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If you are a regular reader you know that I post about fonts quite frequently and especially love to share places where you can find free fonts for your personal projects. If you love fonts as much as I do and want to make sure you don’t miss any posts like this, make sure to hop on the mailing list! Sign up here. Which is your favorite handwritten font? If you have created a project using one of these or any other handwritten font, please share a link with us below, so we can be inspired by your work.
If you love free fonts, deals and specials, hop on this special mailing list, and I’ll give you a heads up whenever I come across anything awesome. Who doesn’t like handwritten fonts to spruce up that random look you’re looking for? Whoever tries to analyze my personal traits and characteristics or judge my personal tastes by the use of all scattered elements on this website, or the design of the website itself, will come to the conclusion that I love handwritten fonts.
I hope you will like this article and collection of these free handwritten fonts and you will find some best fonts which match with your project too. CreativeCrunk is a web design and development blog providing the best resources for web design and development every day. Our team consist of experienced web designers, graphic designers, content writer and developers. Brush script fonts remains to be one of the hottest and most sought after typefaces by designers, especially those in the packaging and logo design.
The first 12 entries are the free ones so feel free to collect them and use them in your non-commercial projects.
So without much further ado, here are 25 good-looking free (and premium) hand drawn brush script fonts that you can use for your projects.  As usual, we hope that we are able to help you find free but quality design resources or at least inspire you with this gallery.
If you did not find the brush script fonts that you are looking from the selection above, then the following fonts could be the answer to your needs. Handwriting, penmanship, or calligraphy: they all have different meanings, and they all pertain to specific aspects of writing. The history of handwriting is extensive and the handwriting fonts are not just limited to cursive or script fonts.
In the west, Sacred Western Calligraphy contained unique features as apparent with the illuminated manuscripts.
Latin script was a defining component of western calligraphy and has been developed in Rome to different formats.
With the popularity of copperplate engraving, handwriting became more popular since penmanship books can now be produced faster.
Handwriting, especially with that of cursive writing has become very important in the 19th century and towards the 20th century.
Carolyna Pro Black is said to be made with readability in mind so that despite lavish and whimsical appearance overpopulated with swashes it is still easy to perceive. Melany Lane has an elegant letter-hand touch that endows the typeface with an exceptional delicate nature.
Insolente has an ultra-narrow and a bit quirky appearance that lets create modern projects with a fashion vibe. It works great with OpenType-friendly apps, yet, unfortunately, does not include all the necessary characters to write in all kinds of foreign languages.
Peoni Pro is claimed to provide your project with marvelous authentic custom-lettering feel. The stylistic set covers all the common characters, yet you can experience some problems while using the font in applications that do not support open-type.
Belinda has a smooth, elegant appeal that is achieved through an excellent combination of subtle curves, curved lines, and boldness. Au Revoir has a French charm that exudes an image of sophistication and exquisite taste without being posh.
Lu Px tries to strike a balance between quirkiness and legibility to produce a harmonious and elegant typeface. Bombshell Pro is an excellent instrument for creating realistic signatures or impressive headings.
While this list includes paid fonts that I have purchased for my work, they have been invaluable to me.

I’d love to share some examples on my social media feeds, so don’t be afraid to show your stuff! If you purchase through these links, you’ll help support Elegance & Enchantment, and you’ll receive some amazing fonts, too. Well, a lot of the very best wedding stationery we’ve seen all starts with an awesome font. Using  a nice brush script font can instantly add interest and creativity to your design because of their natural hand written look.
These brush script fonts are not free, however but they all look professional and worth purchasing to achieve better looking designs. Nevertheless, it was an artistic, personal and quintessential method to translate ideas to a semi-permanent format such as paper or parchment, and be used for different ways, but more importantly, to serve as a communication tool, or historical document. Many other fonts have been based on handwriting and thus, can all be attributed as part of the handwriting influence.
There is an obvious need for ornamentation and letters, especially first letters of each chapter would tend to carry a more artistic flair.
The Roman Imperial Capitals, Roman cursives and Rustic capitals are used specifically for different media and purposes. While handwriting and cursives are still required in some schools today, for some reason, the discipline of formal penmanship has been lost due the availability of fonts. Though to be honest, the font is suitable for displaying titles or adding to UIs decorative touches. The artist is managed to transform traditional letterforms into a subtle and exquisite font with flourishy appearance and charisma.
Thanks to smooth lines and absence of sharp edges this brush-inspired calligraphy font achieves chic and delicacy with an ease.
Inspired by the characters created by Haruki Murakami, it has a subtle sense of Japanese nature with lots of intelligent features and a slightly messy appearance.
It marries up subtlety with simplicity thereby strengthening legibility of this beautiful cursive typeface. It is an increasingly decorative calligraphy type that lets you add charismatic swashes to the beginning and end of lowercase letters or just use long subtle connections to give an extra charm to the word. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to create some of the beautiful designs that have been shared on this blog and my Etsy store.
Cannot wait to see the end product of your ebook, especially now that I know it will be filled with pretty fonts.
I thought your website was supposed to be dedicated to free or at least affordable fonts… This post was a complete waste of my time. I consider each one to be an investment into my business and a tool to create the products that I share and sell. So with that in mind, we decided to round up a few of our very fave fonts that we’ve spotted around the Internets lately.
Brush script fonts also give designs a more personalized feel and thus, better communicate with your target audience or market. In fact you might have already seen some of these fonts being used for logos and packaging designs since they easily make designs interesting creative. Handwriting fonts such as that of several cursive and script fonts have become very popular in the 19th century onwards to the middle of the 20th century.
Other fonts have emerged such as of transitional and modern as well as sans serif fonts as a reaction against more humanist styles connected to handwriting. Developments continued during the 2nd and 3rd centuries when uncial was created and became very important for monasteries especially when copying the bible. The Carolingian Script was established and its influence spread across other territories and kingdoms. For some, traditions like perfect penmanship are obsolete, but with the help of typefaces today, we are able to look back at the history of human skill, how technology became extensions of the hands, and how we perceive good handwriting nowadays. Delivered with more than 1000 characters it has capabilities to work with foreign languages, from Eastern to Western European ones.
What’s more, the typeface also has a retro nature that enables to collaborate with UIs that go for an old style atmosphere.

