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The aster flower genus – which is a member of the asteraceae family – once carried over 600 species of blooms; however, after much research the genus was divided, and there are now only 180 species that reside in this genus.
In addition to having a wide array of colors to choose from, the aster flower also has a good deal of meaning to go alongside its good looks. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Fleur de Brown famille des asters dans le jardin holistique TAMU au Texas A & M University. Brown Blume der Familie der KorbblA?tler gehA¶rt in TAMU Holistic Garden in Texas A and M University.
All the same, the aster flower remains a remarkably varied and flamboyant bloom, regardless of the species.

In mythology, asters were said to have grown from the tears of the goddess Asterea while she wept for the lack of stars on earth. In general, the aster is considered a symbol of patience, daintiness, and a love of variety.
Some of the more common types include Italian aster, which tends toward a light, almost pastel, purple; the Jenny aster, which comes in vivid reds, and the sky blue aster, which, as its name suggests, is a stunning shade of bright blue.
One of the best known is their use as a symbol when placed upon the graves of French soldiers; these flowers were meant to represent a reversal of the outcome of their battles.
As a gift, asters placed in a bouquet with complementing flowers can be representative of love and admiration. In ancient times these flowers were smoked, as it was thought that the smokey perfume would ward off wicked serpents.

They are often given to those born in September, or those celebrating a 20th wedding anniversary. As a more unique gift, you might present a single fresh or dried flower to a lover or friend as a love charm, as asters were thought by some ancient Greeks to hold the mystic power of drawing forth affection. Some varieties of this flower are said to help with migraines, general headaches and colds, while others can aid in treating the pain of sciatica and muscle spasms.

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