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I can’t really tell you anyhting about the first three bikes, but I can tell you about the last three. Russ, you mentioned you liked the first bike, but I didn’t know who made it until now. Another great builder I’ve never heard of who has amazingly nice bikes is Roger Goldammer.
Biker and Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Blog - Biker and Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Top Biker Lawyer, Legal Issues, Safety Tips, Links to Motorcycle and legal sites, Motorcycle Ride Reports and General Personal Injury! If you have god forbid been injured in a motorcycle accident anywhere in California, give me a call anytime 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at 800-816-1529 x.1, to discuss your case.
I will work to get you all the compensation you are entitled to for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and more. I am not some marketing scam that you have seen posting flyers all over motorcycle rallies, or biker rags nationwide.
I am not a marketing outfit going after motorcycle riders at motorcycle events and in magazines, who sells franchises to regular personal injury attorneys for a fee and percentage, telling bikers that they are real biker lawyers. I don't pass out trinkets and goodies at motorcycle rallies to make you think that I am something I am not. I am not some generic non-riding personal injury attorney who has designed a fancy website to get you to think that they are biker lawyers, which they are not, I am a real deal biker like you.
Don't be suckered into signing up with a firm because of fancy advertising, or who do not ride motorcycles, who says they ride just to get you to sign up with them. I know many people do not like surprises, but I have a big surprise that’s coming that will revolutionize the way motorcycle accident cases are handled nationwide. As many of you know I have been utterly disgusted at the marketing tactics that have been directed towards motorcycle accident victims by 2 outfits in particular that in bad taste plaster motorcycle rallies in advance with a bunch of their advertisements.
Who the hell wants to go to a motorcycle event to have a bunch of non-riding personal injury attorneys posing as motorcycle lawyers bombarding them with advertisements every single place they look.
I will be at the annual Laughlin motorcycle rally at the end of this month, and I am quite positive I will see the same BS marketing outfits bombarding bikers with their advertisements.
The fact of the matter is yes sometimes motorcycle riders do get into accidents, sometimes motorcycle riders need the assistance of an experience motorcycle lawyer to get them help.
I have been riding motorcycles over 30 years, I have been in motorcycle clubs, I have ridden motorcycles all over the world, and I have done many motorcycle cases all over the state of California. There is another sort of generic personal injury attorney that advertises for motorcycle cases as well.
The new organization that I’m starting is going to be a premier motorcycle accident resource nationwide. I am hoping to partner with some of the largest entities in the nation so that we can provide real value to you motorcyclists and bikers out there, my people, because I am one of you, and I want to help you if God forbid the time comes when you have an accident and you need help. I will be attacking these entities had on and exposing them for what they are, and above all I will be the go to resource for motorcycle accidents nationwide. In the meantime, if you a motorcycle accident, or any other type of accident in the state of California, continue to give me a call at 800-816-1529 and I’ll take care of you. Further, a motorcycle wheel has much less traction than a car wheel, because the motorcycle wheel is rounded, whereas a car tire l is flatter and has more area of rubber on the pavement.
With that being said, it’s very important for motorcycle riders to not tailgate, and to keep a safe distance and speed from the car in front of them, so they can stop in case the car comes to a sudden and unexpected stop. I know of many instances where individual riders, groups of riders, and even motorcycle clubs have had mass accidents, because the people in the front are tailgating or riding to close to the cars in front, the car suddenly braked, causing a chain reaction crash.
I just gave a consultation to a gentleman who in his mind thought he was not at fault, when he had to lay his motorcycle down on a freeway on-ramp because the car in front of him came to a sudden stop. Apparently there was a crosswalk on the on-ramp, and a pedestrian was within 20 feet of the crosswalk when the car stopped. I had to tell him that it was he, the motorcycle rider, that was at fault in that instance.
Not only do motorcycles take more time to stop in an emergency situation than a car because of less traction area on the pavement, but the consequences of crashing can be catastrophic to motorcycle riders. Ensure that you keep a safe distance and speed from the car in front of you, and anticipate that the car may slow down or suddenly stop. My video picture slideshow of the 2015 75th annual Sturgis motorcycle rallyPosted on December 3, 2015 by Norman Gregory Fernandez • 6 Comments, Leave a CommentEvery year for the past 5 years I have posted pictures by way of a video slideshow of all the pictures I take at the Sturgis motorcycle rally. As I type this many men and women are serving our nation’s armed forces, and many are in harm’s way.