It is presented in a light and bold version and comprises all the required symbols to display Latin-based letterings. Although it includes ligatures and stylistic alternates, nonetheless, it speaks preferable Roman-based languages. Delivered with an extended set of characters, the font supports various languages from Dutch to Czech.
Unfortunately, to my knowledge, I don’t believe that you can access the alternatives using Photoshop (which is so silly, I know). While my site isn’t solely dedicated to free fonts, I do have a whole bunch of posts where you can find freebies, which you can find right here.
I hope that my site will inspire you, fuel your creativity and help make our world a more beautiful place. Anyways enjoy these awesome fonts and make them part of your, future, random or wacky project. Please inform us about your views and suggestions in comments and share this article to your friends as well. It is almost like handwriting in a ‘joined form’ or to be precisely, ‘conjoint writing’ where spellings are all smoothly running in the line making a rhythmic effect.In Persian, Latin also in Arabic, cursive joined-writing is observed.
Whether your wedding day style is elegant or modern or a little bit sassy even, we’re pretty sure there’s something here for everyone. Thus, to help you look for high quality brush script fonts that you can use in your projects, here are our roundup of what we believe are very useful typefaces that could let you achieve the style and look that you want for your designs.
However, there are times when using free fonts can be limiting as we all know that the better looking and higher-quality fonts are the ones that are not free (although this could not be the case all the time!). It has become an important tool since a lot of people, especially from, advertising who wanted fonts that are personal and close to known forms especially if they did not have any lettering specialists. If you would compare many fonts of today that are calligraphic, cursive or script, they resemble some qualities of being written either by pen or brush. Thanks to the monasteries, they were able to keep old calligraphic legacies within the 4th and 5th centuries as the Western world of the past fell under the Dark Ages. The said form was adopted for several centuries until they outgrew the past forms and the Carolingian script was transformed to gothic.
To help you produce a finished and more profound effect, in the package you will find some additional stuff such as 14 complementary seamless patterns.
I did write an entire articles about using glyphs (including a way that you can use them in Microsoft Word). It is a tough job to find to best free fonts on internet because you have to visit many websites.
Here is a perfect solution for this confusion, I have collected 30 best and inspiring free fonts which are handwritten. So, we decided to also gather the premium commercial fonts that are very attractive yet reasonably priced.
Other materials used for calligraphy include ballpoint pens as well as felt tip pens but since they produce only thin lines, they do not create fluid, angled lines and variations in strokes.
The unique feature of western handwritten calligraphy is that sizes, colors and styles have different connotations compared to typefaces that focused more on form. During the 13th century, the first printer was created by Johannes Gutenberg and so the first typeface to be used was the Gothic style. If you are getting some amounts from your client or if your client is willing to pay for a license for a certain font, then using one of these could help you get better results. Also, with the Sacred Calligraphy of the West, it did not have to be legible but the viewer can definitely empathize with the artwork. Some of these forms are cursive in nature and like some cursive fonts today, they are not the most pleasant to read especially in extended texts. In the 15th century, the Italian humanists created a unique variation to Carolingian and were termed originally as littera antiqua which we now recognize as the humanist minuscule.

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