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But as we have grown, so has technology, social media and in turn narcissism, and the modeling that was once reserved for the pages of the glossies, has now become commonplace on Instagram, Facebook and the like. The desire to be picture perfect with makeup applied to professional grade is at a new height, and where there is a demand there is of course, a supply. Description: Facetune is a fun and powerful portrait photo editor. #1 Photo and Video App in 107 countries, all dressed up and ready for iOS 7! Sign up for our newsletter and never miss the hot stories Thank you for subscribing to Global Grind! Here are 3 free Windows 8 photo makeup apps that let you virtually try out different style of makeup along with suitable hairstyles, right on your Windows 8 screen. All you need to do is just select a photo from your local machine or capture one from, within the app > now, select key points on your face > select hot-styles for instantly makeover or you can also select the skin tone, face, eyes, mouth, all manually and give a more personalized look.
Ending my post with Hairstyle PRO lets you try out a range of latest hairstyles virtually and applying the one that suits you the best.

Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news. But for the most part, we could tell when someone’s grainy webcam photo was telling a lie. The supply is coming in the form of photo-editing apps that specialize in editing skin tones, applying hair and or makeup, and giving yourself new facial features. Remove pimples and wrinkles, outline the eyes and whiten the teeth in seconds, with all operations made automatically! This photo makeup Windows 8 app comes with a wide-rage of amazing photo makeover effects using which you can give your simple photo a sizzling makeover.
Once done, you can now save photo to your local picture library or share it with others, from within the app.
This Windows 8 photo makeup app provides a range of different virtual hairstyles for both Men and Women in short, medium, and long lengths.

You can also edit the size, position and angle of your photo to let the hairstyle fit your face.
Once you are done with your looks, you can now compare your new styled look with the original one. There are more than 300 different hairstyles available for women and over 180 for men which includes bald look, shaved look, spikes, etc.
All you need to do is just select a photo from your local photo album or capture one from within the app > select a category among Short Female, Medium Female, Long Female, Male Styles, and Bald, Thin & shaved > now, select a hairstyle that you want to try.
Check out the three most popular virtual makeup apps below with descriptions via the iTunes App Store.

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