I and many millions of people have served in the armed forces of the United States of America from its inception. Today we give thanks to all of those who served in the Armed Forces of the United States whether it be the Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army, or Coast Guard.
Anyone who joins the military puts their ass on the line not only for their friends, but for the nation.
The United States of America would not exist in its present form unless many many people but their ass on the line to serve this great nation.
Although I served many moons ago, my service is entrenched in my mind, and the United States Air Force is part of my blood. For those of you who have not served in the armed forces, give thanks to those who have because it is a very difficult thing to do, and for those who do it they’re basically signing a contract and taking an oath that they will defend our freedoms with their lives if they have to. However, what was different this year, was that because it was the 75th annual Sturgis motorcycle rally, everything was completely sold out months in advance.
I could’ve went to many ordinary RV parks in and around the Sturgis area that provided full hookups, but as in previous years, I wanted to be in the middle of the action, and in an RV park that offered concerts, recreation, and other amenities. I found that the Broken Spoke Campground was advertising a full hook up RV site without sewer just like Glencoe was advertising, but their price was only $899. Basically sites like the Glencoe, Broken Spoke, and others, have premium concerts every night, so they charge for wristbands on top of the charge for the actual RV site. I ended up choosing the Broken Spoke Campground because it was approximately $800 cheaper than Glencoe. It is very hard to find people that can take a week to 2 weeks off work to travel with you to the Sturgis motorcycle rally. Although I like to travel with friends because it’s much better, I’m the kind of guy that is no problem packing up and going across country by myself.
I have done this drive many years in a row, so all the sites along the way are becoming familiar to me now, almost like old friends and landmarks.
Ordinarily every year I get off of the freeway and drive on the main drag through downtown Sturgis to go to the Glencoe campground and set up.
This year because I was staying at the Broken Spoke Campground, I passed the Glencoe campground for a couple miles then made the turn off to the Broken Spoke Campground. Finally about 15 miles down the road, the Broken Spoke arose out of the country rolling hills.
The girl at the Broken Spoke campground check-in immediately told me that they had no spaces with water, and that if I had a problem with that I could go online and request a refund. I’m not going to waste a bunch of space in this article to talk about what bullshit the Broken Spoke Campground was and how it almost ruined my trip this year, but I will say that after wasting 2 days of the rally there, I found another RV Park with full hookups in Deadwood, South Dakota, for $600 thank god, and high tailed it out of the Broken Spoke Campground as soon as I could. Suffices to say I will never stay there again, I highly recommend that you find another place to stay if you are ever at the Sturgis rally.
I went and stayed at a place called Whistler’s Gulch in Deadwood, South Dakota which is about 16 miles from the main drag in Sturgis.
I rode my old favorites, Mount Rushmore, Custer National Park, all through the Black Hills, the Black Hills Scenic Byway, Crazy Horse, and many places off the beaten track.
Now this rally totally sucked compared to all the other rallies I’ve been to in the past at Sturgis.
I definitely got some good riding in, and had some good times, but this year was definitely not worth the time and effort as in previous years.
On the last day of the rally, Sunday, I struck Camp and drove my RV through town to the Rapid City Airport to drop my lady friend off who had to fly back home to be at work the next day.
I should’ve just parked the RV when it got dark and camped out for the night but I figured if I was able to get to Cody straightaway I could spend 2 days riding Yellowstone instead of just one day.
I had an accident 4 years ago where I lost the brakes on my motorhome in the same forest and almost got killed, see the article about that experience by clicking here.
I Rode the same exact route, and actually stopped in the middle of the night at the spot where I had the accident 4 years earlier just to contemplate what happened. When I woke up the next day and went to the Yellowstone Valley campground set up camp, got my motorcycle out of the trailer, and rode the Yellowstone national forest.
I definitely had a good time riding Sturgis this year but it was not as good as previous years. As a personal injury attorney who is an expert in motorcycle accident cases, I get reports of motorcycle accident cases from all over the country on a daily basis.
This particular summer, seems like the worst summer for fatal motorcycle accidents that I’ve ever seen. An Uncasville motorcyclist died at the hospital following a Friday afternoon crash in North Stonington, according to state police.
Speed and alcohol appear to be factors in a crash that killed a motorcyclist in Green County Saturday night, according to a release.
