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After posting an informal Facebook poll, I found that people have very strong feelings about tattoos in general, and tattoos on women in particular. I'm thinking of something small, probably in the hip area where not too many people would actually see it. Collection of stunningly beautiful tattooed women who embody the real inked beauty of tattoos.
Graffiti Art ShopMoreOriginal canvas wall art from Mr Pilgrim graffiti artist, see his latest graffiti art for sale & original paintings in his buy art online shop! Michael Stokes, a fine arts photographer in California, takes a bold new approach to veteran portrait photography by taking powerful and sexually charged photos of confident veterans posing proudly with their amputated body parts and prosthetics. Darwish: Every time I tried to find a solution to all the ills of Muslim society, such as jihad, oppression of women and minorities, I was confronted with an Islamic law that stood in the way of a solution. I decided to write this book in response to claims by some Muslim groups that Sharia is compatible with democracy and that it is simply a religious right. To write the book I did not just rely only on my personal experience, but studied Sharia for eighteen months from mainstream Islamic legal books with the help of a Sharia Muslim expert, Mr.
FP: In one section of the book, you mention how, during your youth, you saw what Christian marriage was and that you were very shocked and moved.
Darwish: As a young teenager I watched an America movie that showed a Christian wedding ceremony in a church. Darwish: Sharia is an elaborate system of laws that deals with all aspects of life, including politics, economics, banking, business law, contract law, marriage, divorce, child rearing and custody, sexuality, and social issues.
Islamic Law was created over a century after the death of Mohammad by Imams and Muslim heads of state who wanted to control the large and diverse populations that Islamic warriors have conquered. Basically Sharia codified into law Arabian Peninsula 7th century culture and forced it on all nations the Arabian Peninsula conquered.
When Mohammad died many Arabian tribes felt safe to abandon Islam but were quickly attacked by bloody wars and brought back by the sword.
The main purpose of Sharia is total control of citizens in order to accomplish the main message of the Quran, which is to expand Islam through jihad. Islam does not focus on peace to all of humanity and it splits humanity into two, good Muslims (house of Islam) and evil non-Muslims (house of war).
Islam is more of a one party totalitarian political and legal system than a personal relationship with God.
For the expansion of Islam through jihad to happen, the object of jihad (non-Muslim individuals and nations) must be constantly portrayed as subhuman, evil, the Great Satan and conspiring against Muslims, wanting to kill Muslim women and children.
Thus, the existence of democratic, fairer and more peaceful systems around Muslim nations, is a serious existential threat.
Darwish: As I noted earlier, the concept of love is never mentioned in the Quran and men are warned from the evil nature of women. The marriage and family structure and model, which was the product of the raiding tribal culture, was maintained by Islamic Sharia and that served the jihad obligation well, the same way it served 7thcentury raiding tribes well.
In Islam, Jihad comes first before anything else, even before a man’s duty to his family, wife and children.
Another factor that takes away the love in a man-woman relationship is a Muslim man’s honor and its close tie to the sexual purity of the female members of his family. Darwish: That is the million dollar question that multiculturalists dance around and refuse to touch. But what they don’t know is that Sharia and radical Islam will take care first of infidel Americans, especially liberals who believe in women and homosexual rights. In the book, I have a chapter that does a case study of Egypt in which I give the example of Christian Egypt in the 7thcentury. Darwish: I do not believe that pure evil can ever be completely normal, but Sharia has come very close. I have no doubt in my mind that this man applied the Islamic model of killing apostate women. Darwish: I got it in America, where I learned to value myself as a woman after having lived for 30 years under Islamic Sharia. Darwish: I believe that no religion should get away with murder and violation of human rights.
3) A religion must never order the killing and subjugation of those who do not choose to be its members. According to the above criteria, Islam, as it is written and practiced today, fails the criteria miserably.
The man who went on a shooting spree in 2006 at the Jewish Federation in Seattle Washington told the police that he was only doing what Allah told him to do. Alternatively check out some of the previous posts including tattoo ideas, hot ink and more. She is the founder of ArabsForIsrael and co-founder of formermuslimsunited and grew up in Cairo and Gaza as a daughter of a high-ranking Egyptian army officer. Canada allowed the practice of Sharia tribunals for 15 years and Great Britain is now allowing the practice of partial Sharia. I watched with eagerness the marriage vows in the presence of the pastor with both bride and groom pledging to be loyal to one another. Sharia allows so many sexual rights for men, but none for women who must only marry Muslim men, but men can marry non-Muslim women.

