal snapshots, but I think it was worth it!
The colors are pretty true to the dinky instagram filters we applied (haha), and the image quality is fantastic, especially for phone photos!

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