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A bright pink and black tattoo showing skulls, hearts and stars, frames love in a new fashion.
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The hair of the maiden is decked with sea creatures, and she wears a gown of octopus tentacles.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. This badass tattoo on the hip shows the beauty of the jungle in its mixture of colors and shapes.
This badass tattoo is shows the pain that the Lord tolerate to protect us from ourselves and others. Youthful beauty pulled by the dark forces of evil…the message is clear in this badass tattoo in this photo. The traditional flower and creeper in black and gray has been converted into something really beautiful.
The bird showing his huge wing span is a mythological creature that defines power, freedom and success all together. The butterfly tattooed to give an impression of a pencil sketch is an attractive impression of a badass tattoo. The simple grays of the anchor are offset by the bright red colors of the bird in this badass tattoo. A limousine and diner shown in this badass tattoo means the girl in this picture loves to get about.
This badass tattoo depicts Peter Pan taking Wendy and John to Neverland, a utopian island where there is only happiness. The lily, like the orchid, is an exotic flower and this badass tattoo shows it in lovely orange and brown shades.
Now that the list is over, we hope that you’ve been able to discover a few badass tattoos that really stand out to you.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. You see badass tattoos covering themes ranging from love, memories and mortality, to colors, sensuousness and freedom. The wearer is saying, “Keep away or meet your doom!” The girl in the picture has a challenge in her eyes to match the theme of the evil eye and darkness in the tattoo. Even the darkness of the night cannot hide the variety of the undergrowth and bright orange mushrooms.
The artist has shown the majestic stance of the deer with just gray sketch style drawing and a few splashes of red.

The bright colors and the juxtaposition of the different images, makes it a new wave piece of hip hop art. It is an attention seeking tattoo with Alice wearing the Mad Hatter’s hat, Alice’s gargoyle-like face, tea splashing about, contrasting splashes of color…the aim is to get noticed and this definitely does the job. The voluptuous nude sitting on a bed of roses with creepers framing her is sexy and inviting. The bright pink flower, deep green shaded leaves in a light blue background is a classic badass tattoo design that is as evergreen as the flower itself. But this badass tattoo depicts the fire-breathing dragon interspersed with attractive designs. Gray, blue, red, pink and yellow colors have been used in the badass tattoo to perfection to create an exotic effect. This badass tattoo is definitely bad in the theme but has an unusual form of artistic expression. The remote control depicted in black loses its monotony when you see the two gunmen in vivid colors brightening up the effect. The spread out wings of the bird and the waves of the sea speak of freedom, open spaces and pleasant sea voyages. Despite its subdued shades of light brown flowers and matt gray leaves, it stands out as an exotic piece of artwork worth imitating. This must be the simplest yet artistic representation of the atlas that promises great things yet to be discovered.
As badass tattoos go, this has a strange effect of an oil painting with its whitish grainy look. This design is perfect for a girl who likes to have plenty of outdoor work as part of her job. This tattoo is an example of how simple designs and intricate art work can merge together to form a simplistic masterpiece. The vivid colors and the characters tell us the there is always a child within every person that dreams of better things.
The simple lines colors have brought the flower to life, and a tattoo the artist and the wearer must be very proud of. This badass tattoo does justice to her image, with an exotic blend of blue, green, pink and orange shades. The chubby baby owl in this foot tattoo looks cute and cuddly, but being a nocturnal bird, would it let us near?
I’m sure you are dead wrong about have of these and you seem to lack an understanding of major pop culture, or maybe you are spot on I dont know. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.

An artistic memorial tattoo clubs butterfly wings with large eyes, suggesting a human face. You see, these tattoos aren’t going to be your typical tribal tattoo designs or barbed wire tattoos. This badass tattoo is brilliant in its 3D effect that makes it a masterpiece in tattoo art. As an art form, this tattoo is unmatched in its intricate lines of the weapons and the fine lines of the faces.
The bright orange Sun looks down onto the flowering plants rising up the back as if in prayer. The image seems to depict Dracula rising from the grave to wreak havoc in the darkness of the night. Simple lines in gray and you have a beautifully designed little mermaid curled into an embryo state. Either way, the effect of bright red splashes depicting flora and fauna looks great and deserves attention and praise.
Different shades and different designs have been used to show feathers to makes a lovely collage of patterns. We definitely have something for everyone and know that with a little time and extra effort, you’ll be able to discover your dream tattoo.
Use them to help inspire your next tattoo whether it is a badass tattoo or something completely different such as a lion tattoo. All I know is that you should voice your opinion on the technique and apreciate the artistic qualities you understand.
Playful curves and long flowy lines, create a stylized figure tattoo with a tribal design inspiration. The flashy orange of the fish, deep blue water and bright pink flowers cannot be missed even in a crowd. Many of these tattoos have meanings that no one but the wearer understands and it annoys me that you don’t know who batman is haha! Now, if you’re tired of hearing us rant and rave about these badass tattoos, you can scroll down and check out the in-depth list below. You see mussels, jellyfish and starfish decking up her huge bun, giving the design a marine touch.

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