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Snooki reportedly got the tattoo over Labor Day weekend but just now shared it on with her fans on Twitter. The Mexican people have fought since 1940s for their empowerment and rights and the tattoos have developed from that very sentiment. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Filipino Tribal Tattoos, Irish Tattoos, Hawaiian Flower Tattoos and Chinese Tattoo Symbols. The Mexican American pride finds an expression in this tattoo that asks for respect and its rightful position in society. The robust man has got his whole back and hands painted with images that are a symbol of pride in Mexican culture and identity. The roses and the images of sexy women symbolize the philosophy of leading a carefree life that is all about being in present. Portrait carved on the bald man’s upper body that is a collage of different images representing the various emotions the guy has gone undergone in his life. The sexy girl having angel wings stands for the desire to be free and practice one’s culture.
This portrait with spider web and flowers on its face is a simile for the beauty and fragrance of Mexican culture that has been lying entrapped. The man shows off his tattoo carved on the back with images of sexy girls and Uncle Sam that represents the suppression of Chicano identity. Portrait tattoo carved on the thigh that has a girl holding a pistol; a symbol of aggression. The bird that is a symbol of resilience and rebirth symbolizes the Mexican pride that has been trying to resurrect itself.
The arm displays a portrait that belongs to some martyr who died fighting for the assertion of Mexican identity.

The twin masks that have the expressions of joy and sorrow on their face represent the polar opposite but essential elements of our life. This man with moustache showcases his torso tattoo that has got the images of Jesus, Mary, etc.
The masks of happy and sad face are the tokens of bliss and woe that are the cornerstones of every individual’s life. The grim reaper surrounded by a veil and holding his hands together in a praying position with a RIP tombstone is a tribute to the martyrs.
This tattoo with an image of a girl’s face half covered by wings and shedding tears denotes the anguish of the Mexican people.
This is the image of an Aztec calendar with Quetzalcoatl outline; a symbol of Chicano culture.
This guy wears his Mexican pride on his sleeve that is conveyed through a lettering tattoo carved in fancy font.
This is a memorial tattoo carved with the name of the person along with the dates of birth and death in Chicano style. The masks are a very popular Chicano symbol that signify the pain one goes inside while maintaining a happy exterior. Another sexy woman tattoo that indicates towards the fearless kind of life, the wearer is used to.
Jailed for his fighting spirit and demonstrations, this revolutionary shows off his bare upper body that has got Chicano tattoos. Masks signify the pain and angst of the Mexicans who have undergone a lot, silently, to establish their Chicano identity. The fort and the image of an exuberant man together signify the aspirations of the Mexican people to build their identity.

Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The latter are used as a medium to convey one’s feelings that may be of love, anger, fear, rebellion, etc. The images and symbols that are quite popular as the Chicano tattoos comprise the masks, money, sexy women, religious symbols such as the Christ, Mother Mary, praying hands, rosaries etc.
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Talking about rebellion, tattoos are quite popular among those who are fighting for their rights or belong to a group who want to assert their identity. They are a symbol of living life on the edge; a synonym for street life, which most of the Mexicans had to undergo. The flag bearers of Latin culture who want to get their rightful place in society find these tattoos very appealing and often get their body parts carved with images and symbols that represent the Chicano ethos. Below we have showcased a post that features 25 Chicano tattoos to shed more light on the subject.

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