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If I had to use one word to describe the tattoo work of Roman Abrego I would say “vibrant”.  His color work has a very realistic feel to it. He began his career by working out of his house but eventually worked his way into a shop and worked along some very talented artists. September 26th and 27th we will be in downtown Raleigh again tattooing alongside the Ray Price BikeFest Motor Expo! We'll also be holding tattoo contests both days, with first, second, and third place winners in categories such as Best Sleeve, Best Large and Small Color and Black and Gray, and Best Harley Davidson. This chapter contains the artists, colors, theories and art styles that happened in the 1900's. This page is toward color theory, about colors of light matching colors of pigment and colored crystals. My paintings show the full ranges of neutral-dark colors because the pigment colors are made with true complementary pigments, without the use of the opaque or translucent black pigment.
The RGB-YMC Yellow-Magenta-Cyan secondary light color wheel doesn't work for pigment painters because it darkens by subtracting light which produces the same colors as adding black pigment to each color. 5-20-8, I just learned today that the San Francisco Academy of Art University is teaching my color wheel in it's Color Theory Program. 2-24-08, In the past thirty days Northern Arizona University, BYU, Glenn Carleton College, Pittsford Sutherland High School (and many others), Imperial College London, University of New South Wales, Kennesaw State University, York College of The City University of New York, Lausanne Collegiate School, United Arab Emirates University, Metropolitan Institute of Design in Syosset, N.Y. 8-1-10, A student from a university in Columbia had to make an RCW as a first year lesson, he sent me an email. Your color wheel must be exact, and the properties of the Yellow, Magenta and Cyan pigments should be basic information for the natural life pigment painter.
There is no absolute color black reflected in nature, and there should be no pigment black on the artist's palette, as it dulls any color and is unnatural looking. We have been taught the wrong complimentary colors: Yellow is not the opposite of Purple, and Green is not the opposite of Red. This course will explain the "Real Color Wheel" for light and pigment mixing, along with a background on color in elements, crystals and pigments.
The artists and their techniques are reviewed chronologically to match pigments' progression.
Included is my colored light explanations on rainbows and polarized color in prisms that I have noticed. Today's chaotic art is representative of our times, the primitive nature of it, the result of two world wars. When you appreciate what you see and can paint with that vision, art as a whole is advanced.
Altamira, Font-de-Gaume and Lascaux represent the greatest achievements of Paleolithic Art, done by Cro-Magnon Man.
There was a third type of fruit tree-sap that made a water based paint, all three were known and used throughout the Mediterranean Sea area. Clay, with its high silica content was distinguished from mud and pottery when it was fired, melting the silica. STONEWARE = was heated over 1800°, copper cyan colored frit glaze was heated 1500° to 2600° in Egypt. Gypsum makes a harder more waterproof cement because of the sulfur content that effects poorly some color elements such as tin and lead, also included were silicone clay and alumina. The current history books say that everything was built with mud poured into forms with chopped fibers added.
Calcined gypsum powder is stronger and with the included sulfur, alumina and silicone, it makes cement. They expanded it with water, molded and let it dry and the lime crystals form a bond that keeps getting harder as the crystals slowly shrink until it finally turns to dust. Red Pozzuoli found around Naples is a natural cement and when used in murals as a paint imparts the red-oxide color. Later Sumerian ziggurats would be banded with tiled color, the top tier was gold and could be seen for 20 miles on the flat dessert. In Morocco, Africa, resins continued to be developed based on turpentine and alcohol, sandarac (sandracca) resin, pine-seed oil, castor oil and oil of spike were developed. Mastic resins from pine trees in Spain and France made distilled turpentine and pitch-resin paints. Stick-lac was cultivated in India from the lacquer-secreting insects, which deposited their lacquer on trees.
Egypt, 5-4-13, video 3:30, a new view video about Egypt, it debunks all we claim to know about Egypt, by Dr.
The named locations of Egypt's pyramids are; Abu Rowash, Giza, Abu Garab, Abusir, Saquara, Dashour and Maidum.
