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On YouTube except the videos which are viral, many in fact all videos which have more than million views were edited before sharing it online. You have just completed your video shoot and didn’t want to upload it without editing, but the problem is which editing software you should use to do it, because different software has different capabilities in making look videos great, some are free and some are real expensive.
2) Windows Movie Maker (Windows) : Windows Movie Maker which was code named Sundane, previously known as Windows Live Movie Maker is a completely freeware video editing software developed by Microsoft in September 2000. 3) iMovie (Mac) : I personally use this software for editing videos which I uploads to YouTube. 8) Freemake Video Converter (Windows) : The software can be used to convert video formats, rip video DVDs, music visualizations and more. 9) AviSynth (Windows) : It is a very powerful software for post production, but the main drawback for a layman user is that it is a scripting video editing software.
So those are the lists of 9 best free video editing software that I have shared with you all. Here is a rundown of the best free video editing software for both hardcore and non-hardcore video editors.
Newbies will like this software, as it has a user-friendly interface.  All its editing tools are displayed on the screen, so you don’t waste your precious time searching for them.
First of all, this is a Windows and Mac video editing software, so it will be advantageous to you if you are using both operating systems.  About its offerings, Avidemux  allows video cutting, filtering and encoding of files in AVI, MP4 and ASF formats.
Whether you want to run and edit an existing video you took yourself, or capture one online, this software can help you.  HyperEngine makes video and audio editing a breeze because it carries an array of wonderful features such as 12 quality sound effects and a section that allows you to insert credits, titles, or karaoke lyrics. Editing movies, music videos, or commercials should be much easier with the above-mentioned free video editing software for Mac.  If you have anything else in mind, we would love to hear about it. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
Music Editor Free is an audio-editing tool for music production that supports many popular audio formats and features audio-CD burning. BeFunky is a free, online photo editor that makes it really easy to retouch photos of people.
Pixlr is a really impressive, platform agnostic app that is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and browsers, which means you can use the program pretty much wherever and however you’d like. Google bought German software developer Nik, which created iOS photo editor Snapseed and a variety of photo editing plug-ins for desktop, in September 2012. You can make your modern pics look like classics with Analog Efex Pro, do color correction and retouching with Color Efex Pro and reduce noise in your photos with Dfine. I downloaded Pixlr,upgraded (free) to Essentials, yet my version looks nothing like the screenshot you posted. Video editing refers to the activity of altering and reorganizing video frames so as to produce a different production.
This is a superb Windows-based software that not only boasts an attractive and well-designed interface, but also enriched with multiple video editing tools every average user requires. This is yet another free professional video editing software for Windows that is both broad and easy to employ.

This is a Mac-based software built in 64-bit know-how that allows you to bring together multiple clips and turn them into a stunning transformation.
This is a free Mac video editor invented for uncomplicated cutting, screening and encoding duties.
Despite being free, it’s considered an advantage to first examine the features of a video editor software before using it so as to warrant an excellent workout. So fear not, I will share what are the best applications for editing videos that you can use. Hugo, The Departed, Mission Impossible, Pulp Fiction, Braveheart, Batman and The Wolf of Wall Street”. The best part of this software is that it is free to download and use and it is an open-source.
It is a free and open-source professional 3D computer graphics software which can be used for creating animated films, 3D model, visual effects, art, video games and more.
Because it has a wide range of video effects, distortion options, and color enhancers, ZS4 allows users to perform other interesting things aside from the usual cutting and inserting of video clips.
BeFunky has a whole suite of adjustments, like the blemish fixer and the bronzer, that will make your selfies even better.
It also looks and performs fairly similarly to Photoshop, so people who already know the program can easily perform more robust edits on the go. Apple phased out their old photo organizing and editing program, iPhoto, but Photos packs even more power in an unintimidating package. In Microsoft Live Email, it would automatically ask if I wanted to reduce the size to make emailing easier.
There are several objectives to alter a video and your editing methodology will rely on your anticipated results.
As a video editor, it is recommended to choose the best software depending on your preference and the hardware you are using. Its key features consist of the  ability to handle all key video formats such as AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, just to mention a few. It introduces the competence to upscale your movies such as removing noise and minimizing shakes as well as sharpening your movie images. Its basic features include the capability to create  and organize pictures and videos then add an Auto Movie theme to build a unique video.
It features professional themes that allow you to begin with a theme while conducting your editing. Its key features include the ability to support many formats such as DVD, AVI, MPEG, ASF and MP4 using multiple codecs. The software does not only provide cutting, trimming and encoding tasks but also allows users to edit the videos with colorful effects and transitions.
It can perform simple non-linear editing tasks, like rotating, flipping, joining videos and also convert videos along with subtitles.
Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht.

But it’s also a good way for beginners and intermediate users to see if Photoshop is a worthy investment. There are plenty of filters that apply effects to your photos in one fell swoop (a favorite of mine is the Instant filter, seen above), as well as adjustments Photoshop fans are familiar with, including White Balance, Levels and Noise Reduction. It’s a great value for a great price, and will let you turn your photos into masterpieces the easy way. Most common goals include removal of unwanted shots, creating a flow, adding effects such as graphics and music, altering the mood, style and pace of the video among others.
It is also fitted with a Beat Marker algorithm that analyses the soundtrack so as to reflect the best positions to place transitions. It is free to download and use, but for additional premium features you will need to pay a little extra. The software is a fermium, which end users will be charged if they want more advanced features. We’ve picked out the best free photo editing software, so you can start editing photos like the pros. A retouch function works like the Photoshop clone tool, so you can easily hide anything that you wish wasn’t in the photo (goodbye, blemishes). Each one will look different depending on whether you are using the downloaded PC or Mac program, or whichever browser you use.
The  user is also enabled to post the movies to favourite sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Included feature is Magic iMovie that attempts to computerize the video editing process allowing a custom transition to be supplemented between scenes.
The software is a professional non-linear editing system that supports all major formats, including 2K and 4K resolutions. The learning curve of using and creating cool stuff with this software is quite large due to its complexity. And if making President Obama Hope poster-style images is your thing, there’s even a filter for that. And because Photos introduced Extensions, you can download even more tools to perfect those photos (a great free option is BeFunky). It is recommended for creators you have the experience of using a professional like software. You should definitely get to know BeFunky if you’re looking to touch up photos of people.
There are some Photoshop features Pixlr is missing, like gif and movie editing, the magnetic lasso and the quick selection tool, but overall, it’s a fantastic photo editor.

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