Above is just a small example of the motorcycle accidents that have taken place over the past 21 hours. During any infiltration or stealth operation, the female lead will wear an impossibly tight catsuit. The writers may try to justify it, saying it's a stealth garment with sensor defeating properties—so she's seductively slathered herself in Applied Phlebotinum. The female spy shows up to the mission in normal, practical clothes, and males around her express disappointment. As you may have imagined, this is not something real-life (or realistic fictional) female operatives would wear in the field, though a black turtleneck and cargo pants arguably pull off a similar look while being a bit more plausible. Erin Esurance, the female agent in the pre-2010 Esurance commercials, frequently sported one. Some of William Shatner's recent "Priceline Negotiator" ads have a girl named "Naomi Pryce" wearing one.
In the first ad of T*Mobile's most recent ad campaign, their mascot-spokeswoman trades in her girl-next-door pink dress for a pink-and-black motorcycle jumpsuit.
A series of TV Commercials for Nationwide Insurance feature a leather-catsuited woman (played by actress Jana Kramer) backflipping around a house undoing the damage done, either by a burglary or by a fire.

The special corps in Bleach wear a variation of these, their leader wears a kimono version (though Omake shows both her and Yoruichi in more standard ones). The same outfits are worn by Ayumu, Eucliwood, and Seraphim during a parody of the series in the Is This a Zombie?
Used rather bizarrely in Death Note, where professional thief Weddy wears a classic 60's style catsuit (built in high-heels and all) while infiltrating a building, for no apparent reason. In Ghost in the Shell, Major Kusanagi wears a spy catsuit that really is a stealth device, called thermoptic camouflage.
While the Major's normal combat wear shows more curves than the standard models, it's generally quite practical, and her male squadmates wear active camoflage suits of the same design.
In Lupin III, one of Fujiko Mine's outfits is a black leather spy catsuit which she frequently doesn't zip up all the way.
The pilots in Neon Genesis Evangelion wear skin-tight plugsuits, the form only interrupted by attached equipment. As mentioned earlier, catsuits were first introduced by Catwoman, designed by Bob Kane, and which would also influence the U.S. Subverted in The Batman And Robin Adventures #16 (a tie-in comic to the animated series), which introduced Catman as a villain inspired by Catwoman.
Justified in that said catsuits are resistant to mundane blades (non-adamantium or energy blades, etc.), fireproof, and insulate the wearer from electrical shocks and extremes of heat and cold. Carol Danvers, who did espionage work when she was depowered, noted that often, going unnoticed is less important than nobody remembering your face after you leave. In Adam Warren's Empowered comic, the heroine doesn't just wear a shiny skintight suit, it's a shiny skintight suit of power armor that tears like a wet hanky if she brushes against anything that has a point on it. Similarly to the Empowered example, Artificial Human Girl One from Top 10 wears what at first appears to be a full body catsuit.
Also, Scarlett did wear a standard black catsuit with some armored parts in the live-action film.
When she lost her powers and operated as "Diana Prince, Wonder Woman", Wonder Woman sometimes wore a white catsuit (though less often than popularly imagined - much of the time, she simply wore "normal" all-white outfits including minidresses, pantsuits, etc).
If there was a point to the movie Entrapment beyond showing Catherine Zeta-Jones in one of these as she slinked through a maze of trip beams, it's not clear. Based on a recent promo image, Hathaway's outfit as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises appears to be little more than this. Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels movie adaptation wears an impressive shiny silver catsuit while climbing and jumping off a skyscraper. In movie adaptation Nick Fury : Agent of SHIELD, starring David Hasselhoff, almost everyone wears a catsuit, including all SHIELD and HYDRA agents. Angie Harmon wears an impressive series of impressive catsuits, including the famous red catsuit, in Agent Cody Banks.
In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, a quartet of jewel thieves posing as animal rights activists wear these to steal diamonds while the eponymous heroes are duped into freeing animals from the lab next door as a diversion. Averted in Quantum of Solace, where in the Final Battle, Camille is wearing a button-down, plain khakis, and sneakers, and has her hair in a ponytail. Worn by the team during the raid on the compound and in the V-Formation Team Shot behind the closing credits in Angels Revenge.