The Bashar of Bagdad and shaped stone in Egypt proved they had successfully made electrical current, a fact that is not told to us. Electrical induction happens when the light of the sun is coming around the globe, this happens at Tularic points around the world, each powerful point has a large stone megalith built there, Stone Hedge, Egypt, Easter Island etc. Dolomite granite with magnesium is the highest transformer of electricity and it's the core of the great pyramid.

There are manmade tunnels around the great pyramid to carry running water to produce more electrical energy. The "Shift Disk" found at Shakara in a burial chamber is closed to the public, also the oldest text in the world was found in these four pyramids.
I have a copper lithograph of the Karnac Temple in Luxor, Egypt, that I got in Istambul in 1963, it was made when Napoleon sent a core of artists to Egypt to record the monuments.
Hydroglyphs in this area, Dogan, are more advanced than Egyption hyroglyphs, faces show expressions, they are more detailed bas reliefs. Akanotan and Neffrateti moved the capitol from Karnack to Amarna, their art was matriarchal, the highest art in Egypt's history, they rejected the Amon presthood for the Akamon. I don't know which date is correct, but I thought you should hear about another version of Egypt's history. CHALK- Chalk is calcium carbonate, marble dust, neutralized lime or neutralized gypsum plaster of Paris. TESTING THE GROUND- A good priming ground will not crackle when pressed from behind, oil should not change its color, and the ground should have an even sheen to it. You can see from this piece he’s gifted at color as well as black and grey.  His specializes in realistic portraits and elaborate body suits. We have been familiar with realistic style tattoo, which is very impressive and straightforward.
The tattoo convention and and Motor Expo will be held at the Raleigh Convention Center at 500 S. The computers RGB colorwheel represents the pure color correctly but shades colors differently than physical crystals. Google removed the ranking information for this site and it's climbing back up from not being found on the first 50 pages for "color wheel". The use of the RCW's three primaries and secondaries with their "Neutral Dark's" made from opposite colors is key information toward achieving accurate dark color shadows, split-complements and analogous mixes. They both use the same six primary and secondary colors, in similar combinations of opposition to reach a neutral black or white. The artist painting from life needs opposite complementary colors to make the dark shade, not Black as Ostwald and others suggested. It's not the first time our craft has gone downhill, its happened after each war period throughout time. Jinmium, Australia: Monoliths were engraved with petroglyphs of dots, like found on Maui, and a kangaroo. Paleolithic Culture: Thirty-six-billion people lived in Europe and Africa in the course of the Old Stone Age.
OLD STONE AGE: The earliest known artwork is located in the caves of Western Africa and Europe. Pine trees provided the next medium used, boiling the sap without pressure made distilled turpentine, while boiling the pine nuts made oil. EGYPT: The Upper Nile people had pottery, bas-relief murals on plaster and water based, tin based paint. Their mastaba-shaped tombs were positioned as a compass, and like all later pyramids, the tombs-entrances faced north. They made plaster by heating limestone or gypsum to 25,000? to 30,000?, adding alum made a harder cement. They had developed into the "high-art" stage, and were pouring perfectly life-like gold sculptures. I think this mud they used made plaster and it was from the unheated dust of cut limestone used in the pyramids.
Their pigments of the time were the native iron oxides deposited in clay, together with the lead colors. The glazed-tile facade went from white at the base, through black, scarlet, blue, orange and silver, with gold at the top. Vaulted chambers were covered with great tapestries, and floors were covered with great rugs-- this was their art. Carmen Boulter of the Graduate Division of Educational Research at the University of Calgary in Canada. China calles it Chee, Hindu's call it Prada, it's part of the earths electrical Tularic grid. 9-1-2015, there have been a lot of UFO sightings, the USA is 18 trillion dollars in debt today. These mural paintings still exist today after twenty thousand years of protection deep inside ancient caves in India and France.