It makes no distinction between crime and sin, public and private life and is based on the Quran, Hadith (sayings of Mohammad) and Sunnah, (the example of Mohammad). To those who claim that the Quran is misinterpreted, we say that the Quran has already been interpreted by the learned great Imams of Islam who produced sharia law based on such interpretation. The only way they could enforce such inhumane laws that deprived citizens of basic human rights in order to achieve the total control Islam demanded, was to claim that such laws were given by Allah and that violating them is equal to violating Allah himself.
After my extensive study, however, I found out there is very little religion and a personal relationship with Allah. That splits the world in the eyes of the devout Muslims between good and bad, innocent and sinners. You can only imagine the impact of such a commandment on jihadists who want to take over the West. Such constant propaganda against non-Muslims must go hand in hand with the jihad obligation or else jihad will end. The solution was for Islam having to constantly expand at the expense of other religions or else it would collapse like a pyramid scheme. Imam Ghazali said that marriage is slavery for the woman and the marriage contract gives the man total control of her private parts in exchange for the dowry. Some say that honor killing has nothing to do with Islam, but those who say that ignore the Sharia law that says that the killer of an adulterer will not be punished. Oppression of women in Islam is not a coincidence since the desert raiding brutal 7th century Arabian culture relied on the strong fighting men for survival and used women as reward for the brave warriors. Everything must be sacrificed for the survival of the tribe and Islam replaced that by the jihad principle, but no longer against another Arabian tribe, but against the non-Muslim world.
Is it any wonder that we have all seen Muslim women celebrating the death of their husbands and sons who died in jihad?
Also, a loving happy family life cannot exist in a totalitarian one party Islamic State that forbids freedom of speech, abuses human rights and dignity and that practices flogging, beheading and amputation of limbs. Before welcoming a brutal legal system in the West, multiculturalists must understand that not all legal systems are equal.
Many citizens of that society were dissatisfied with their leaders and welcomed Arab invaders to save them from their leaders and their system. By tolerating intolerance in Sharia and radical Islam, multiculturalists are not doing Islam or Muslims a favor by looking the other way.
I cannot get in the mind of husband of Aasiya Hassan to really know what his intentions were, but at the same time I do not think that what he did was not influenced by his upbringing as a Muslim man and his belief in Sharia. This man was an activist trying to tell America that Islam is a religion of peace and that Sharia is compatible with democracy. I also learned courage from my fellow Americans, the great American people, our Constitution and above all from the Judeo-Christian culture.
For Islam to be accepted as a religion in America it must abide by the above criteria and by the US constitution. I have many other suggestions, most importantly is that all American citizens, Jews, Christians, apostates from Islam and even Muslims who reject Sharia, must petition the US government for protection under the equal right clause of the US constitution from the thousands of commandments to Muslims to kill them that are all over Muslim scriptures bought and sold in America.
Young Muslims must read a disclaimer in books that command them to kill in order to go to heaven. She now lectures across the United States to civic organizations, universities, churches, and synagogues about (radical) Islam and has appeared on radio and television programs including CNN, Headline News, Fox, MSNBC, Al-Arabiya, National Public Radio and Israeli TV.
The book is a warning to the West and hopefully it can also open the eyes of Muslims to the truth. I could not help but compare that with the Muslim marriage ceremony where loyalty is not expected from the husband to the wife due to polygamy. Sharia also allows a form of additional marriage to a husband called pleasure or temporary marriage where he can have a verbal contract with a prostitute for an hour where he will pay her a dowry for her services. I realized the big difference; a Christian marriage honors women with the commitment of one man to his one and only wife (at least one at a time) and one set of children.
Such sinners (non-Muslims) thus must be brought to Islam even by force of the sword, which symbolizes jihad and which still exists as its symbol on the flag of Saudi Arabia today.
Non-Muslims are not worthy of the truth, mercy or forgiveness and must be subjugated, humiliated and even killed. Membership in the Islamic State is by birth and that State must guarantee that no one can escape the Iron Curtain of Sharia alive.