Kitten wears one of these in one of her many fantasy sequences in the film Breakfast on Pluto. We also have a straight example in Mara Jade Skywalker - made even more obvious in the Japanese covers for the New Jedi Order novels as well as that of Sacrifice. The Executioner: A male example is Mack Bolan's blacksuit, worn not only to hide him in the dark but also for its psychological effect. Pookie, a Pervect bodyguard from Myth Adventures, wears one of these as her work clothes, along with a short cape. In Vorpal Blade, Two Gun uses this to describe the skintight suits that Wyvern operators have to wear when using their suits. Rather persistently averted in Alias, where any given spy is much more likely to be in nightclub wear. I think it was used in a movie, but I can’t remember which one off the top of my head. The exhaust on that bike is a Martin brothers design, inwhich I’m interested in buying for my 1996, softail custom. I do not have attorneys paying me money to advertise for them nationwide, and then farms cases out to them. These are simply generic personal injury law firms that take all types of personal injury cases, and do not have any specific expertise related to motorcycle accident cases other than them applying general personal injury theory to your motorcycle accident. There will be a lot of hoops that I will have to jump through to get this thing going, and I am jumping through them now. This year, 2015, was the 75th annual rally, and as usual I am publishing my video picture slideshow. However, this year, all they were offering for $1200 was an RV site with electrical hookup, and water, but no sewer.
You would also have to purchase a $200 wristband per person if you were to stay at the broken spoke campground, whereas Glencoe was charging $300 for the wristband.
Many moons ago before I got into the RV scene I would traditionally ride to events like this on my motorcycle. This year it took me a bit longer to get to the rally because frankly I was burnt out on the 2nd night of driving and stopped at a rest stop in Wyoming to sleep for a few hours. This year it kind of sucked because as I pulled off the traffic was much worse than any previous year that I’ve seen. I told her “what are you talking about, I paid for a full hook up space, and my RV is almost that of water.” She told me that there is nothing that she could do, and that if I placed a certain flag in front of my RV there would be somebody coming around to pump water. I am sure if it wasn’t so crowded it might’ve been an okay place to be, but they grossly oversold it knowing full well they didn’t have enough spaces to accommodate what they were selling. Now if they come to me and make me an offer I might give them another chance but right now I am highly pissed off at them still over a month after the fact. The Broken Spoke Campground nightmare was part of it, but also it was a sausage fest, meaning there was at least 4 to 5 guys for every one gal at the rally and most of the gals of the rally were not hotties like I am so used to seeing at motorcycle rallies. As usual I found hidden places to ride for many miles on dirt roads with my gal riding shotgun on the back.
It was a lot mellower this year than in previous years, because in previous years I would’ve been at the concerts every night until 2 in the morning. If you go by yourself without a woman to a rally like this the chances of actually hooking up with a woman at the rally or are almost impossible, because most of the women are hooked up with men. It kind of sucked to watch her go but they get then again I was excited, because I was now headed towards Cody Wyoming and Yellowstone. Let me tell you something, it’s eerie in the Greybull National Forest at night, there was nobody else on the road with me.
Many of the motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent cars and cagers, but many are caused by drugs and alcohol, or excessive speed, on the part of the motorcycle rider. CDT August 15, 2015 … Arkansas State Police say a Bigelow man has been killed in a motorcycle crash.
This means good helmet, good jacket (armor plated jackets are readily available), denim pants, good riding boots, and gloves.
If you ride as though the people you are on the road with do not see you, you will be much safer.
I not only ride with people who tailgate, but I see many motorcyclists tailgating behind cars. There was recently a Harley-Davidson recall on 2014 touring models for an improperly placed brake line, that in time could cause too much pressure to be put into the brake line and that could cause the front wheel to lock up. Yes I know there are a lot of Midwesterners and East coasters who have very bad weather to contend with compared to me here in Southern California. If God forbid you a bit of an accident anywhere in the state of California give me a call at 800-816-1529 extension 1. It could be for freedom of movement (a Critical Research Failure if the outfit is leather).
In fact, this trope originated with Catwoman, whose iconic use of this outfit is both the Trope Creator and Trope Namer. Justified in that she's going motorcycle riding (as a metaphor for the company's high-speed wireless network). Spy catsuits complete with Xtreme plunging necklines and built-in high heels, for added stealth obviously.
Possibly justified in that the series artist has admitted basing her on stereotypical female spy archetypes, but it still clashes with the feel of the story. It's also worth noting that each outfit is so specifically designed that only the person it was meant for could wear it. In the movie at least, this technology is used fairly extensively, although she has to be nude to use it (or rather, a flesh-colored skinsuit. The major exception to this is in the Stand Alone Complex the 2nd Gig episode Cash Eye, which plays with the infiltration and espionage tropes, and repeated references to Ocean's Eleven, and has her wear a catsuit that fits this trope to tee with little purpose.
