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Sign Up for our newsletter and get access to a Free download of one of Premium our Wordpress Theme. We had several requests to bring this font deal back, so we've managed to arrange it, but you better act fast, because it's around for a limited time only! 1,000+ Stylish LettersYou don't just get one simple set of fonts that restrict you to an exact style. 20 Discretionary LigaturesBesides standard ligatures that work to make Samantha Script as perfect as possible, there are also 20 discretionary ligatures that breathe even more life into its style. Uniquely ElegantYou'd be hard pressed to find a more flexible, legible and elegant font as Samantha Script. 60 Ornaments and 45 CatchwordsIn addition to all the stylish letters, this collection includes 60 beautiful ornaments to complement your text, adding an even more artistic flair to your work. Royalty FreeYou can use Samantha Script on any of your personal projects, as well as commercial purposes such as on T-shirts, posters, websites or logos.
The full Samantha Script font family, which includes all 4 styles, normally sells for $300, but for a very limited time, you can get the entire family for just $37! Or, if you'd prefer to purchase just the Upright or Italic styles, you have the option to purchase them individually for just $17 instead of the regular price of $75 - a savings of 77% off the regular price! The Web fonts do not include any OpenType features or the complete set of accented characters that the desktop fonts include.
You may use these fonts for both personal and commercial projects, for yourself or on behalf of your clients.
MightyDeals is a daily deal website that offers massive discounts for web and creative professionals.
Beautiful typography can revive the entire appearance and feel of a website, which is very important if you want your site to be successful, or if you want to change the design a bit and give it a fresh new look. We have put together a list of 40 beautiful free cursive fonts  – and best of all, they’re all available to download and use! As a web designer or developer sometime it can be difficult to decide which font to use for a fresh website.
Finding attractive, user-friendly, legible fonts for a website isn’t always easy, but Google Fonts, launched in 2010, helps solve that problem really nicely.
Droid Sans, Droid Sans Mono and Droid Serif are three great fonts that can be used as a replacement for Arial, Verdana and Georgia. Designed in 2008 by Veronika Burian and Jose Scaglion, Bree’s elegant appearance has led it to instant success.

Cabin is a clean and modern font that boasts eight styles: Regular, medium, semibold and bold, each with their corresponding italics. Lora is an elegant serif font that is available in four styles and looks great when used for body text.
Influenced by typeface designers John Baskerville and William Martin, Playfair Display is well suited for headings. The Ubuntu Font Family includes a series of sans serif fonts that focus on clarity and accessibility on mobile devices.
ABeeZee is a fun, friendly font that looks quirky but not to the point where it’s exaggerated. None of them are so attractive what i m looking for ?? josefin sans and noto serif is far better than your collection.
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Whether it's on a T-shirt an ad or a headline on a website, if a font is boring or really hard to read, you've already lost your audience. Elegant and easy to read, this beautiful font is also significantly marked down, due to this Mighty Deal. You'll get 1,100 alternate and swash letters that feature ascenders and descenders, all varying in length and complexity, so you can truly fine tune the look of your font.
This stylish font is not just fancy and graceful, it's beautiful and youthful at the same time.
You have the option to purchase Samantha Upright Pro and Samantha Italic Pro individually or to get the whole family.
Plus, there are also 45 versatile catchwords including commonly used ones like the days of the week, announcements and numbering. Her fantastic work on this elegant and beautiful typeface was a winning font for the 2012 Communication Arts Award! Generally, our customers can save from 50% to 90% off on fonts, ebooks, icons, templates and much more. MightyDeals® is a registered trademark in the United States, Canada, UK and other countries. There are a variety of web safe fonts and free fonts you can find online… thousands upon thousands of styles. It’s a fantastic resource but, with so many fonts on offer, finding the ones you want can be quite a task.

The Droid family was designed in 2006 with the sole purpose of providing web designers with a quality font that makes reading content on mobile devices comfortable. Its simplicity is its beauty giving it a personality of its own and making it an excellent type face for headings and body copy. With short capitals that are only marginally larger than their lowercase counterparts, Playfair Display looks terrific with Georgia for body text.
This is the font used in Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Android operating system. It pairs well with a lot of fonts such as Offside and Ubuntu for headlines and it is extremely readable with its spaced out characters. Designed to be used as a children’s learning font, it is extremely readable even when sized down. This is a TTF font for Latin and format.You can now download the fonts nice and large, has a new site and enjoy using it. Finding the right elegant font can be particularly tricky, though, since the intricate detail can often render your words illegible.
Font of a website is very important because if people are not attracted by the font, even you have thousand time better content nothing really happen and people will leave the site quickly. With that in mind, here’s a list of the 10 best Google fonts that you can quickly decide and use from.
It comes in normal and bold and can be used as body type as well as for headlines and titles for print and web. It’s optimised for screen viewing but this font also works great in print and when paired with Istok Web. It can be set with no leading if there is not a lot of space or for a stylistic effect in titles.
Today’s article is 20 Beautiful Free Fonts for Vintage and Retro Style Website Design.
They will help you add a one-of-a-kind finish to your website, or any other design project, for that matter.

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