If non-Muslims are portrayed as no better or worse than Muslims or even worse as having a better political and legal system that produce happier people, then the result will be no more Islamic victimhood mentality to hide behind as the reason for terror and jihad. That is why whenever Islam took over other countries it turned churches and temples into mosques. The adulterer is usually a woman since men have the right to temporary and pleasure marriage. Tribal warriors who raided other tribes for the booty and possession of their goods and wealth also took their women and children as slaves and even sexual slaves.
In order for the Islamic state to have a large army of men who are ready to give up their miserable lives on earth for happiness in heaven, the broken distrustful relationship between men and women must be maintained. I believe that multiculturalism is a symptom of Western extremists who are dissatisfied with their own culture and want to use other world cultures against it. Islamists, jihadists and Sharia enforcers do not need political correctness, they need to see themselves truthfully.

Beheading is the Saudi Arabian state form of killing violators of Sharia and there are 4 Saudi State be-headers who speak about their job with pride like a rock star. I was once interviewed by his TV station, Bridges TV, and I discredited my interviewer’s views and that is why they never aired my interview.
It is not only I that should be afraid of Sharia, all freedom loving people should be afraid.
First the West must define what religion’ is, otherwise we can go back to the dark ages where some religions practiced human sacrifice. The heart of Islam in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, where the umbilical cords are connected to every mosque in America, must also abide by the above criteria.
When that was not enough, several lawsuits were filed against tobacco companies who conspired to harm the health of consumers. Rejecting the protection of American citizens from commandments to kill them will only invite terror. Darwish has been published in the London Telegraph, Jerusalem Post, and New York Daily News. In the Muslim marriage contract (shown in chapter 2 of the book) the bride is asked if she is a virgin. According to Egyptian Coptic Christian sources, there are over 320,000 derogatory statements and commandments in Islamic scriptures to kill, humiliate, subjugate or not talk to non-Muslims.
Sharia gives a lot of power to the Muslim head of State (the Khalifa) and exempts him from being charged with serious crimes such as murder, adultery, robbery, theft and drinking.
Those who deny the connection between honor killing and Islam are either misinformed or in denial. That was the tradition in Arabia and instead offending it, Islam maintained the tradition and codified it into law. A loving and happy family unit where no one is oppressed cannot be the model in a jihad culture. The woman, her children and family thus must endure and sacrifice the pressures of the system from all directions. Those who believe that there is no threat from Sharia are trying to change America from within to their liking by playing with fire. What multiculturalists are doing is infecting their society with permanent dysfunction, tyranny and civil war.
Political correctness is preventing Jihadists from seeing the consequences of their action and their hateful ideology. That tells us that that killer’s TV station was simply propaganda and lies to promote Islam in the West. Muslim scriptures are no different; they are not good for the health of non-Muslim Americans. They must be told that human rights are sacred and not negotiable, not even in the name of God. She is a frequent lecturer on college campuses including Harvard, Brown, Stanford, UCLA, University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, Boston University, and the University of Southern California. A Muslim woman must tolerate polygamy if the man wishes and, as I mentioned earlier, that has a destabilizing effect on the marriage and family dynamics. How come I never heard a mosque sermon in the Middle East that spoke against honor killing? They are doing what many nations in history have done by welcoming radical Islam to attack a perceived local problem they want to eliminate thinking they can later take care of radical Islam.
Please note the name of the TV station (Bridges) is in perfect harmony with buzz words that multiculturalists love to hear. In the contract the groom is asked to fill out the following three empty spaces: name and address of wife number 1, 2, and 3 if any. That is why I believe that Islam is not only less of a religion, but actually is anti-religion.
Sharia did not set an age limit for a girl to be married and that was done simply because Mohammad’s example must be followed.
How come it is almost uniform in Muslim countries that men who commit honor killing are hardly punished? Because of polygamy, the Muslim bride must never expect loyalty from her husband and that has a devastating effect on family dynamics. From its inception Islam it was terribly threatened by Judaism and Christianity and expelled Jews and Christians them from the Arabian Peninsula. Recently there was a story of an 8 year old girl in Yemen who filed for divorce and both the Yemeni government and the Saudi government refused to change the law and have an age limit for marriage for girls. A woman must bear the shame of her body, be obedient or else her few rights are taken away and she must shield her body, sometimes her face and even her identity. The West must unite and say that we do not like what you are doing and we will do it back to you if you continue your terror against non-Muslims.
Only the truth will bring reform and change and holding away the truth for the sake of political correctness will not serve — anyone especially victims of terror who deserve better.

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