Casein is good if you use a stiff support, casein is skim-milk curd, it dissolves in ammonia. Add ten percent alum by weight to the glue, this makes it insoluble in water for tempera or, better still, add one percent of formaldehyde which is an anti-fungicide also. Make it by adding water, drying it, adding more water and drying it again and again until it's neutral to the tongue. It is dense and can be applied with a wide putty knife, that's the best way to apply any ground, it pushes the ground into the fiber.

He’s been tattooing for over 16 years and is currently so in demand that he is booking 2 years in advance. We'll have Braden, Rich, and MJ tattooing with some of the areas best, including artists from Mad Ethel's, Double Deuce, Inked Sanity, and Fair Trade. The main page explaining why this color wheel is best still can't be found after 8 years of being on the first page.
Current official teaching guidelines and all State School Standards support the Red-Yellow-Blue color wheel and I want them changed because it doesn't work.
Tube colors should not be made with the CHURCH-OSTWALD theory of matching dried chips of color.
I Included Mayer, Runge, Goethe, Chevreul, Hering, Rood, Hofler, Munsell and Church-Ostwald color theories.
We can use the sound principles of drawing and painting, as in dividing distances into concentric rings around yourself.
Also on Maui is the mountain zoo, with a perfect elephant, alligator and ell in the Kahakaloa Head. A native tree of Africa made an alcohol-based paint, and a native tree of France made a turpentine based paint. Also, alcohol was fermented as a drink and as a thinner for alcohol-based paints, made from another tree-sap or grapes. Heat lime powder and it becomes caustic and ultra absorbent and is used for mural supports because it does not contain sulfur.
It was finished with a covering of polished white limestone that the Romans later removed for their own buildings.
Thus the Paint Wars began and the non-poisonous "Tin King of Color" crown was being passed on to the more colorful and dangerous lead and iron colors. Tree-saps and plants were also cultivated for use in alcohol-based colors on cotton, hemp, linen, felt and wool products. The Temple of Cnossus was three or four stories high, with drainage piping and flush toilets.
Limestone aquifers are present under Egypt and sp?Sobury Hill in England, simular technologies and rocks make the ancient monuments. In the video can be seen large concave quartz sending or receiving disks that could not have been made by hand.
Young Tutunkaman (was Tutunkatan) was the next pharaoh, he died mysteriously after 10 years, (19 years old) years and a patriartical law was back. Watercolor normally refers to the painting by mixing water-soluble pigments with a binder, and then applying it to paper. Painting tools included their fingers, scribing sticks, blending and painting brushes, and the first airbrush, a hollow reed to blow paint on the wall.
Paintings were done with mineral oxides, ochers of red, brown and yellow, plus charred-bone black and carbon from burnt fat..
Lime mortar has to be wet once, dried and crushed again as the first wetting is too caustic to work with.
My opinion is they used both lime for murals and gypsum for buildings, both with hemp fibers added. Heating galena, the lead ore, leaves behind the sulfur-lead pigment white lead, which can be heated higher into yellow, orange, red and brown-purple lead colors. Barite is a non-metallic mineral crystal mined in England, filling the cavities in limestone. Now artists could create the similar style on human bodies, which makes tattoo unique and impressing. We should base perspective on degrees, centered on a horizon line of degrees, and mix colors from an accurate color wheel. The best fresco mortar is slaked (kept wet) under running water for 2 months up to 20 years. These all dry fast, red lead (actually orange lead) drying the fastest and used in Maroger's Oil Medium.
It's hard to tell who had the first vermillion, France or China, probably China, since they were more into mining. Hatshepsut was another female pharaoh who was perhaps Egypt's greatest ruler, 22 years in the 18th dynasty, recollection of her was also distroyed by the coming patriarchal rule. The lead acts as the metal drier if the oil is heated to sponificate (make transparent) the lead. Cycles of time were found in the writings at Shakara as well as flying disks in their hyroglyphs.
The papers I've found best are; a new paper hand-made called Twinrocker, Whatman, Strathmore, Lanaquarelle, Fabriano, Winsor & Newton, D'Arches and Waterford.
The pyramid up in the mountains of Dashour is open to the sky, all pyramids can be seen from there.

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