One of the most iconic franchise images, Lupin running along the wall with spotlights following him, has the thief with only his face revealed. The suit is actually vacuum sealed to their body and the specifically tailored to suit their personal body shape.
So much that he wears Catwoman's rather feminine-looking catsuit, which looks rather comical on a male figure.
They also have radar and infrared absorption capabilities (stealth), depending on the story. Matt Fraction has stated this was a deliberate Shout-Out to Emma Peel, since he writes Kate and Clint with a similar dynamic to that of Steed & Peel. A female cat burglar wearing very tight and fanservice-y leather catsuit breaks into house, deliberately gets caught by its owner, seduces him with her sexy looks, sleeps with him, and then robs his house with him being unable to call the police, because if he does, his wife will know he cheated on her with the burglar.
She's not actually a spy (she's closer to an assassin), but often has to be stealthy - she is a vampire, after all.
The problem of mobility is pointed out in the DVD extra material by Hugh Jackman as the suits created literal Insurmountable Waist-Height Fence situations. Also parodied, in that the initial introduction to the suit-clad thieves is them explicitly showing themselves off to the camera with overblown, borderline ridiculous body poses to acknowledge how blatant the creators know the Fanservice is.
Peel and her clone (Uma Thurman) followed her predecessors' examples by wearing lots of skintight catsuits.

Musidora, the actress who played Irma had been a circus acrobat and the catsuit is probably derived from her leotard and tights.
Patience dons a leather catsuit as part of her Makeover Montage but she abandons it pretty soon and opts for something even more Stripperiffic - that does at least look like it offers more mobility.
How much this qualifies as Fanservice depends on whether the reader is into bald, rail-thin women with green scales. Frequently a zipper away from becoming Absolute Cleavage and regularly employed as a means to distract male policemen.
Brings up some serious Moral Dissonance, because she's a vegetarian on the basis that she finds killing an animal for food cruel.
They specialize in this type of wear, which allows them to blend into plain sight, and can apparently protect against everything from bullets to wizards. Subverted when they are almost immediately killed by male agents wearing skintight magically enhanced camouflage gear. He used the rotor bearing from a helicopter and the bike has a chain drive instead of a belt drive. Could some body help me out in locating the web site I can go to to find out more information about these exhaust systems. How the hell is this type of attorney going to know what happened in your case if they can’t even describe how the gears are shifted, what counter steering is, or explain to a jury why you have a right to be on the road with cars? The one thing I can say for certain is that a motorcycle with 2 wheels, has much less traction than a car with 4 wheels. It never occurred to him that he should have kept a safe distance from the car in front of him so that in case the car stopped he could stop. It drives me crazy to ride with these guys, and I absolutely will not stay with them, I will stay back so that in case the cars brake they’re going to eat the back of the car not me.
I, and I’m sure a lot of other people get so excited before the rally, that just preparing to leave is exhausting.
In years past I went through this area at night, let me tell you the drive from the Wyoming to the South Dakota border was beautiful. I was able to get a refund of a thousand dollars from them via PayPal a week after I got home. As usual we found a couple secluded spots to enjoy each other as well, which is kind of tough in the Black Hills because there are really are no places to hide. Hell last year after the concerts ended I went to the only gym in town to work out in the middle of the night. We had some good times between each other as a man and women do, which I’m not going to describe here but I’m sure you can let your imagination run amok. I rode my 36′ Class A motorhome with 12 foot trailer, total length of about 50 feet through the Greybull National Forest which goes up to about 90,000 feet in pitch darkness. If anything would’ve happened nobody would’ve discovered me until probably the next morning. This article is not about my ride through the Yellowstone national forest, but I will just say that I’ve done it every year after Sturgis and I love it. I have been in motorcycle clubs, I have been riding clubs, and ridden with thousands of people over the years. I see too many idiots on the road riding in shorts, tennis shoes or flip-flops, and even with no shirts on. It is a documented fact that most people riding in cars, trucks, or other motor vehicles, do not see motorcyclists. It will kill you in an accident that is not your fault, and it will cause accidents that are your fault.
When you are on a motorcycle you need 100% mental function, and even then sometimes you get yourself in dangerous situations.
If the front wheel locks up on you on a motorcycle 99.9% of the time you are going to go down. If you’re in a bad mood or pissed off, it’s better to calm down before you get on your motorcycle. These people always badmouth us Californians for being sissies when it comes to riding in bad weather. A variant on this is the tendency of female ninja in anime and superhero comics to wear excessively stripperiffic outfits (see for example the female teachers from Naruto). Despite this, this example is a bit more realistic than the most - the catsuits are neither latex no leather, but lycra, and are similar to jumpsuits real gymnasts wear.
