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The SuperMount 68 Performance package can be aligned to work with the court markings on your gym floor.
The SuperMount 68 Performance package includes a 42" x 72" fiberglass backboard and a heavy duty flex goal.
The Powermount Rebound Stationary Wallmount Structure is designed for use in institutions where space is at a premium. The Powermount Rebound is a strong and sturdy unit that can stand up to the demands that come use by multiple sports teams. States of America, by the best workers in the world along with importing only the best basketball goals that can meet our srandards. The Thunder Arena is designed for indoor basketball play at churches, recreation centers, and school gymnasiums. The Thunder Arena has the combination of durability and flexibility that you are looking for. The Slam Nitro Adjustable Basketball System is a superior unit that is strong enough to last for a number of years.
When you want a combination of an extremely durable basketball system that can be adjusted with ease, look no further than the Slam Nitro. Includes two 4a€? square aluminum standards, one institutional volleyball net, two antenna, two aluminum ground sleeves and dual wench system with pulley attachments.A  Infinitely height adjustable. The Flex Court Wall Mount Goals simplify the task of installing a top quality wall-mounted basketball structure.

Our Heavy Duty Portable basketball goals are designed for use in a gymnasium, field house, multi-purpose facility or recreational complex.A  Our goals are available with full height adjustments from 10' down to 6'.
This is a high-quality wall-mounted basketball system that can be installed quickly and easily. You can entirely avoid the cost of reworking them if you happen to make a mistake when measuring. The release crank unlocks the brake and six roller wheels in the base mean that you can reposition the unit at will. The rim height can be adjusted to meet the needs of younger players, and the extension arm folds down easily for storage.
Choosing this system for your needs, means that you can go ahead and place your order even if you don't have the exact your extension requirements at hand.
Safety chains and solid square tubing with a back powder coat finish add to this unit's stability. If your facility will be hosting little league games or youth camps at all, you may want to consider adding an optional backboard height adjuster to your package. The Thunder Arena comes with a 42" x 72" tempered glass backboard and a heavy duty flex goal. This saves you time and money over other systems that require specific measurements prior to ordering. The flex goal is direct mounted to protect the backboard from breaking, even when players hang off the rim.

Pull the pin out from the back of the Slam Nitro and use the handle to adjust the height to the level you want. The Slam Nitro is made strong enough to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions, as well as whatever level of punishment you can dish out.
You will avoid costly rework and field modifications commonly caused by measurement errors.
An optional backboard height adjuster is available for facilities that host little league games or youth basketball camps. It has an advantage over a portable basketball system in that you don't need to move into position or store it in between games.
This feature means that the base of the unit is kept back from the play area to minimize injury to players.
Additionally, our goals are so versatile it can be configured to match up to any basketball backboard.

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