The suit leaves a noticeable neckline where her skin color contrasts with the suit's.) It's somewhat less drastic in other iterations, which look more practical. Perhaps the outfit let the android fetishist Corrupt Corporate Executive to mistake her for a combat android.
This of course leads to embarrassment when Shinji gets dressed in a suit designed for a girl.
The point to 'Empowered' is to get your humiliation fetish in your ironically-titled supers fantasy. The sequel explains her instantaneous Vampire Healing Powers but never mentions the fact that her suit seems to heal itself as well. So often used, during her career as a Racer, that's it gets referred to in-Verse as the Keri Roberts Victory Stretch And Yawn.
I am known in the motorcycle community nationwide, and I have finally had enough of looking at these outfits basically sucking the blood of motorcyclists of who have been in accidents. This year my new female friend was unable to do the drive with me due to work, but was able to fly in on Tuesday night, and then fly out on Sunday night, September 9, 2015 the last night of the rally. Seems like every guy in the country and their friends decided to go to Sturgis this year and left the gals behind. The time I got to the Yellowstone highway through Greybull, I was spent and could barely keep my eyes open. If the speed limit is 80 miles an hour that does not mean you should be riding 80 miles an hour on the freeway. One idiot from a major motorcycle magazine was making fun of the recall saying that in the old days a real biker would not have to take their motorcycle back to the dealer simply to get a tie wrap placed around the improperly placed brake line. I don’t care how much of a badass you are, when the pavement’s wet, your tires have less traction. There will often be a single zipper on the front, which will result in Absolute Cleavage when it's unzipped. In reality, it's to make the inevitable climbing, shimmying, flipping and belly-crawling through a Laser Hallway look that much more like a lapdance. Being in a big RV above the action was kind of cool because I could see all the action but the traffic was horrible. I never did recover the cost of the wristbands and lost $400 on that deal because I never went back. The rain caused many people to leave after a couple days, and by the end of the rally the place was pretty much empty.
I’ve always wanted to ride Alaska during the summer, so I may take my rig and do an Alaska trip will see. Unlike people in cars or trucks who have 4 more wheels to stop with, to balance with, and to turn with, motorcyclists have two wheels only. He went on to say there was an unwritten contract between the biker and the motorcycle manufacturer, that the motorcycle manufactured can put out crap, and it was the biker’s responsibility to fix it. Hydroplaning on 2 wheels is much worse than hydroplaning in a car or truck that has 4 or more wheels. Of course, it might also be a deliberate invocation of Distracted by the Sexy and I Have Boobs, You Must Obey! I don’t remember their site off the top of my head, but you can always use a search engine and type in Martin Bros. Another issue is the ubiquitous use of cell phones and texting drivers now, which is an epidemic.
A few years back an entire motorcycle club in Oregon was taken out by an SUV that stopped suddenly in traffic. Taking a turn on wet pavement on a motorcycle is much more perilous than on dry pavement, especially at high speed. If you see someone in one of these, there's little she can say to convince you she's not a spy or a fetishist outside of a Sci-Fi series.
Riding slower will give you more time to stop, to take turns more safely, and allow you to identify potential hazards. The same thing happened in Arizona when multiple members of motorcycle club were killed when they hit a truck.
He is one of those types of guys who does not think that an injured person should go to court to get compensated for their injuries. Unlike in a car, truck, or other motor vehicle, we and motorcycles do not have windshield wipers. In previous years there was rain for one or 2 days at Sturgis, but nothing as bad as this year. I know of many instances where entire packs of bikes have gone down because one or two riders in the front deciding to tailgate behind vehicles. California law requires that vehicles keep a safe distance between them and the car in front of them. The bottom line is you as a rider, have a duty to inspect your motorcycle to make sure the tires are properly inflated, have proper tread, and that basic maintenance is done on the bike, so that when you are riding at 40 mph plus, your engine, transmission, or wheels don’t suddenly lock up, or blowout. If you absolutely have to ride in bad weather, make sure you have a good motorcycle rain suit, a full-face helmet, keep your speed down, and anticipate that you will lose traction. It is just common sense only for motorcyclists but for cars and trucks as well; do not tailgate.
Unlike in a car, the situation what a mechanical malfunction occurs is much more dangerous. It is up to you to make the probability of this happening less likely by proper preventive maintenance.

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